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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Perhaps there are a lot of unreleased tapes that Simon's got...demos, maybe even an early version of the album - This Is Me first came out in autumn 1986, before a long gap to Love Changes Everything (original issue) in Sep 1987. Hard to see how so many discs could be filled otherwise.

    And after the ONJ debacle with Physical's deluxe, I'm a little wary even of Vinny's usual high standards.
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  2. The 2009 reissue wasn't that bad, there were not remixes, just bonus tracks and bsides. But 5 cds seem quite a lot ! I'm happy 2nd album gets re-reissued ! I missed the 2009 edition
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  3. What debacle? I know the DVD wasn't the best quality.
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  4. I enjoyed the Physical re issue. All apart from that screeching noise at the end of the DVD of course.
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  5. %#@&*£%. 5 CDs for Everything is going to be everything! There are tons of edits and remixes of Rise, Love Changes and Bleed, so I am so happy!

    I don’t think they toured till 1989, so EG probably right on demos but majority will be PWL in full effect!
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  6. Well, yeah the DVD is a bit of a nightmare by all accounts with sync problems and picture quality issues. The audio has some issues on a number of tracks. Resident ONJ expert @Tommy Johnson knows more about the details, but it's quite a few things. Possibly, Vinny didn't have the knowledge or the budget to spot them, or be able to avoid them.
  7. Not heard about the audio. It sounded fine to me. The DVD was not great, I agree with that.
  8. I'd like to have the Simon Climie demos (if they exist) for the stuff he wrote for others (George/Aretha. Rod etc).
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  9. 5 CDs for one Climie Fisher album does sound a tad excessive but give me some unreleased PWL mixes and I will be powerless to resist.
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  10. I made a six-disc set from 14 songs on the Seal debut era, so I'm saying nothing!
  11. Everything was a bloody great album in fairness, with plenty of potential for demo's and mixes etc so I'm interested to see what comes of that - I didn't bother with Everything Plus given it could've been so much more, so perhaps 13 years on is the time to rectify that...
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  12. Hell yeah (pump that bass)!

    My only worry is it may sit in the same place as the Wang Chung and Living In A Box projects, so perhaps I’ll calm down for a while.
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  13. Everything is the last great traditional 80s crafted pop album, and came 3 weeks after the penultimate last great one from Johnny Hates Jazz.

    Then it was all change!
  14. Ah, I would proffer Clive Griffin’s Step By Step from early 1989 for that ‘last’ award, shares a lot of the same qualities?
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  15. Would love a blue mercedes deluxe...
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  16. See, want, must have.
  17. Climie Fisher had a lot of 7" and 12" releases for the Everything era which had loads of singles some released to Germany only, some were pre-fame, just look at discogs. They can fill 3 or 4 discs with those with no issue, one of the discs could also be:

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  18. He made a point of saying 5 CDs rather than discs, so I think not. I am sure he has seen the comments about the ONJ DVD so might steer clear of adding them. Labels are unlikely to properly fork out the money to remaster 80s videos, hence why they are rarely as good as we want them to be.

    Vinny has been working on this for a while and I am sure he has unearthed quite a lot of unreleased material. With 'Everything' being 5 CDs it sounds like he's been given carte blanche with their vaults.
  19. There's a tape dropout for the first 20 seconds of 'Landslide' on the right channel and the mix of 'Carried Away' appears to be a slightly earlier master than what appeared on the original album. Not major issues, but noticeable to longtime fans as neither of these oddities have appeared on any other mastering.

    It was wonderful to get all the 'Two Of A Kind' mixes on a CD/digital release at last and the premise of the DVD content was excellent. It's a shame a couple of quality control issues (especially the DVD authoring - the syncing problem makes the second half of the concert unwatchable) impacted what should have been the definitive reissue.

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  20. Don’t forget some of the tracks losing a few seconds at the end. I hate when they do that.

    And I’m sure Tied Up has reversed channels on this edition too.
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