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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Wasn't Sorry [PSB Maxi Mix Edit] released commercially and digitally at the time? I know I downloaded the edit legitimately at the time. Perhaps there's an alternative edit that doesn't bury the lyrics to the second verse deep in the mix.

    99 per cent certain the radio edit of Fever is the edit of one of the remixes that appeared on the B-side of the picture disc release/cassette release:
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  2. It's literally available on every digital platform right now, they made a mistake. By my count, 27 tracks are already on streaming, including "Vogue (Single Version)", which just isn't named as such on the digital EP, so they said that was unavailable digitally as well, haha.
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  3. I just hope that the Who's That Girl remixes end up being released digitally at some point. Rude not too.
  4. I knew it. As long as the edit of Holiday doesn't get mixed up with the one on The Immaculate Collection, I'll be happy. That the original single edit of one of her biggest singles is so hard/impossible to obtain on CD or digitally has baffled me for years.
  5. I agree this compilation is very light on the 80s - 50 tracks and only 10 of them from her most prolific and popular decade. I really miss Dress You Up, Angel, Gambler, True Blue, Who's That Girl and Causing A Commotion. This was a great opportunity to give us some real rarities that fans have been after on CD for decades like La Isla Bonita (7" Remix) and Spotlight (You Can Dance Single Edit). Hopefully all these will follow when the reissue campaign proper kicks off. It's still a great set but I know I'd much rather have had any of these songs than Bitch I'm Madonna and Medellin!
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  6. The album was an almost direct translation of the 50 #1's from the Dance Chart, wanting for a different tracklist is pointless. If it's not heavy enough on the 80s, it's because not all of those tracks reached #1, simple as. Also, let's cut the woman some slack, this is probably the only way some of the later singles can get in the spotlight, any other greatest hits could comfortably stop a decade ago.
  7. I hope the Causing A Commotion (Silver Screen Single Mix) ends up on streaming

    I got the RSD Who's That Girl/Causing A Commotion vinyl which I love.

    Exciting times ahead with all these reissues.
  8. I think it looks great and she is sticking with her 50 Dance #1 Singles, which I love. It does worry me that they have added 'Open Your Heart' Video Mix instead of the Remix/Edit, I hope it's not because they can't find the master or she doesn't like it..
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  10. No, it's not unfortunately. It's the 'Murk Boys Radio Edit' @ 5:09
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  12. I’d have bought the RSD releases if they came with download codes. I don’t like being restricted to just vinyl playback. Of course back in the distant past it wouldn’t have been an issue to run off a cassette or two but ripping to digital is beyond my audio set up at present
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  13. My Vinyl rip of the 7" edit is 4:08 (Immaculate 4:07). Hoping it's the 7" mix with a slightly longer fade rather than something else.
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  14. My aged rip of the 7" similarly clocks in at 4:10, the Immaculate Collection CD version is 4:07, the streaming version on the Madonna album is 3:45 and the You Can Dance single edit is 4:14. My guess/hope is that 4:20 is a longer fade of the original 7" edit.
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  16. Hopefully it will turn up the reissues.

    Has anyone been charged by Amazon for their Go West? I haven't but should have by now. Sounds like another stock problem for Amazon. My pre-order price is nearly £20 cheaper than it is now. I hope they don't cancel it and expect me to by again at the inflated price.
  17. Absolute perfection this!
  18. Indeed it is. I’d forgotten how much I like that song (and all the ‘Who’s that girl’ era songs really). Just wish it had been more than four tracks on a soundtrack album.
  19. Yes, sure it would have been an super strong pop album, if all just Madonna tracks.
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  20. Love Causing A Commotion. I remember at the time some reviews declaring she'd lost her creativity and that this was a poor re-hash of Into The Groove. I could see more differences than similarities myself.

    In terms of the single - much as I liked the mix released, this shoulda been the A-side for me...

    It certainly needs to be on any Who's That Girl era deluxe shenanigans that may be planned.
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