The Reissue Thread!

Been listening to the new Shep Pettibone set and after Cyndi Lauper's amazing Change of Heart remix, this one is real standout for me too

It's the best Janet Jackson song that never was.

Yes if we'd ever got a Janet album in '88, it might have sounded something like this. Apparently, Pia's husband was rich enough to hire Jam & Lewis and get them to make an album for her.
Peter Cetera delayed again for a 4th (?) time. Nov 26.
Several Cherry Red releases are now being delayed. Very unusual for them as their release dates are usually spot on, but probably related to worldwide difficulties getting CDs manufactured at the current time.
Tiziano Ferro - Rosso Relativo 20th anniversary Edition. Out Nov 5
Disc 1
1 Le cose che non dici
2 Rosso relativo
3 Xdono
4 Imbranato
5 Di più
6 Mai nata
7 Primavera non è +
8 Il confine
9 Boom Boom
10 L'olimpiade
11 Soul-dier
12 Il bimbo dentro
Disc 2
1 Las cosas que no dices
2 Rojo relativo
3 Perdona
4 Alucinado
5 Y más
6 Si no hubiera nacido
7 Primavera nunca fue
8 El confín
9 Boom Boom
10 La olimpiada
11 Soul-dier
12 Il bimbo dentro
Disc 3
1 Rosso Relativo Portoghese
2 Xdono Francese
3 Xdono Inglese
4 Imbranato Francese
5 Imbranato Portoghese
6 Rosso Relativo Remix SPA
7 Rosso Relativo Remix ITA
8 Xdono Summer Remix ITA
9 Xdono Summer Remix SPA
10 Xdono Summer Remix Extra
11 Xdono Outtake in ITA
I know it’s not official but one of my favourite ebayers has now done Ray Of Light. I have all the others. They are excellent quality.