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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I do hope the Who's That Girls singles get their chance to shine.
  2. I'm hoping they will add Who's That Girl, Causing A Commotion and The Look of Love and all their remixes on a True Blue reissue. Three of my all time favourite Madonna songs.
  3. They should just add all 4. Or as I just found out there was a fifth from that period too (Turn it up) then add that too
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  4. Agreed the Who’s That Girl tracks should be combined with True Blue on the deluxe, it’d make perfect sense as production wise it’s similar and it’d pad out the bonus material.
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  5. Let’s just hope Madge peruses the PJ forums for ideas…
  6. My SDE of True Blue has all those WTG tracks.
  7. That's absolute pop taste right there!!
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  8. Go West SDE out of stock bang on midnight, and now Amazon have e-mailed to say my preorder is not been dispatched.
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  9. I bet there were some bangs and crashes around your home when you found that out!
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  10. and you were dancing on the couch with rage.... Thats rubbish - was it a good pre-order price? i went for the expensive SDE option, not sure why I want their sigs anyway...
  11. Yes, another stock problem with Amazon. I knew something was up when they didn't take my money yesterday. With Price promise mine should be £36, so I hope they don't try their usual trick of cancelling it and then getting in stock 2 days later and expect you to re-buy at the inflated price.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Swing Out Sister: Blue Mood, Breakout And Beyond – The Early Years Part 1, 8CD Box Set
    July 29
    Track Listing:

    1 Breakout
    2 Twilight World (Superb, Superb, Mix)
    3 After Hours
    4 Blue Mood
    5 Surrender
    6 Fooled By A Smile
    7 Communion
    8 It’s Not Enough
    9 Theme (From – ‘It’s Better To Travel’)

    1 You On My Mind
    2 Where In The World?
    3 Forever Blue
    4 Heart For Hire
    5 Tainted
    6 Waiting Game
    7 Precious Words
    8 Masquerade
    9 Between Strangers
    10 The Kaleidoscope Affair
    11 Precious Words – Instrumental
    12 Forever Blue – String Mix
    13 Masquerade – Instrumental

    1 Get In Touch With Yourself
    2 Am I The Same Girl?
    3 Incomplete Without You
    4 Everyday Crime
    5 Circulate
    6 Who Let the Love Out?
    7 Understand
    8 Notgonnachange
    9 Don’t Say The Word
    10 Love Child
    11 I Can Hear You But I Can’t See You
    12 Am I The Same Girl?
    13 Everyday Crime – Instrumental


    1 Get In Touch With Yourself
    2 You On My Mind
    3 Surrender
    4 Everyday Crime
    5 Twilight World
    6 Circulate
    7 Am I The Same Girl?
    8 Breakout
    9 Notgonnachange
    10 Who Let the Love Out / Expansions / Coney Island Man / Wives & Lovers?

    1 Blue Mood – Dubbed-Up Version
    2 Blue Mood – Growler Mix
    3 Breakout- A New Rockin’ Version
    4 Breakout – NAD Mix
    5 Breakout – Horny Version
    6 Breakout – Carnival Mix
    7 Fooled By A Smile – Ralph Mix
    8 Fooled By A Smile – TV Mix
    9 Breakout – American Instrumental Mix
    10 Communion – Instrumental
    11 Fooled By A Smile – Phi Phi Mix
    12 Twilight World – Remix
    13 Twilight World – Outer Limits Mix


    1 Twilight World – The World Travel Mix
    2 Twilight World – Vocal Dub
    3 Twilight World – Classical Dub
    4 Twilight World – Instrumental Dub
    5 Twilight World – Beat Your Sister Dub
    6 Surrender – Stuff Gun Mix
    7 Surrender – Pop Stand Remix
    8 Surrender – Roadrunner Mix
    9 Precious Words – Orchestral Mix
    10 Waiting Game – Extended Version
    11 Waiting Game – Remix Edit
    12 Waiting Game – Ulti Mix
    13 Waiting Game – Dub

    Swing Out Sister: Blue Mood, Breakout And Beyond - The Early Years Part 1, 8CD Box Set - Cherry Red Records

  13. They’ve left out track listings for cds 7 and 8. Arghh. The two discs that interest me the most.
  14. This is why I don't pre-order. Is it a problem exclusive to Amazon? There are copies available on eBay (more expensive, obvs.) but no guarantee they have them either. And they're not exactly being snapped up.
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  15. It seems to be. It's in stock on HMV and SDE have copies that they have dispatched.
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  16. Cheers....also doesn't seem to be an urgent demand for them on eBay.

    I'll wait and see if I eventually get it at the pre-order price.
  17. I've screenshot the pre-order price as I don't trust them not to try get me to cancel (or do it themselves) and re-order for £20 extra. They did this with Fuzzbox. They cancelled my order saying they couldn't get stock. It was then in stock the next day at a higher price. Fortunately I got elsewhere even cheaper and it came signed. There are less items available for same day delivery now with Prime and even the ones that are, you are not guaranteed to get on release day. I have had so many 'item will arrive late' e-mails lately.
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  18. Agreed. I'm interested to see what the extra mixes from the Kaleidoscope World and Get in Touch With Yourself eras include, as there are a few rare vinyl/promo mixes for these. I hope the missing two discs aren't just dominated by B-sides/yet more mixes from It's Better to Travel which have already appeared on CD.

    But it look pretty thorough in terms of the It's Better to Travel era mixes - all those vinyl-only US mixes finally included!
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  19. It's almost as if Amazon are evil.

    Oh, hang on.
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  20. So excited for the Swing Out Sister boxset, even if I don't like that part 1 (how many early years can be ?) and I don't like mixing together remixes from debut album with remixes from 2nd album. 2 discs for 2nd and 3rd album remixes and rare versions... mhm...
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