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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I've taken a screenshot of my pre-order, just in case @Anjoel40 - good thinking.

    As for SOS, I'll stick with my homemade SDE for It's Better To Travel. Maybe the extras for the 2nd and 3rd albums will be available in lossless individually.
  2. No Twilight World 7'' again! (unless its the Remix?)

    I laughed at the comment made on SDE about why Go West wasnt mixed into 5.1, I so wanted to reply they are Go West, not Pink Floyd...
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  3. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Have been toying with getting the Go West deluxe, just seen it’s all available on streaming sooooo…nope! I can live without a DVD and oversize box.
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  4. I was tempted by Go West signed vinyl, but then saw an excellent copy of the original vinyl for £2 so I went with that.
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  5. Those are the actual reasons I was tempted into ordering it! But I wonder if it's worth the extra £30 when I can get all the audio in FLAC for £15.
  6. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    It’s Lossless on Apple Music too, that’ll do for all I’ll ever listen to it.
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  7. Just realised the Hammersmith gig is the *audio*, not the DVD. Now less interested.
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  8. Got the same email. Pre-ordered ages ago. Am happy to wait a bit and get it at the good price when Amazon eventually get stock.
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  9. I'm wavering a bit. The DVD isn't such a huge pull for me now I've realised I got the gigs mixed up, and by all accounts so far, the packaging is pretty but not especially well-designed.
  10. If it’s not included amidst 8 CDs worth of tunes then it’s a travesty. That said, is it definitely 8 CDs? Odd that no track listing is shown for 7&8 and it sounds like those would be the most interesting to tempt us all to spend our hard earned money
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  11. The Go West set is good quality, just opened mine, no idea what’s behind the idiot SDE comments tbh. Two gatefold LP sleeves inside a Tango In The Night type slipcase, one sleeve has two album size booklets, the other holds five card slipcase covered CDs. Looking forward to listening to but I would still say it’s probably a £40 product. That Amazon behaviour is very weird, sorry and hope they get delivered at the price you ordered at.
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  12. I am assuming that’s the early stuff, demos etc but maybe the band haven’t agreed the listing for them, as they did seem from their way back SDE interviews, a little protective of their art..
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  13. Go West deluxe digital available for £7.49 on 7Digital. I appreciate some will be put off as only MP3, but a fraction of the physical cost.
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  14. You might be right, but it doesn’t inspire confidence. It’s literally asking us to stump up the cash while they decide what to include. I hope it’s a posting error and nothing more. But until I know what’s on offer, I’m not gonna preorder.
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  15. The same. Not least as I have most of what’s already shown to be included
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  16. Go West? Yeah. It's a little overpriced but we're in an overpriced market at the moment, it seems. I've gone and bought the signed print edition from SDE. 55 quid, but it's a big album for me with vivid memories, so what the heck. Paul will pack it better than amazon anyway.
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  17. Mine was perfectly packaged and the print is lovely, I doubt there will ever be a 50th anniversary competition set, so pricey but worth it in scheme of things.
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  18. [​IMG]

    The mastering on the new 2 disc Sheryl Crow compilation 'Sheryl: Music From The Feature Documentary' is a mess!

    It sounds fine, like any of Crow's compilations, though the volume on the entire thing has been lowered several decibels, something typically done for vinyl releases yet one hasn't been announced.

    The issue is that all but four tracks are previously released, and they seem to be taken directly from various albums and compilations without any effort to clean them up. This means tracks that segued into others now jarringly cut off or start with decay from the songs that preceded them on the original releases. Standalone versions for most of the included selections exist or are extremely easy to correct making this a frustrating listen.

    For example, despite an unblended master appearing on original singles and every compilation released up to this point, "If It Makes You Happy" has instead been taken directly from the 1996 'Sheryl Crow' album where it bled into "Redemption Day". So, on the 'Sheryl' compilation, it cuts off early and 13 tracks later you hear the abrupt start of "Redemption Day" with decay from "If It Makes You Happy"'s final note.

    Similarly, "Run, Baby, Run" and "I Shall Believe" - neither of which overlapped on the original 'Tuesday Night Music Club' album - have been taken from the 2007 'Hits & Rarities' compilation where there was newly applied overlap and a tracking error. On the 'Sheryl' CD, "Run, Baby, Run" now cuts off early, mid-fade and then 8 tracks later you hear the rest of the fade (the "Run, Baby, Run" chorus at low volume) then "I Shall Believe" begins.

    I hate when they do stuff like this on compilations, it's so lazy. What should be a loving overview of her recording career is basically a sloppy Spotify playlist pressed to CD.
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  19. @Pop Life - that's shockingly sloppy! Thanks for the heads-up. I think I will pass on it.

    Good to hear Go West is a large format set.

    I presume the Swing Out Sister set will be like the Level 42 ones? Small box.
    I'd prefer if they'd sequence up the remixes a bit better - but can always programme the CD player.
    Interesting that the It's Better To Travel CD matches the original LP whereas Kaleidoscope World doesn't. Would have preferred the extra tracks separately as the vinyl running order of KW always seems *right* to me.
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