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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. If you're looking at it as a boxset from a singer, the Chesney Hawkes boxset is not bad at all ! You have all his albums (with bonus tracks!), you have demos, bsides, remixes and a dvd with videos and tv and live performances ! And it's not expensive at all !
    If Dina Carroll or Swing Out Sister released something so comprehensive, you would all be very happy!

    Chesney Hawkes will always be synonymous with the “The One And Only”, which was an international hit spending 5 weeks at number one in the UK and hitting the top 10 in the US. His career is so much more than that and he has continued to write, record and tour, releasing 4 studio albums over the interweaving years since his debut single.

    This 112 track career spanning 5CD/1DVD package compiled and overseen by Chesney himself, collating all the albums along with all the b-sides, remixes, previously unreleased demos/outtakes along with a DVD bringing together all his promo clips along with bonus material and international videos, Top Of The Pops, and live performances. This set is packaged in a clamshell box with card wallets and a 24 page booklet.

    CD1 : 1.The One And Only 2.Nothing Serious 3.Feel So Alive 4.I'm a Man Not a Boy 5.It's Gonna Be Tough. 6.Torn in Half. 7.I'm Young 8.Secrets Of the Heart 9.This Is Me 10.Ordinary Girl 11.A Crazy World Like This 12.Say Mama 13.Waiting For The Night (Bonus Track) 14.One World (Bonus Track) 15.Torn In Half (Bonus Track) 16.Secrets Of The Heart (Bonus Track) 17.I'm A Man Not A Boy (Bonus Track)

    CD2 :1.Tell Me Something I Don't Know 2.What's Wrong With This Picture? 3.Help Me To Help Myself 4.Sometimes 5.Black Or White People 6.Missing You Already 7.One Of Those Days 8.Fairweather Christian 9.The Family Way 10.Every Little Tear 11.Friends And Lovers (Bonus Track) 12.It Hurts When I Laugh (Bonus Track) 13.What's Wrong With This Picture? - Dakeyne's Interference Mix (Bonus Track) 14.What's Wrong With This Picture? - 12 Dance Mix (Bonus Track)

    CD3 : 1.Overated 2.Next Life 3.Stay Away Baby Jane 4.Sand 5.Don't Just Stand There 6.Another Fine Mess 7.Failing Light 8.Blissfully Unaware 9.Her 10.Oh So Dull 11.English Dream 12.Seven Of Sundays 13.Come And Get It 14.Please Bring Me Down 15.Almost You 16.Staring At The Sun 17.Stay Away, Baby Jane-Axton Speedway remix (Bonus Track) 18.Sand - Janice Long BBC Session (Bonus Track) 19.Oh So Dull- Janice Long BBC Session (Bonus Track) 20.Next Life- Janice Long BBC Session (Bonus Track)

    CD4 : 1.Comeback 2.Flashback Heroine 3.Real Life Love 4.Caught Up In Circles 5.Always Have, Always Will 6.John Lennon Lived Here 7.Aeroplane 8.Camouflage 9.Let That Be Enough 10.The One And Only – Acoustic 11.Let That Be Enough - Original Demo (Bonus Track) 12.John Lennon Lived Here – ‘92 Demo (Bonus Track) 13.Always Have, Always Will -Demo (Bonus Track) 14.Till You Know What You Want – Demo (Bonus Track) 15.Gravity's Gone – Demo (Bonus Track) 16.I Wanna Be Somebody – Demo (Bonus Track) 17.Love Lies Bleeding – Demo (Bonus Track) 18.Watching Over You – Demo (Bonus Track) 19.Please Bring Me Down - Heavy Demo (Bonus Track)

    CD5 : 1.Brain Train – Film Master Mix 2.Secrets Of The Heart – Film Master Mix 3.Feel So Alive – Film Master Mix 4. Taking The Blame – Film Master Mix 5.I'm Young – Film Master Mix 6.This Is Me – Film Master Mix 7.Torn In Half – Film Master Mix 8.The One And Only – Monitor Mix 9.Move On – Live At Abbey Road 10.Friday At The Hollywood – Demo 11.She’s The One. 12.The One And Only – 2005 Remix 13.I'm A Man Not A Boy – Original Demo 14.Nothing Serious – Original Demo 15. I’m Young – Alt. Song. 16.Peggy Sue – Unreleased 17.Tell Me Something I Don't Know – JM Kitchen Sink Mix 18.Sometimes – JM Kitchen Sink Mix 19.Fairweather Christian – Demo

    DVD : Promo Videos: 1.The One And Only 2.I'm A Man Not A Boy 3.Secrets Of The Heart 4.Feel So Alive 5.What's Wrong With This Picture? 6.Missing You Already 7.Stay Away Baby Jane 8.Caught Up In Circles 9.Aeroplane 10.Another Fine Mess. Bonus Material: 11.One And Only – International Version. 13. One And Only – Doc Hollywood Version. 14.I'm A Man Not A Boy (alt. edit) 15.One And Only – Top Of The Pops 14/3/91 16.One And Only – Top Of The Pops 28/3/91 17.One And Only – Top Of The Pops 25/4/91. Live in Mannheim ’90: 18.I'm Young 19.The One And Only 20.Secrets Of The Heart 21.I’m A Man Not A Boy
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  2. Yes I know, but if Spotify streams are anything to go by (post just above), they arent as popular, which I guess is something monitored by record companies. He also gigs a lot, as a Nik Kershaw aficionado, I am aware he often plays / produces / writes with him.

    I would agree though, a two sided 7'' would seem enough to me..
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  3. Presumably Chesney's one significant hit is on lots of playlists, which bumps up his total listener count each month.

    Surprised (eg) Dead Or Alive aren't higher than ol' Ches given the larger number of hits and their largest reaching similar peaks in the US (Hawkesy #10, Pete and the lads #11 - and Brand New Lover got to 15 in the States).

    Who would put any trust in Spotify's numbers anyway.
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  4. Reynolds Girls boxset incoming.
  5. Well, already 20 gigs for 2022 !

    Butlin's – Skegness Skegness, UK


    Pontins Camber Sands Holiday Park Camber, UK

    SUN 20 MARCH

    Holiday Resort Unity Brean, UK

    SUN 10 APRIL


    THU 2 JUNE

    Wicksteed Open Air Theatre Kettering, UK

    SAT 4 JUNE

    Let's Rock Wales 2022Newport, UK

    SAT 11 JUNE

    Rainford Picnic In The Park 2022St Helens, UK

    FRI 24 JUNE

    Butlin's – Skegness Skegness, UK

    SAT 25 JUNE

    Butlin's - Bognor Regis Bognor Regis, UK

    SAT 30 JULY

    App Fest 2022 Tewkesbury, UK

    SAT 30 JULY

    Let's Rock Liverpool; 2022Liverpool, UK


    Lets Rock Belfast 2022 Belfast, UK


    Rewind Festival, Cheshire 2022 Belfast, UK


    Hastings Pier Hastings, UK


    Rewind Henley 2022 Henley-on-thames, UK


    Chelmsford Social Club Chelmsford, UK


    Let's Rock Kent 2022 Maidstone, UK


    Butlin's – Skegness Skegness, UK


    Butlin's – Skegness Skegness, UK


    Bodelwyddan Castle Bodelwyddan, UK


    Butlin's – Skegness Skegness, UK
    The Dec gig is "90s reloaded" festival with Five Chesney Hawkes Damage Shola Ama The Honeyz Dario G China Black The Outhere Brothers N-Trance Artful Dodger Cut Up Boys and more TBA.
    Lods of fans at Skegness ! Btw, he's 51 this year !
  6. Get Real does need to be on digital to be fair.
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  7. Damn, you beat me to it!
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  8. I suppose they'll call it

    The One & Only Chesney Boxset You'll Ever Need

    (or get).
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  9. I love that you/someone/anyone remembers her!
  10. I was a fan and I thought I can't wait for more, and then...Nada. I think she was introduced by Jason Donovan on his tour, so she might have been jinxed.
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  11. I'd call it expensive for what some would call a 1 hit wonder
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  12. Ches is a nice bloke, I've chatted with him a bit in the past and so I won't hear a bad word said!

    (But yeah, haha).
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  13. An unreleased live album by Melissa Manchester recorded in 1977 is coming from Real Gone Music.
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  14. It has been mentioned already.
    The Matt Bianco forthcoming release.

    I am definitely considering this cd
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  15. What are the bonus tracks, none of the links bring me to a working page.
  16. Not sure. The links aren't working yet, it's just the domain where they will be.
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