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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. We really are being spoiled with this Sheena set. Can't wait!!
  2. Right? I am poised to put in my order.
  3. Not long now too hopefully.
  4. [​IMG]

    Not sure if it's been mentioned yet - certainly NOT by Walmart - but the 2 "exclusive" live bonus tracks they're offering on Amy Grant's 'Heart In Motion 30' CD reissue are only included as downloads (there's a dropcards code card inside the CD). Fortunately, they are in lossless wav format, but there's room for them to fit on either disc!

    As for what did make it onto the actual CDs, overall the remastering sounds fine. Some of the demo versions are from rough cassettes, but are listenable.

    The booklet is lovely, full of quality outtakes from the album and singles cover shoots, and music video sets. The liner notes heavily focus not on the album itself but, rather, the remixing of "Baby Baby". (Madonna, Janet Jackson, Gloria Estefan, Suzanne Vega and Mariah Carey all get shout-outs for inspiring this move. TAKE ME BACK TO '91.)

    I believe the 12" Heart In Motion Mix of "Baby Baby" might be lossy, but the 7" Heart In Motion Mix isn't...and really an abbreviated reissue like this probably didn't need both?

    The Steve Bishir Edit of "Every Heartbeat" randomly cuts between two or three of the existing Daniel Abraham radio remixes, with lots pulled from the 7" Piano Mix. Not sure if this is from the vault or something newly created for this collection, but it's a bit jarring and the full Piano mix would have been preferable.

    Bishir is actually listed as the producer of Disc 2 (the bonus material) so I wonder if they are also responsible for the Frankensteined demo of "That's What Love Is For", which begins with a singer who is definitely not Amy Grant for the first verse in one key and tape quality, then cross-fades into Amy at the chorus! Why?...

    It's nice that they put something out to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this album - but these, following the train wreck "Heart In Motion Medley" from the mid-nineties, make this release feel far messier than it needed to be. A bunch of choppy pieces taken out of full length tracks that should have been preserved here instead.
  5. I might be mistaken but I believe this report relates to the No Sound But A Heart album which didn't come out in the US but was released elsewhere.

    "Anything Can Happen" however came from the previous album session that was in the vein of "So Far So Good" (which was going to be on the album as well). However this was canned when they decided to change direction and ended up with No Sound But A Heart. "Shockwaves" (B-side to "Eternity") was meant to be on this album. There is another unreleased track called "Rhythm of Romance". Someone wrote up about this somewhere (maybe her old forum?) but I can't seem to find it anymore.

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  6. Ack.

    I was tempted by this, as the original album is damn perfection and I am in a major Amy mood at the moment. But the deluxe/anniversary issue isn't cheap (£20), and these kind of issues just put me right off. I think I might see if I can cherry pick some things on QoBuz (the "new" single from the outtakes, for a start).

    Shame so many of these things turn out badly.
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  7. That might be the better option, and it's not all doom and gloom:

    - The previously unreleased songs are newly mixed by the aforementioned Bishir and sound great, though noticeably "dry" when compared to the reverb techniques used throughout the original album material.

    - The demo of "Good For Me", while rougher quality, is a fun listen. The chorus originally had a few extra bars and lyrics, and the unfinished bridge was different with her vamping and talking about how they might get rid of it (which they obviously did)

    - There's a Daniel Abraham remix of "Ask Me" I'd never heard before. Fits nicely with his other radio remixes for the album and will probably be the version I play most from here on out

    - The ending of the "I Will Remember You (Rhythm Mix)" doesn't fade as on the original singles, it stops cold with decay (I love hearing stuff like this)

    - I also forgot to mention that the "Good For Me (12" Mix)" is the "You Like To Dance Mix" from the original single and not anything new
  8. Glad I bought the Baby Baby/Every Heartbeat remix collection from Japan a few years ago. Would have been nice if they put that on the second disc with mixes of Good for Me, That's What Love Is For and I Will Remember You.

    Also, gotta give Daniel Abraham some recognition. He did some of my favourite single mixes of the early '90s - Every Heartbeat, Celine Dion's Love Can Move Mountains, Madonna's Fever. Sometimes his additional production improved a song and gave it some extra oomph.
  9. Loving the Heart In Motion 30th Anniversary edition so far, never checked this album out properly, which is just wrong, when it truly is so me on paper. Nice to know about Daniel Abraham, his remix of Love Can Move Mountains, truly is everything for me.
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  10. For those who have or use ebay, there is a new copy of Heart In Motion 30th for £17.39 with free postage in the UK. Cheapest I've seen of it so far.
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  11. Phew, this is the one I wanted the most, as it's my joint-favourite track on the album.
  12. Now (as) complete (as I think it can be on Spotify UK) and embedded:

  13. I have to admit I would’ve loved to hear initial mixes of Baby Baby. I remember her mentioning in an interview years ago that they didn’t sound right and it took some doing for the song to sound the way it did.
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  15. Love "Ask Me". It reminds me a bit of Madonna's 'Til Death Do Us Part - a pop song on surface that is catchy but when you really listen to the lyrics, it deals with a very dark subject.
  16. 80s


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  17. My boyfriend just told me what it was about, and was horrified! Great song all the same though.
  18. Check out the lyrics. For me, it’s the best song on the album, followed by How Can We See That Far.
  19. Probably my favourite too, at least after the bopfest that is Baby Baby!
  20. Baby Baby is so easy to love. I remember hearing it on the radio and running to the shops to look for it the next day. Little did I know that it would mark the beginning of 30 years of fandom. She occupies a very special place in my heart. Attended her gig once, it was unforgettable.
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