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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Her Twitter bio says something about a "Box Set 2022". That could be a career retrospective CD set or a vinyl set.
  2. New vocals? I knew it.
  3. Pointless to try to improve on perfection, surely.
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  4. It makes me sigh that she'd even consider this but as soon as she said this was happening I knew she would 100% do this.
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  5. Electribe 101's unreleased 2nd album 'Electribal Soul' from 1990 finally get's release in February 2022
    1. Insatiable Love
    2. Space Oasis
    3. Moving Downtown
    4. Conquering Tomorrow
    5. Deadline For My Memories
    6. A Sigh Won’t Do
    7. True Moments Of My World
    8. Hands Up And Amen
    9. Persuasion
    10. Deadline For My Memories (Alternative Version)
    11. You And I (Keep Holding On)
    Electribal Soul by Electribe 101, Electribe 101: CDs & Vinyl
  6. Ooh and 3a artwork too, thanks!
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  7. That's Mutya.
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  8. Oh, I didn’t realise this is basically an earlier version of Billie’s first solo album.
  9. I expected Heading For The Night to be on the Electribe 101 album - surprised it's been left off, and a little less enthusiastic about it now it seems to be mostly early versions of Billie's solo album. Still worth checking out though as with all of her output.
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  10. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

    A Sigh Won’t Do is an awesome song title.
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  11. It was an album track on Electribal Memories, though?

    So excited to hear the early versions of the songs from Deadline. BT helped craft one of my favorite albums ever but I never dreamed we would get to hear these different iterations.
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  12. Same Ole Love (365 Days a Year) (365 Minute Version) (From the Vault) (Anita's Version)

    Okay but actually it looks from the filename here like she's signed with EMI?

    @Sexbox has posted a couple times in here about Whitney's estate blocking a reissue of the Whitney album:
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  14. Ah yes, of course it was - I'd forgotten, and clearly didn't pay attention as I thought the single released back in the summer was to herald this new album. All makes sense now!
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  15. Straight on the buying list. About time
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  16. I need to compare the track list to the bootleg version I had. See if it has the same songs
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  17. Received my order of this CD today.
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  18. Oooh. That means I might get mine soon.
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  19. I got mine today too.
  20. It’s up for sale on Billie’s website now as well. (Shipping to the US was only £6.50, too)
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