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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Yes - it is Buried Treasure the 80s.

    I would have liked rarer tunes
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  2. This looks amazing!
  3. Why were ‘Anything Can Happen’ and ‘Sweet Talker’ lost? Canceled before release?
  4. I agree, that art work alone is everything!
  5. From what I can gather, they were recorded for a scrapped album. They have remained unused and deep in the archives. I have seen some of Cherry Red's proposed tracklists for releases and they go all out and ask for everything and more. Some of it get's denied or can't be found. I think they have worked with Sheena on these and she seems to have been very helpful. With a project manager who is passionate and very knowledgeable of her work, along with the artist help I think these projects will be very special (I haven't seen the tracklist of these in case you ask).
  6. This all sounds quite excellent.
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  7. I’m really hoping that we finally get cd quality remixes of So Far So Good - the 8 minute version and the dub version please.
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  8. Same here, such a great song.
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  9. Track Listing:


    The 7-inch Singles
    1 Modern Girl (Edited Version)
    2 Morning Train (9 To 5)
    3 One Man Woman
    4 Take My Time
    5 When He Shines
    6 For Your Eyes Only
    7 Just Another Broken Heart
    8 You Could Have Been With Me (Edited Version)
    9 Machinery
    10 Are You Man Enough
    11 I Wouldn’t Beg For Water
    12 We’ve Got Tonight (Duet with Kenny Rogers)
    13 Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)
    14 Almost Over You
    15 Devil In A Fast Car (Single Version)
    16 Back In The City
    17 Strut
    18 Sugar Walls
    19 Swear
    20 Do It For Love (Single Version)
    21 Jimmy Mack (Edited Version)
    22 Magic Of Love (Edited Version)


    The 7-inch Singles
    1 So Far So Good
    2 Anything Can Happen (Single Version) *
    3 It’s Christmas All Over The World
    4 Sweet Talker (Shep Pettibone Short Version) *
    5 No Sound But A Heart (7” Version) *
    6 Eternity (Single Version)
    7 Ice Out In The Rain (7- inch Remix)
    The 12-inch Singles
    8 Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) (Club Mix)
    9 Strut (Dance Mix)
    10 Sugar Walls (Dance Mix)
    11 Swear (Dance Mix) †
    12 Do It For Love (Extended Dance Mix)
    13 Jimmy Mack (Extended Version)
    14 So Far So Good (The Red Mix) †



    The 12-inch Singles
    1 So Far So Good (Extended Dance Mix) †
    2 Anything Can Happen (12” Extended Version) *
    3 Sweet Talker (Shep Pettibone Long Version) *
    4 No Sound But A Heart (12” Version) *
    5 Eternity (Shep Pettibone Mix) †
    6 Ice Out In The Rain (12” Remix) *

    The Dub Mixes
    7 Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) (Dub Mix)
    8 Strut (Dub Mix) †
    9 Sugar Walls (Red Mix)
    10 Swear (Dub Mix)
    11 Do It For Love (Instrumental Mix)
    12 Jimmy Mack (Instrumental Mix) †
    13 So Far So Good (Dub Mix) †
    14 Eternity (Dub) †
    15 Ice Out In The Rain (Instrumental Remix) *

    *Previously unreleased track
    † Never before available on CD
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  10. That looks like a great compilation. Love that their including her soundtrack singles including her song from Santa Claus: The Movie.
  11. No arms of orion. It was later than the period covered.

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  12. This is specific to EMI stuff.
  13. No brainer for me! A buy!!!
  14. Really happy with the Sheena tracklisting. Quite a few rarities on there and it will be great to have this song which I've heard over the years on Christmas Day showings of Santa Claus: The Movie, I've always thought it was a lovely song

    (with apologies for posting a Christmas song in the middle of a heatwave!)
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  15. Suddenly very excited to hear Sweet Talker seeing Shep was involved.

    Does anyone have any info on the cancelled album? This is the first I've heard of it. Was it meant to follow Do It For Love?
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  16. I think so, from about 1986 I heard.
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  17. It was meant to follow on after "So Far So Good". You can hear "Anything Can Happen" on Youtube:
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  18. It was recorded and released as a single by Patrice Rushen in 1987.
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  19. What an set! Once again, sold!
  20. This is a slapper, wow.
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