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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I know it's a bit not properly on topic but I'm asking anyway: what's the difference between the standard and the deluxe edition of the new Natalie Imbruglia album ? the packaging ? the tracklists (I found) are the same and I'm a bit confused
  2. Ooooooooooooohhh.

    The previous releases somehow missed me, but I can't complain as this is clearly going to be the most visually interesting!
  3. Jam


    The deluxe is in a (CD case sized) hardback book format.
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  4. Thanx a lot !
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  6. What's annoying as well is that the deluxe streaming version has other formats, including CD, but takes you to the 1998 Remastered CD. That might confuse people. Amazon UK are really bad for listing stuff lately.

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  7. I agree, seems to be taking them an age these days getting things listed and linked right. Hopefully this will be rectified soon-it's in the bag for me when they do so!
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  8. Am tempted by new Pretenders reissues because aside from the 2006 Pirate Radio box, I don't any of their albums on CD, just vinyl.
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  9. Ultimate 80s party CD.
    I think I'll give this one a miss

  10. The Edsel 2CD/DVDs didn't get very good reviews (I bought the big box very cheap, just for completism) and still prefer to listen to my Warner or Rhino versions.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Incognito - Always There: 1981-2021 (40 years & still Groovin’): 8CD

    November 19

    106 track retrospective of the band's 40-year career featuring 7 previously unreleased tracks.

    CDs 1 - 5 curated by band-leader Bluey.

    CD6 rare Japanese-only live album recorded in 1996.

    CDS 7 + 8 compiled by Gilles Peterson.

    First full career spanning retrospective of 80s Brit/Jazz Funk pioneers who enjoyed a golden period during the 90s and celebrate the 40th anniversary since their debut album release this year.

    Set features singles, live favourites, rarities, remixes and unreleased material from their 19 studio albums, 7 of which were for Gilles Peterson's Talkin Loud label.

    Guests include Stevie Wonder, Jocelyn Brown, Chaka Khan, Carleen Anderson.

    Tracklist (not yet complete)


    1 Parisienne Girl
    2 Summer’s Ended
    3 Shine On (Live Capital Session)
    4 Incognito (12” remix version)
    5 Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
    6 Still A Friend Of Mine
    7 Deep Waters
    8 I Hear Your Name
    9 Everyday
    10 A Shade Of Blue
    11 Roots (Back To A Way Of Life)
    12 Talkin' Loud
    13 Change (Bluey remix) ft. Stevie Wonder
    14 Colibri
    15 Spellbound and Speechless (radio edit)


    1 Always There (David Morales Remix) ft Jocelyn Brown
    2 Givin' It Up (Roger Sanchez Uplifting Edit)
    3 Nights Over Egypt (Masters at Work Main Mix) ft Jocelyn Brown & Maysa
    4 Out Of The Storm (David Morales Radio Edit) ft Maysa
    5 Morning Sun ft Joy Rose
    6 Listen To The Music ft Maysa
    7 It's Just One Of Those Things ft Maysa & Tony Momrelle
    8 That's The Way Of The World (Short Version) ft Maysa & Carleen Anderson
    9 Step Aside ft Joy Rose
    10 Lowdown ft Chaka Khan & Mario Biondi
    11 Goodbye To Yesterday ft Mo Brandis
    12 Silver Shadow ft Vanessa Haynes
    13 Just Say Nothing ft Vanessa Haynes
    14 14 After the Beat Is Gone ft James Berkeley
    15 You Are In My System ft Bluey


    1 Crazy For You ft Chyna
    2 Good Love ft Pamela Anderson
    3 Labour Of Love ft Chris Ballin
    4 Always There ft Jocelyn Brown
    5 Fountain Of Life ft Imaani
    6 Where Did We Go Wrong? ft Joy Malcolm
    7 Cut It Loose ft Dianne Joseph
    8 Stay Mine ft Kelli Sae
    9 On The Road (Part Two) ft Jack Kerouac
    10 Nights Over Egypt (Bluey's mix) ft Maysa & Jocelyn Brown
    11 Inside Life ft Linda Muriel


    2 Neon Mountain
    3 That's The Way It's Gonna Be
    4 Passenger
    5 Stay (See Me Through) ft Ian William Hoare
    6 All That You Want Me To Be ft Maysa
    7 Celebrate Your Life ft Maysa
    8 Freedom Town ft Mark Brown
    9 Glide
    10 Port Luis
    11 Release Yourself
    12 Samba To Coda
    13 Step Into My Life
    14 The Padded Duke
    15 Pick up the pieces (Live in Japan)


    1 Feel So Good ft Maysa


    1 Fearless
    2 Jacob's Ladder
    3 After The Fall
    4 Need To Know
    5 Dark Side Of The Cog
    6 L'Arc En Ciel De Miles
    7 One Step To A Miracle
    8 One Step To A Miracle
    9 Tribal Vibes
    10 Rivers Running Black
    11 Millennium
    12 Black Rain
    13 Solar Fire
    14 She Wears Black

    Disc 6 LAST NIGHT IN TOKYO Recorded December 14, 1996 at The Garden Hall, Yebisu, Tokyo

    1 She Rises In The East
    2 Solar Fire
    3 Labour Of Love
    4 I Love What You Do For Me
    5 Talkin' Loud
    6 Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
    7 Out Of The Storm
    8 Dark Side Of The Cog
    9 Beneath The Surface
    10 Colibri
    11 Deep Waters
    12 Everyday
    13 Roots
    14 Always There
    15 Still A Friend Of Mine - Recordstore Day, every day. CDs, Vinyl, Merchandise, Signed Exclusives, Exclusive Vinyl Releases

  12. 8CDs? What kind of crazy person makes 8-disc sets?....
  13. Air's 10 000 Hz Legend is getting a 2CD and Blu-ray deluxe edition on 5 November:

    CD 1
    Electronic Performers
    How Does It Make You Feel?
    Radio #1
    The Vagabond
    Lucky And Unhappy
    Sex Born Poison
    People In The City
    Wonder Milky Bitch
    Don’t Be Light
    Caramel Prisoner
    The Way You Look Tonight

    CD 2
    Electronic Performer (KCRW Live 2001)
    How Does It Make YOU FEEL (KCRW Live 2001)
    Radian (KCRW Live 2001)
    People In The City(Live At The Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, Ca 2001)
    Dark Angel 2.2 – Radio Number 1(Demo Version)
    Bad And Sad 4.2 (The Vagabond Demo Version)
    How Does It Make You Feel (Demo Version)
    People In The City La (Demo Version)

    Blu-ray (Dolby Atmos, 5.1 and PCM Stereo Mixes)
    Electronic Performers
    How Does It Make You Feel?
    Radio #1
    The Vagabond
    Lucky And Unhappy
    Sex Born Poison
    People In The City
    Wonder Milky Bitch
    Don’t Be Light
    Caramel Prisoner
    The Way You Look Tonight
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  14. You wait years for a 90's Bowie boxset and two come at once.

    Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001) 26 November 2021

    Black Tie White Noise
    The Buddha Of Suburbia
    1. Outside
    Live at BBC Studios, London 2000
    Re:Call 5

    Disc 1
    • Real Cool World (Sounds From The Cool World Soundtrack Version) [2021 Remaster]
    • Jump They Say (7" Version) [2021 Remaster]
    • Lucy Can’t Dance (2021 Remaster)
    • Black Tie White Noise (Radio Edit) [feat. Al B. Sure] [2021 Remaster]
    • Don't Let Me Down & Down (Indonesian Vocal Version) [2021 Remaster]
    • Buddha Of Suburbia (Single Version) [feat. Lenny Kravitz on Guitar] [2021 Remaster]
    • The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Radio Edit) [2021 Remaster]
    • Nothing To Be Desired (2021 Remaster)
    • Strangers When We Meet (Edit) [2021 Remaster]
    • Get Real (2021 Remaster)
    • The Man Who Sold The World (Live Eno Mix) [2021 Remaster]
    • I’m Afraid Of Americans (Showgirls Soundtrack Version) [2021 Remaster]
    • Hallo Spaceboy (Remix) [2021 Remaster]
    • I Am With Name (Alternative Version) [2021 Remaster]
    • A Small Plot Of Land (Long Basquiat Soundtrack Version) [2021 Remaster]
    Disc 2
    • Little Wonder (Edit) [2021 Remaster]
    • A Fleeting Moment (aka Seven Years In Tibet - Mandarin Version) [2021 Remaster]
    • Dead Man Walking (Edit) [2021 Remaster]
    • Seven Years In Tibet (Edit) [2021 Remaster]
    • Planet Of Dreams – David Bowie and Gail Ann Dorsey (2021 Remaster)
    • I’m Afraid Of Americans (V1-Edit) [2021 Remaster]
    • I Can’t Read (The Ice Storm Long Version) [2021 Remaster]
    • A Foggy Day In London Town - David Bowie and Angelo Badalamenti (2021 Remaster)
    • Fun (BowieNet Mix) [2021 Remaster]
    • The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Stigmata Soundtrack Version) [2021 Remaster]
    • Thursday's Child (Radio Edit) [2021 Remaster]
    • We All Go Through (2021 Remaster)
    • No One Calls (2021 Remaster)
    Disc 3
    • We Shall Go To Town (2021 Remaster)
    • 1917 (2021 Remaster)
    • The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Edit) [2021 Remaster]
    • Thursday’s Child (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Version) [2021 Remaster]
    • New Angels Of Promise (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Version) [2021 Remaster]
    • The Dreamers (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Version) [2021 Remaster]
    • Seven (Demo) [2021 Remaster]
    • Survive (Marius de Vries Mix) [2021 Remaster]
    • Something In The Air (American Psycho Remix) [2021 Remaster]
    • Seven (Marius de Vries Mix) [2021 Remaster]
    • Pictures Of Lily (2021 Remaster)

    Toy Boxset 7 January 2022

    • I Dig Everything
    • You've Got A Habit Of Leaving
    • The London Boys
    • Karma Man
    • Conversation Piece
    • Shadow Man
    • Let Me Sleep Beside You
    • Hole In The Ground
    • Baby Loves That Way
    • Can't Help Thinking About Me
    • Silly Boy Blue
    • Toy (Your Turn To Drive)

    CD 2 Alternatives & Extras
    • Liza Jane
    • You've Got A Habit of Leaving (alternative mix)
    • Baby Loves That Way (alternative mix)
    • Can't Help Thinking About Me (alternative mix)
    • I Dig Everything (alternative mix)
    • The London Boys (alternative version)
    • Silly Boy Blue (Tibet version)
    • Let Me Sleep Beside You (alternative mix)
    • In The Heat Of The Morning
    • Conversation Piece (alternative mix)
    • Hole In The Ground (alternative mix)
    • Shadow Man (alternative mix)
    • Toy (Your Turn To Drive) (alternative mix)

    CD 3 - Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric
    • In The Heat Of The Morning (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
    • I Dig Everything (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
    • You've Got A Habit of Leaving (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
    • The London Boys (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
    • Karma Man (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
    • Conversation Piece (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
    • Shadow Man (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
    • Let Me Sleep Beside You (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
    • Hole In The Ground (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
    • Baby Loves That Way (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
    • Can't Help Thinking About Me (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
    • Silly Boy Blue (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
    • Toy (Your Turn To Drive) (Unplugged & somewhat slightly electric mix)
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  15. Jesus, that TOY cover is.........something.
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  16. As long as Black Tie White Noise remixes are there... The Nov boxset includes just Toy and the Jan boxsets 3 cds ? Or are the 3 cds of Jan in the Nov boxset anyway ?
  17. Obviously loads of remixes from the previous releases are missing and a handful of different ones are included.
    It's just the one disc Toy in Brilliant Adventure but three in the separate Toy release.
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  18. I’m Afraid Of Americans (Showgirls Soundtrack Version)

    The right choice.

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