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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Wonder when the final release date will be then?
  2. Maybe they were able to score a Madonna track or something new??

    Wishful thinking, I know...
  3. Nothing wrong in that.
  4. It might be something as simple as a manufacturing delay. It has affected quite a few forthcoming projects.
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  5. I know surprisingly little Sheena but this looks like a very good place to start.
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  6. The Pettibone Boxset should still be the 17th September, this might be an Amazon issue of not committing to a date as of yet.
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  7. Very good start, lots of great singles.
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  8. Well, I had a listen to a lot of the bonus material from Amy's Heart In Motion 30 deluxe, thanks to her official YT page, and was about to hit the purchase button on the selection of tracks that I felt were worthy of getting.....and then amazon go and make it available immediately for £17. So, I thought what the hell. I get a remastered version of the album, all the bonus tracks I liked (and some I didn't!) plus the booklet to enjoy.

    Seems best! But I do agree with @Pop Life that some of the 12" mixes sound lossy. At least from what a YT stream can indicate.
  9. Yes, £17 isn't a bad price at all. I don't quite like the way Disc 2 is mixed together, but on the whole a very well put together re issue and love the cover too.
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  10. I don't like the way they have jumbled all the new songs and remixes in no particular order on CD2 but that's the beauty of iTunes, you can sort it out yourself! I am going to have the original album followed by the new songs, then the 7" and 12" mixes concluding with the megamix.
  11. Much better flow that would be too.
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  12. Yes...I'll probably create my own expanded version, adding the original album and some other mixes/edits of the HoM material I've got.

    Buying the whole lot digitally in lossless is anything from £16 to £24 (!) so to get the 2CD actually works out better value.
  13. Can anyone confirm please, surely this was not the hit single version in America?

    It totally strips all the joy and fun out of the original. I'm very glad to finally have the UK 7" remix after all these years with the different middle 8 that I used to hear on the radio in 1991

    So much better!
  14. There are so many versions/mixes of Baby Baby, I honestly don't know which is which! Most of them are great. I do like the 12" mix on the new reissue, but think it's maybe not sourced from the original tapes.
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  15. I've been told that the Heart In Motion mix was the hit version in America which I find very hard to believe. I don't like it at all. Luckily the No Getting Over You mix is great!
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  16. The mix on NOW 1991 (10th Anniversary edition) is different again!
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  17. I'd never heard the Heart In Motion mix till I got this reissue and think it completely ruins one of the best songs of the 90s - hopefully an American forum user will be able to let us know if this was indeed the hit US version!
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  18. From what I recall, the version played on American Top 40 was the album version. Local radio definitely mostly played the album version. I never warmed to the remixes of the song. Why tinker with perfection?
  19. Thanks for that! I was sure the glorious album version must have been the hit version in America and not the really stripped back Heart In Motion mix which takes all the "oomph" out of the song!
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  20. The "So Good" mix of Good For Me is quite alarming, could be an Erotica outtake!
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