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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. On the one hand, I wish I could have the lovely standalones for Out of the Blue and Electric Youth (I love both albums fairly equally, unpopular I know) instead of having purchased the massive boxset. But I know I would never have explored her post-Body Mind Soul albums if I hadn't got them in the boxset. So I can't regret it!
  2. The ‘Radio mix’ is probably the short remix from the 3” CD single, a ghastly house remix from Steve Hurley. I was gutted when I finally got the CD a few years ago. So far removed from the glorious original.

    Unlike the incredible Pettibone remixes of ‘Electric youth’… so, so good.
  3. I remember getting the EY tape and being devastated at how much filler it had outside or Together and the amazing Over The Wall - which should have been the third single.

    I was the same with Hold An Old's Friend Hand but with that album, after a few listens I fell in love with it.
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  4. Over the wall is amazing and should have been a single indeed! Agreed that there is so much filler on this one, but all those mixes... yes please!

    I'm super intrigued to see what's going to be on the Body Mind Soul reissue, I only discovered the album on the box set and enjoyed it so much more that I thought I would. Shock Your Mama is pure camptastic pop! Does any one know if there were many mixes done from this era?
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  5. It's surprising she hasn't stuck any demos on these so far. I was hoping the likes of "Spellbound" would find its way on to the OOTB release. Maybe they will release them after the four Atlantic albums have been released?
  6. Correct. Those remixes are crap.

    I think it was planned. I am sure my CD album hype sticker mentioned 'Over The Wall' being on it, so I assume it was gonna be a single.
  7. Wasn't expecting the Electric Blue re issue so soon after Out Of The Blue. Sounds like it quite gets a mixed bag though-still, those Shep Pettibone remixes...
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  8. Remember when she told Smash Hits she wrote Over The Wall for Madonna / with Madonna in mind / that it sounded very True Blue (which was correct).
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  9. This is brand new information for me. Mind blown!
  10. There were many mixes for "Losin' Myself" and "Free Me" by Master At Work, E-Smoove, Ralph Rosario amongst others, most of which vinyl only.
  11. Fingers crossed these will be included then!
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  12. I find Should've Been the One and Who Loves Ya Baby (along with Over the Wall) to be just as strong as the singles. We Could Be Together and the title track are hands down the best of the bunch. I'd only really class Silence, Shades of the Past and Helplessly as weak.
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  13. Crikey. I love Electric Youth and find it a far more satisfying album than Out Of The Blue. Reissue of the year from me is awarded now. Only shame is there are only 126 remixes of Electric Youth, I was hoping for more Pettibone Dub Edits, Edited Dubs, Bonus Beats, Dub Beats, Vocal Edits, Edited Vocal, House Vocal, House Edit, House Dub, Edited House Dub, Vocal Dub Edit, Latin Dub, Latin Dub Edit and Vocal Electro Latin House Dub Edits.
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  14. I think Losin’ Myself is a lost classic and revived my interest, but it was very short lived given how uneven the rest of the album was (to me). While Losin’ was slinky and effortless, the rest felt like she was trying a little too hard - like the video. Could’ve been great, but…
  15. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Shep Pettibone boxset delayed again? Still saying 1st October on the Demon site, but just had email from Amazon saying delivery date now anything between 7th October and 18th November…
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  16. That's just a stock issue with Amazon. For some reason they seem to be having trouble getting enough stock, so they are covering themselves for those who don't get their orders on time.
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  17. That’ll be the global supply problems because of Covid, which are multiplied in the UK due to Brexit.
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  18. I know during lockdown they were prioritising essentials in their warehouses, which meant less space for media products. A lot of items were not available for the usual Prime benefits and you would get a much longer delivery date.
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  19. I think that whole album was a real step up after the pretty weak Anything is Possible. Shock Your Mama, When I Say No, Kisses 4 One, Little Birdie, Losin' Myself and Love or Money - all top notch.
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  20. I wonder if the potential saving on ££ from amazon is worth the bother.
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