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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Mr SDE states in the comments on this release that Red Guitar is the single version on CD for the first time.
    Well, he's "reliably informed" at least.....
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  2. Wow. 1984 really was an amazing year.

    I was only 8, but I remember those "Glory Days" (pun intended).

    It was like pop culture overload but also pop culture heaven. All those albums, singles, videos, movies.

    A magical year.
  3. Truly one of a kind.
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  4. 1984 I was a teenager well into music, walking around the estates with my ghetto blaster, playing all kinds of music at 100watts, running out of batteries so quick, drinking quatro and watching the tube and brookside.
  5. The inclusion of Major Tom (Coming Home) is a strange, but welcome one.
  6. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Same, except sent by Royal Mail and coming on Saturday. They’re remixing the deliveries.
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  7. I forgot to order this. Thanks for the reminder
  8. I'm struggling to figure out how they've managed to put this together without Cyndi Lauper. Everything else I can think of that's not there is either by artists who are tricky/difficult to clear for these products or songs that are best left in 1984 but I've never known Cyndi to be a problem.
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  9. Why are Eurythmics credited as “Eurythmics, Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart”?
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  10. It's a legal thing now. Not sure how it came about, although I think they have secured the rights to their own material, prompting rumours of forthcoming Deluxe Editions.
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  11. I hope we never get "Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe".
  12. Annie and Dave: The Egos Have Landed.
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  13. So Solid Crew featuring A.M. SNiPER, AC Burrell, Akira, Asher D, Carl Morgan, Dan Da Man, DJ Mex, DJ PDS, DJ Swiss, Face, Frost, G-Man, JD, Kaish, Kowdeen, Lisa Maffia, MC Harvey, MC Mac, Megaman, Money, Mr. Shabz, Neutrino, Oxide, PDs, Radical, Romeo, Skat D, Stampede, Statix, Squami, Synth, Thug Angel, Tiger S, Timeless, The Twins, Trigga and TW7.
  14. Queen and George Michael - Somebody to love live featuring, Jeff front row seat 1, Michelle Front row seat 2, Janie front row seat 3, Ross front row seat 4 ...... Dave 3rd row seat 9 ...... Alex row 6 seat 17..... Babs row 14 seat 345 ....

    we could go on.... and on and on
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  15. I knew this would come up again. I expect we'll have to go through it every time they release one of these.

    The answer is actually stupid and some of you might not believe all of it, but it's basically this:

    For whatever reason, either Sony or the Eurythmics (as a band) or either Dave or Annie or their management - SOMEONE - decided they wanted the Eurythmics recordings to show up on the individual artist's profiles on Spotify and other DSPs. So they listed them as artists in their systems alongside the band name.

    Then - whenever Sony's metadata systems spit out what we call "label copy" - the song title, version, artists, writers, publishers, (P) line - it spits all three out and presumably the people compiling it are so young they don't know any better and so it gets put through onto the artwork like this. It's not really meant to, but nobody involved with the process of compiling these albums knows any better than to push back about it.

    The one thing that is drilled into you when working in music licensing is that the "label copy" MUST be shown on artwork exactly as it is given to you. It doesn't enter into many people's heads that it might not be 100% correct. Unbelievable as it sounds, there's only a few people working in major label catalog departments nowadays who would give a shit.

    I've had to argue black and blue with Sony licensing staff to let me list Aretha Franklin alongside Eurythmics on "Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves" on a compilation once. The label copy they sent me just said "Eurythmics". I also had to do the same thing to get them to allow me to add "(Who Loves Me)" onto the end of Whitney's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". It's a real "computer says no" mentality and it's basically because they genuinely don't know any better, don't give a shit and are just doing the job they were told to do.
  16. Not listened to it yet (I know what a Shep Pettibone Mix sounds like), but on basis of the presentation, I'm loving it, and excited to see where (who) this Dance Masters series goes next. We knew there's be the contribution from Arthur Baker, but there's also bits from Bill Coleman, Bruce Forest and Neil Tennant. And I finally learn what Shep's been up to these last few decades (built a hotel which is where he DJ's and from where he consistently declines requests to add his remix genius to music ever since). Brilliant stuff!
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  17. I bit the bullet on the Shep Boxset, even though there are only like 12 songs I'm dying to have in remastered glory for my library. I'm sure I'll make discoveries.
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  18. I half expected announcement today for a deluxe of Diamonds and Pearls by Prince, since it´s 30th anniversary is today.
  19. There's an interview with Arthur Baker on Super Deluxe Edition where he says one of the future projects will focus on his work. That release won't be the next in the series, although he thinks it may be the third.
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  20. Apart from the odd duff track like Adam Ant, Jim Diamond (which was at least #1 I guess) it’s a good effort. The lack of Cyndi is indeed glaring.

    Everyone stanning 1984 needs to get over to the Retrochart!
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