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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Up and down like a whatsit's whatshernames.
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  4. Looking forward to this

    We are thrilled to announce a Pet Shop Boys collaboration with the inspirational synth duo, Soft Cell. On March 22nd the two duos will release a joint single, “Purple Zone”, written by Soft Cell with remix production by Pet Shop Boys. The track features the vocals of both Marc Almond and Neil Tennant. “Purple Zone” by Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys is now available to pre-save digitally. Physical formats and further release details will be announced soon.

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  5. This could be excellent…
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  6. Happy 1,500 pages!!! Thanks @Eric Generic for starting the best thread on Popjustice (sorry, Madonna, Girls Aloud, Beyonce, Kylie and Horror Films).

    Just reading this post, it's amazing to think that Sonia and Sinitta have had reissues and London Boys even had a box set! I just got the Sonia singles set for cheap on Amazon Canada.
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  7. Ha, yes the reissue market certainly grew (and changed quite a bit) since those days...
  8. One of my most–loved threads.
  9. Me too. My second home
  10. Hope you're not claiming it on expenses!
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  11. The reason why I signed up in the first place.
  12. Me, too !

    Question: best site to buy flac files ?
  13. I tend to use QoBuz and 7Digital, but they're both getting more expensive lately, when I'd have expected prices to go the other way. QoBuz tends to win for me because you can redownload your purchases any time, over and over, and even change the format you want them in. Whereas 7Digital have an unfortunate habit of removing a lot of music from their system and leaving you without it (unless you back it up yourself).
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  14. He has a new album out soon, so maybe it will follow that. Although they might feel inferior compared to yours.

    Yes, huge thanks @Eric Generic for creating this thread. It's what lead me to the PJ forum.
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  15. Also a Qobuz fan. And I think Bandcamp do them too?
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  16. Bandcamp's good too. I've bought a couple of very hard-to-find albums from there. Decent prices, around £8 rather than £13.
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  17. Please tell me it isn't Soul 3.
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  18. He posted clips and lyrics, so I think it's original stuff. There does seem to be a touch of Jazz about some of the sound, but that might just be incidental music for the clips.
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  19. Long live the reissue thread! I get all my news about upcoming releases from here. It's such a nice non-judgemental place where you don't get sneered at for buying Mandy Smith and Samantha Fox reissues which happens on other sites.

    Who would have thought all these years later we'd have complete discography Dollar and London Boys boxsets while still nada for the likes of Madonna and Janet Jackson?
  20. We’re just a big happy family who appreciate a lovingly compiled career or album retrospective release, be it obscure indie or shiny pop! The only grumbles around here are the oft heard laments of the missing track, vinyl rip, dreadful remaster or incorrect version used!
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