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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

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  2. Nice looking thing
  3. This could be real.

    (Hard) Candy Flip.
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  4. [QUOTE


    They’d be great if they didn’t have god-awful typos on the packaging. ‘Beast Withing Mix’??? ‘Back in Bussines’???
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  5. Obviously just trying to get a job on some Belinda Carlisle reissues. There should be a dozen more in the pipeline…..
  6. Looking forward to the official Madonna re issues starting in 2022!!
  7. Hoping we get some news on the first one towards the end of this year
  8. I noticed that coming up to Christmas-;there isn't the usual amount of new releases.

    I wonder if they'll be new hits compilations prior to Christmas?
  9. November's almost here, so I doubt much else is going to be announced for this year now.
    Already advance listings for stuff well into 2022 starting to appear.

    The bargain v/a compilations will probably all but disappear as supermarkets stop selling CDs.
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  10. Yes, I have noticed a few of mine no longer stock them.
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  11. Not sure where else to put this, so I'm popping it here in the hope of some expert advice from my fellow purveyors of pop...

    Have bought quite a few vinyl LPs recently from Amazon and all had to be sent back (in the case of Alison Moyet's Alf & Raindancing, three times) due to scratches / jumps when played. I'm increasingly reluctant to buy new vinyl as I dread playing it and the now inevitable trudge of packing it up again and returning it. I'm not having the same issue with old vinyl - only seems to be with newer reissues/remasters etc.

    Is pressing plant quality control not what it used to be? Is vinyl now only being produced so it looks nice in a frame and I'm not meant to be playing it? Am I shopping in the wrong place or am I just really / repeatedly unlucky?

    Any thoughts / pearls of wisdom people?
  12. It’s a good question. I haven’t even unsealed most of the new vinyl I bought recently!
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  13. I do read a lot of negative comments about recent vinyl on the Discogs website (not the forum part, just under certain album pages).
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  14. Likewise (ish) - opened enough to grab the download codes and that’s it.

    loathe to play them until I’ve a new stylus too - don’t want to destroy the vinyl more than I need to
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  15. I think this is it. Over the last year, I've seen a lot more complaints about vinyl quality - specifically in terms of skipping and such, though I've long seen claims that original records sound better than remastered ones. I think the ballooning demand for vinyl during the pandy plus staffing shortages plus the backlog of stuff to be pressed plus the pandananarama itself has led to things being rushed through production.
  16. I know a lot of manufacturing have been suffering just like distribution (hence all the delays/lack of stock for music & movies on physical media). Some of this is simply staff shortages and continuing production with a skeleton crew. The demand is quite high but it seems that quality control has gone by the wayside. There have been quite few errors with 4K & 4K Boxsets with some discs needed to be re-pressed.
    Vinyl has become very popular and so many artists release many different variations of them. The demand is almost giving the impression that fans just want to own all of them. They are like souvenirs rather than a practical form of media fans use.

    I always buy CD & Boxset re-issues and may rip them in lossless to my hard drive but when it comes to playing them, I stream them if they are available.
  17. I won't deny that I haven't sent back my fair share of new vinyl over the past few years, but I've also got a lot that play great and I'm very happy with.
    I mentioned in the Vinyljustice thread recently, but records I've scene complaints about skipping on play fine on my Technics turntable, but I remember my starter turntable used to skip on anything with heavier bass like Nine Inch Nails - Closer, so I'm wondering if the low end has resulted in the skipping and the turntables not being able to handle it due to no anti-skate etc.
    There are some records I've received which just sound really bad in terms of sound quality, like Pvris' first album, Ladyhawkes third album and I've heard Steps Tears On the Dancefloor sounds dreadful.
    Out of Mariah's re-issues last year, Emotions would have lots of loud crackles on Can't Let Go, then I got a replacement and those crackles were now all over The Wind, so I asked for another and the crackles were elsewhere, I gave up in the end, here's hoping the National Album Day version has fixed this.
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  18. Interesting thoughts - thanks all. Sad to say, I'll give vinyl a miss for a while until there's more evidence of quality control. It's such an odd thing to me, that we're in a time when vinyl is being lapped up but rarely played - surely there'll be a flood of records being sold as 'mint' in years to come by their unopened status, that are in fact not fit for purpose as the vinyl itself is faulty and so unplayable. A strange situation indeed!
  19. This is why my argument is the vinyl should be opened and played at least once on arrival to test that it works properly, then in years to come you can guarantee that the vinyl is in mint condition and plays perfectly fine, you're 100% right when you say these sealed records years to come could easily be faulty, but no one will know until they open it. Personally my collection is for playing and a well looked after collection can still be mint condition in years.
    Another recent example is Amy Grant's Heart In Motion 30th Anniversary, the record sounds wonky all over side A, I've got a refund and stuck to the original 1991 pressing, which sounds great.
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  20. The item is devalued if it is opened. If you have no intention of playing it, don’t open it, and if you ever sell it, the buyer will receive an as–new copy and runs the risk at that point that it won’t play. Collectors in the future might pay more for a pristine sealed copy they know came from a batch which was recalled as being faulty.
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