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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. So this happened, and I'd hoped for more than one sentence (literally), but it's still great to hear Sananda on something more modern sounding than the half-baked double, triple etc albums he's been putting out in recent years. Hopeful that this year we'll get those deluxe reissues, but in the meantime...

    A 'bop.'
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  2. Absolutely sure the Best Kept Secret - Andy Partridge Version on Disc 2 is the LP version on my disc, same length, sounds exactly like it. Does anyone know how you go about pointing this out to the record company to get the error corrected please? Its a Virgin Music/UMC release. I know my question seems stupid in 2022, but I don't do social media, which I guess is the normal route!
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  3. Oh you are joking. There's an error (duplicated track/version) on that as well?
  4. Could do worse than try the email address on this page:

    [email protected]
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  5. Thanks! However, the email address bounces back as undeliverable and not known. Classic innit, getting in touch with people these days, I am sure is harder without social media.
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  6. I don´t do social media either and I for one welcome questions like these on this forum.
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  8. Takes a certain amount of hustle to convince folks there’ll be enough interest in this though. There’s a part of me that’s pretty impressed. Then again, he has nearly half a million Spotify listeners a month while Sonia struggles to hit 80k, Bros at 135k, and Sam Fox’s only at 380k. I’m… surprised?

    EDIT: Cathy Dennis at 166k. Major wtf moment.
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  9. He does have a hardcore devoted following, I guess Chrysalis have scoped the market!
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  11. Well Sonia and Sam Fox did...
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  12. Chesney Hawkes boxset.

    A sentence I never imagined writing.
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  13. But they had more than a few hits?
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  14. That's what I was thinking. Still, fair enough, didn't know he had that many albums that's all.
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  15. We've all been laughed at for buying multi-disc boxsets for acts like Dead or Alive, Ace Of Base, Tasmin Archer and Sheena Easton. Chesney is no different. Let's be grateful there's still a market for boxsets where each release will help support the next one, even if each one isn't to everyone's taste.
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  16. I don’t mind the more obscure (ish) artist box sets occurring - but with every new set that utilises a labels resources to produce I find myself lamenting those deluxe albums I’m craving that are more and more unlikely.
  17. Danielle Gaha next!
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  18. There's still hope for a Carol Hitchcock Super Deluxe Box Set then!
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  19. I like her music though.
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