The Reissue Thread!

I have multiple vinyl issues of Who's That Girl. You can never have too much. Underrated era.

This is what I really want though!

I am actually jealous that you still have HMV. I miss it here since it closed in Canada in 2017.

Much better than Sunrise, which, ironically, is owned by the same guy who runs HMV in the UK. Sunrise is really the pits. No real deals and barely any promotion of music. I really only go there for Blu-Rays. Another record store in Toronto sells BGO and Ace reissues. I was hoping Sunrise with the UK connection would have some Cherry Pop items but, sadly, no. That HMV deal seems really good.
Well there are some.... Dubstar and Scarlet are rarely seen and honourable mentions to Rick, a-ha, kd Lang, Aztecs and Ms Moyet. Yeah, spot on as ever then!

It's basically the Warners catalogue, which in the 90s was very strong thanks to them hovering up every stray artist they could to EastWest.