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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. The same. Plus he’s a remixer I tend to enjoy so the hope is that the unfamiliar stuff will still catch the ear
  2. Is the Disc 4 material all early 80s club tracks?
  3. Yes. Some of them you might know but not by name.
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  4. I've heard of First Choice and Let No Man Put Asunder. There's bound to be a few good discoveries on there.
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  6. This is my take, too. Shep's by far my favourite remixer and I'll give anything he does a listen.
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  7. Yes, I'm quite liking that there'll be stuff new to my ears. His rise seemed to slide pretty quick post-Erotica but I'd love to hear a new Shep Pettibone mix if he ever gets back into such things.

    I also wonder who else in the series they have planned. An Arthur Baker one is my last hope of getting Pet Shop Boys' In The Night (7'' Mix) in more than potato quality.
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  9. Interesting!
  10. I'd like to see a Jellybean remix compilation next, another 80s mixmaster genius.

    And maybe a bit more niche but I'd love a Pete Hammond Hit Factory one as there are so many mixes completely unavailable on CD or digitally.
  11. Both would be most welcome.
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  12. Erotica was widely seen as a commercial disappointment at the time. His work with both Cathy Dennis and Taylor Dayne didn’t catch fire either. The backlash against dance music by that time was pretty intense. I’m not surprised he decided to take it easy and live off royalties. I’d have done the same.
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  13. Shep was also supposed to work on Bedtime Stories. He and Madonna recorded a demo of "Secret" which has never been released. I guess Madonna changed course (like she did with Babyface before Ray of LIght) and decided to go in a different direction. But Secret was reworked with Dallas Austin. In the liner notes for Bedtime Stories, Madonna thanks Shep for being understanding.
  14. Would have been interesting to see what their work would have been like had they gone forward.
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  15. To be fair Taylor Dayne's Soul Dancing is a terrible album after her first two great ones.
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  16. Alas, it really is.
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  17. I guess he was more like a band, who had a distinctive sound/style, and where the public were concerned it had a finite shelf life. But what a run.
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  18. It was a disappointment indeed. The lead single, Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, and it’s b-side, Narada Michael Walden’s Let’s Spend The Night Together set us up for something truly wonderful, and then we got such run of the mill content. What a missed opportunity. But I found myself warming up to I’ll Wait after all these years.
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  19. Erotica will probably end up as my favourite Madonna album. I didn’t warm to it initially, but it really revealed itself to be a real gem over time. It’ll probably be difficult for them to top that.
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  20. Plus, he’s called Shep, and I’m called Shep.
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