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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I wonder if it’s because Born To Sing didn’t sell too well. They’ve been on discount for awhile. It’s a shame - Funky Divas was the more popular album of the two. And eight bonus tracks seem a little miserly…
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  2. Gonna assume it’s Runaway Love EP and two extra tracks.
  3. Funky Divas, is just way too good an album to have just an digital (but still welcome) re issue.
  4. Thing is Warner/Rhino/whoever seem to have abandoned physical media for reissues and boxsets. Chic, Carly Simon and Laura Branigan's "Complete Album Collection" sets should have been given the full, gorgeous CD box treatment, instead they were digital-only. And the same price (if not more!) as well, the cheek of it.
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  5. That's a shame. At least we're getting something for it's 30th anniversary I suppose.
  6. Goldfrapp’s Felt Mountain (yet again) being reissued on vinyl – gold this time. Love this album but I don’t need it again and again.
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  7. I might think about doing my own deluxe. I have the UK, and US versions, plus the Funky Divas VHS.
  8. May as well! If they aren't going to be doing so after all at least physical wise.
  9. I'm more baffled by the CD reissue which has the same tracklisting as the original album. No bonus tracks at all.
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  10. I recently got the vinyl re-issues of Aqua, Army Of Lovers and E-Rotic from Machina Records.

    They are all excellent and I am tempted to buy the 2 Unlimited ones as well, even though I have all three albums already on vinyl (from the 90s).
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  11. Especially when there was talk of a Super Deluxe Box Set just before the pandemic kicked in.
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  12. I bought the Cher, Heart and Pat Benatar Japan reissues and the Cher and Pat ones have horribly low quality scans of the album art. They were only $10 but come on!

    The sound is nothing special either, had to turn my player up +8 from it's usual setting to get them at an enjoyable volume.
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  13. Really sorry to hear that. I remember replying to you saying that it’s probably worth it. If so, I apologise. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. I remember the original master of Cher’s Heart of Stone was very quiet. I did expect the scan to at least be of good quality.
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  14. Japanese reissues are so hit and miss. Sometimes they're remastered and sometimes they are just straight reissues of previous (dated) masters.

    I am surprised to hear the album art was low quality. Usually Japanese reissues always look lovely.
  15. I didn't own any of these albums so for $10 a piece it's not like they'll go to waste. Hopefully Cher's 80's albums get a deluxe treatment sometime soon anyway!
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  16. Yes to Cher re issues. And the sooner the better, hopefully one day though.
  17. I suppose when the Cher deluxes do ever appear, they'll be released one by one.
  18. Yes, which is better for my bank balance anyway!
  19. You best believe it.
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  20. If there any love and understanding.
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