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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Not much new but finally to have the Full Length Forthright Mix of Fastlove on CD will be great. None of the Glove Mixes though.
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  2. Nice it's finally coming. Hope a release date's confirmed soon.
  3. I love Associates Sulk album but I do not want CDs and Vinyl.
    Neither do I want to pay £50 for it.
    Why is the gig from 1981, which isnt Sulk era.
    Why are we continually being ripped off by BMG selling us stuff we dont (partially) want.
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  4. Prices for these new sets is too high. Do they want to kill physical media off? (Don't answer).
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  5. I can’t bring myself to pay 50 quid for an album I have twice, with demos, live and sessions I would probably play once. A 3CD set at 25-30 would have been purchased but this is exactly like the Life In Tokyo set. My guess is it will sadly fall to half price at some point.
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  6. I already have about 3 versions of Sulk....a V2 reissue, then another expanded version in a digipak, plus another one from even further back. These pricepoints can only be justified (as a buyer) if they are an all-time fave and/or we don't already own most/all of this stuff.

    Go Vest is borderline because that deluxe is really the first time their catalogue has been reissued like this, but Sulk has been released over and over again.
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  7. I felt really ripped off with Japan's Quiet Life SDE. Ordered from Townsend Music as to get the extra CD. Cost €73.73 plus €24.50 postage.Total €98.23

    Delivered by sodding UPS who asked me for €39.64 cash made up of
    Irish VAT €21.19
    Handling charge €18.45

    CD3 the live gig sounds like it was recorded in someone's pocket through a toilet window.

    So, for Sulk, I am reluctant to order from Paul Sinclair's Super Deluxe Edition Shop just to get the extra CD and subject myself to Irish VAT and a handling charge. I did post an enquiry on his Sulk article querying whether UK VAT should be deducted from international orders (the way Amazon and some other UK retailers do it) but predictably it's still in moderation and hasn't been published.
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  8. I draw the line at that one, but I had heard about the potato quality live gig in advance and it just confirmed I’d not be opening my wallet for it.

    of late the trend seems to be vinyl only ‘specials’ and if you’re luck they throw in a CD. As others have said, what’s wrong with a 3/4 CD deluxe at 25-30 quid? Surely in that circumstance they’d sell more and have a bigger return overall.

    and I say all of this as someone who has a decent turntable and will buy vinyl if it warrants it, except too often it just feels like a con
  9. Regarding ‘Sulk’, have any of the reissues exactly duplicated the original UK vinyl release? Reading wiki about it (I know not the most reliable) it suggests all the subsequent cd issues have had at least some remixes instead of original album versions. Until now it’s been one of those albums I just have as an old mp3 rip and my LP sitting untouched for decades and I’ve always meant to get a CD copy
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  10. No. The 2016 reissue got close but used the 12" version of Party Fears Two instead of the original UK album mix. I may be wrong but I don't think that original album version has ever been released on CD.

    I've also already got three versions of Sulk. Would have been tempted by this if they'd restored Party Fears to it's rightful place but that doesn't appear to be the case. Looks like they've reused the 2016 remaster instead.
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  11. Usually for these sets, I already own the vinyl so it feels a bit redundant - but I did like the Fleetwood Mac SDEs as my LPs were well-worn. In terms of Sulk, I have a 1982 press and it sounds great; I can't see the vinyl in this box coming close. A 3CD option would be fine for me.
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  12. Bit of a niche reissue but I thought it may be of interest to some


    Boy Oh Boy - I snapped one up!
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  13. Ha, the label looks like a nipple.
  14. I’m waiting for mine to arrive
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  15. Oh my...
  16. Very on brand for Sabrina.
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  17. One of the best NOWs is coming. Unfortunately I can’t buy it as Amazon is again refusing to send it to my home address for some reason….

  18. I sometimes have this problem with Amazon UK. I live in Ireland. But usually the items become available to order closer to release date. Some sort of odd geo-blocking is going on. In this instance, the Now 11 CD is available for me now. But wasn't a few weeks ago.
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  19. Can't see the link unfortunately, what one is it?
  20. Now 11
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