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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Not sure if this means anything but Eddy Grant retweeted my tweet about his catalogue needing to be back in print. Hopefully this means he'll be open to having his catalogue reissued.

  2. Let's hope it happens would love a few deluxes etc or even a career spanning cd singles box set.
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  3. I believe he owns much of his back catalogue via his Ice Records label, perhaps he's looking for the right deal with Demon, Cherry Red or whoever to get things back on the market.
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  4. He just had Electric Avenue featured in a Super Bowl commercial and it's the 40th anniversary of Killer on the Rampage and Electric Avenue. So, good time to strike.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Waka waka! (This Time for Africa)
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  6. April 22nd

    Following the `Back to the Light' multiformat reissue of 2021, Brian May reissues 1998's `Another World' album - the latest release in his Gold Series. 2 CD set features the remastered album, plus a bonus disc of tracks chosen by Brian and his team.

    [CD1: Another World]
    1. Space
    2. Business
    3. China Belle
    4. Why Don’t We Try Again
    5. On My Way Up
    6. Cyborg
    7. The Guv’nor
    8. Wilderness
    9. Slow Down
    10. One Rainy Wish
    11. All The Way From Memphis
    12. Another World
    13. Being On My Own

    [CD2: Another Disc]
    1. Brian Talks
    2. The Business (Rock On Cozy Mix)
    3. Hot Patootie
    4. F.B.I. (Original Ruff Mix With Real Bass And Drums)
    5. Maybe Baby
    6. It’s Only Make Believe
    7. Otro Lugar
    8. Cyborg (Solo Instrumental Version)
    9. Business Stings
    10. I’ll Be Prayin’
    11. On My Way Up (Guitar Version)
    12. The Last Great Optimist
    13. On My Way Up (Live in Paris, June ’98)
    14. Hammer To Fall (Live in Paris, June ’98)
    15. My Boy
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  7. Think I might already have most of the Brian May stuff, but good that they've covered both 90s solo albums.

  8. I know 8>P
  9. "Brian and his team" cracks me up a bit.
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  10. "Another World" has the toxic fart sleeve, right?
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  11. Yes! Haha.

    Another World aka The Toxic Fart Album.
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  12. Come Away With Me (20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
    CD1: Come Away With Me 20th Anniversary Remaster
    1. Don’t Know Why
    2. Seven Years
    3. Cold Cold Heart
    4. Feelin’ The Same Way
    5. Come Away With Me
    6. Shoot The Moon
    7. Turn Me On
    8. Lonestar
    9. I’ve Got To See You Again
    10. Painter Song
    11. One Flight Down
    12. Nightingale
    13. The Long Day Is Over
    14. The Nearness Of You

    CD2: The Demos/First Sessions Outtakes/First Sessions EP
    1. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
    2. Walkin’ My Baby Back Home
    3. World of Trouble
    4. The Only Time
    5. I Didn’t Know About You
    6. Something Is Calling You tabla version
    7. Just Like A Dream Today
    8. When Sunny Gets Blue
    9. What Am I To You
    10. Hallelujah I Love Him So
    11. Daydream
    12. Don’t Know Why
    13. Come Away With Me
    14. Something Is Calling You
    15. Turn Me On
    16. Lonestar
    17. Peace

    CD3: The Allaire Sessions
    1. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
    2. I’ve Got To See You Again
    3. What Would I Do
    4. Come Away With Me
    5. Picture In A Frame
    6. Nightingale
    7. Peace
    8. What Am I To You
    9. Painter Song
    10. Turn Me On
    11. A Little At A Time
    12. One Flight Down
    13. Fragile

    Out April 29
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  13. Just having a first listen to the new Now12"80s Remixed CD. The first song to play is Laura Branigan's "Shattered Glass". To my untrained ears, it sounds very much like a vinyl rip. Can anyone confirm? Not a great start given how much I was looking forward to getting this release...
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  14. That's poor, if so. The 7.14 extended mix was on the SAW boxset, so masters exist.
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  15. Vinyl rips feels a bit poor in this day and age really.
  16. I am sure like many of us, I track reissues I haven’t bought, it looks like Animal Magic by The Blow Monkeys is now out of stock at Cherry Red and Amazon, it was a 2012 reissue. Bought a 10.99 copy on eBay before it goes up stratospheric.
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  17. Yes, I am finding myself just caving in and getting some of the ones I passed on, because they're not getting cheaper (the opposite, in fact) and they're getting very scarce.
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  18. I bought The Best 70s Party Album In The World... Ever! on Amazon yesterday for £5. It is now £8.14.

    I noticed that prices are changing a lot on the site
  19. Yes, Amazon do have a habit of this gotta say.
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