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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I love Wide Awake. All Fired Up is priceless.
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  3. By being front of the queue at a store stocking it come RSD! Or by being lucky and finding it left and on sale someplace afterward
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  4. Is there a way of knowing where it will be stocked or are all the stores getting stock of all the titles?
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  5. I used to call my local stores - some know what they’ll get and will at least give you a target store to visit. I got to one an hour early few years ago and still at least 15 ahead of me. Happy enough with what I got but bit of a scrum to get near the goodies…

    after this treat this year if I can make it to one
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  7. [​IMG]
    NOW 1982 Extra 18th March .
  8. Have to confess I don't know a lot of these but always nice to see The Kids From Fame. 1982 is just a bit before my time but I'm really looking forward to seeing the tracklists for the NOW Yearbook Extras for 87-89.
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  9. More potential Shakespears Sister reissues!

  10. Thank god they got the original release date correct...drives me nuts when even the bloody act themselves doesn't know or makes the usual mistake of going by chart entry dates.
  11. Sophie Ellis-Bextor's first four albums are getting re-releases on formats other than vinyl. They're coming via Plastic Pop who did the recent Nicola Roberts re-release. There aren't too many bonuses on each album but it'll be nice to have the B-sides together.
  12. Other than in Oxfam, Help The Age, Cancer Uk, and Mind, i hate it when you have to go around all the chazzer shops to see them.
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  13. Tbh a copy of Make a Scene with an unmixed version of Dear Jimmy is my main draw! But the six bonus tracks on ‘…Fantastic’ might warrant a purchase too
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  14. Trip is definitely the one that excites me the most although for UK PJers it only has four bonus tracks really as Can't Have It All (which is actually one of my favourite Trip songs) and Supersonic were on the original UK release.
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  15. I swear to God if this is like the Roxette ones with fifty T&A Demos...

    ...I'll buy it anyway!
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  16. I noticed on one of the Howard Jones videos they had the release date as the w/e entry date.
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  17. Most of the previous Madonna RSD releases are still available in quite a few record stores. But perhaps because this one isn't just an exact reissue, it might be more sought after indeed.
  18. That's because the person in charge of that is a muppet.
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  19. I just know I need it for sure, plus the vinyl re issue of this too:
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