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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. This is so disappointing! Sheryl deserves a really good career retrospective and I would love to update my 1CD Best Of (which doesn't have Tomorrow Never Dies on it, annoyingly).
  2. Cherry Red has finally updated the Swing Out Sister boxset tracklist !
    Swing Out Sister: Blue Mood, Breakout And Beyond – The Early Years Part 1
    1 Breakout
    2 Twilight World (Superb, Superb, Mix)
    3 After Hours
    4 Blue Mood
    5 Surrender
    6 Fooled By A Smile
    7 Communion
    8 It’s Not Enough
    9 Theme (From – ‘It’s Better To Travel’)

    1 You On My Mind
    2 Where In The World?
    3 Forever Blue
    4 Heart For Hire
    5 Tainted
    6 Waiting Game
    7 Precious Words
    8 Masquerade
    9 Between Strangers
    10 The Kaleidoscope Affair
    11 Precious Words – Instrumental
    12 Forever Blue – String Mix
    13 Masquerade – Instrumental

    1 Get In Touch With Yourself
    2 Am I The Same Girl?
    3 Incomplete Without You
    4 Everyday Crime
    5 Circulate
    6 Who Let the Love Out?
    7 Understand
    8 Notgonnachange
    9 Don’t Say The Word
    10 Love Child
    11 I Can Hear You But I Can’t See You
    12 Am I The Same Girl?
    13 Everyday Crime – Instrumental


    1 Get In Touch With Yourself
    2 You On My Mind
    3 Surrender
    4 Everyday Crime
    5 Twilight World
    6 Circulate
    7 Am I The Same Girl?
    8 Breakout
    9 Notgonnachange
    10 Who Let the Love Out / Expansions / Coney Island Man / Wives & Lovers?

    1 Blue Mood – Dubbed-Up Version
    2 Blue Mood – Growler Mix
    3 Breakout- A New Rockin’ Version
    4 Breakout – NAD Mix
    5 Breakout – Horny Version
    6 Breakout – Carnival Mix
    7 Fooled By A Smile – Ralph Mix
    8 Fooled By A Smile – TV Mix
    9 Breakout – American Instrumental Mix
    10 Communion – Instrumental
    11 Fooled By A Smile – Phi Phi Mix
    12 Twilight World – Remix
    13 Twilight World – Outer Limits Mix


    1 Twilight World – The World Travel Mix
    2 Twilight World – Vocal Dub
    3 Twilight World – Classical Dub
    4 Twilight World – Instrumental Dub
    5 Twilight World – Beat Your Sister Dub
    6 Surrender – Stuff Gun Mix
    7 Surrender – Pop Stand Remix
    8 Surrender – Roadrunner Mix
    9 Precious Words – Orchestral Mix
    10 Waiting Game – Extended Version
    11 Waiting Game – Remix Edit
    12 Waiting Game – Ulti Mix
    13 Waiting Game – Dub


    1 Where In The World? – Bongo Fury Mix
    2 Where In The World? – Radical Mix
    3 You On My Mind – Extended Version
    4 Precious Words – Earth Bound Mix
    5 Am I The Same Girl – Bubba’s Version
    6 Notgonnachange – Classic Club Version (Mix)
    7 Notgonnachange – Classic Song Mix
    8 Notgonnachange – Mix Of Drama
    9 Notgonnachange – Dashi I Mix
    10 Notgonnachange – O’Duffy’s 7-inch Mix
    11 Notgonnachange – New Jack Swing Out Mix
    12 Am I The Same Girl – Instrumental


    1 Wake Me When It’s Over – B-Side
    2 Dirty Money – B-Side
    3 Who’s To Blame – B-Side
    4 Another Lost Weekend – B-Side
    5 Fever – B-Side
    6 Coney Island Man – B-Side
    7 Taxi Town – B-Side
    8 Windmills Of Your Mind – ‘Where In The World’ Bonus Track
    9 Spirit Moves – B-Side
    10 Alone – Notgonnachange Bonus Track
    11 Surrender – 7-inch Version
    12 Twilight World – Single Edit
    13 Notgonnachange – Edit
    14 Circulate – Live Version (Japanese Single) Version)
  3. It's on CD 7.
  4. Have you got yours yet? I had held off hoping that Amazon will get stock but still nothing. I spoke to them yesterday and they are not sure of they will stock it. After much toing and throwing with them they gave me the difference (£18) of the cheapest online as a gift voucher, I've ordered from eBay (Chalky's) now.
  5. No, I had a feeling amazon might never get it. When I read the SDE interview at the weekend, and saw they had signed copies back in stock, I decided to go with that. A tenner in it (including SDE's postage) but I'll have a groovy signed print and better packaging.
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  6. I buy from Paul (SDE) sometimes (I got Rick Astley coming from him) and his service for his shop is always great.
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  7. Yep....I've had several boxsets and some of his books/keepsakes over the years. No complaints. I think I'll enjoy having the box with the print...the colour scheme will suit my music room (white, black and blue). Haha!
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  8. Good the hear that Shady Pines has had a makeover.
  9. Amazon still haven't shipped my Go West yet. Will hang on for another bit.
    SDE shop not an option for me as I don't feel like paying VAT twice.
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  10. Of course it is now that after years of just having the 7” I finally coughed up for one of the SOS comps that had this version on it!

    Think I may have to take the plunge on this, should fill any early era gaps
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  11. I’m still in two minds about the SOS box set. I feel like it doesn’t offer me much of what I don’t already have. I’m disappointed that there weren’t more unheard mixes of The Waiting Game and am surprised that You On My Mind only had an extended mix. Ditto Am I The Same Girl. At this point in my penny pinching cycle, I can’t seem to move beyond inertia and being slightly annoyed.
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  12. It’s not a complete grab of everything of the era sadly - just spotted Another Lost Weekend is on the track list once and I’m sure there were two (long and short) versions of it
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  13. I don't think a true instrumental of 'Am I The Same Girl' was ever released, although that's not to say that one doesn't exist.

    The A-side of that 12" promo on Discogs is a remix of 'Am I The Same Girl' as well, which doesn't appear on the tracklist either.
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  14. There were indeed.
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  15. So, there should be the instrumental track of Am I The Same Girl [Dr Bob Jones remix] and not the actual remix ? Oh dear ! ! !
  16. OH MY TENNANT ! 3cd reissue of PSB Discography !
    An Australian only release ?
    Listed here:
    And here:

    1. West End Girls
    2. Love Comes Quickly
    3. Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)
    4. Suburbia
    5. It's A Sin
    6. What Have I Done To Deserve This?
    7. Rent
    8. Always On My Mind
    9. Heart
    10. Domino Dancing
    11. Left To My Own Devices
    12. It's Alright
    13. So Hard
    14. Bering Boring
    15. Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)
    16. Jealousy
    17. DJ Culture
    18. Was It Worth It?
    1. Can you forgive her?
    2. Go West
    3. I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing (SevenInch Version)
    4. Liberation
    5. Yesterday, when I was mad (Single Version)
    6. Paninaro 95
    7. Before
    8. Se a Vida è
    9. Single-Bilingual
    10. A red letter day
    11. Somewhere
    12. I don't know what you want but I can't give it any more
    13. New York City boy (US radio edit)
    14. You only tell me you love me when you're drunk
    15. Home and dry
    16. I get along (radio edit)
    17. Miracles (Radio Edit)
    18. Flamboyant (7 Mix)
    1. I'm with stupid
    2. Minimal (radio edit)
    3. Numb (Single Edit)
    4. Love etc
    5. Did you see me coming?
    6. Together (Ultimate mix)
    7. It doesn't often snow at Christmas (new version)
    8. Winner
    9. Leaving
    10. Memory of the future (new single mix)
    11. Vocal
    12. Love is a bourgeois construct (Nighttime radio edit)
    13. Thursday (feat. Example) (radio edit)
    14. The pop kids (radio edit)
    15. Twenty-something (radio edit)
    16. Say it to me (new radio mix)
    17. Dreamland (feat. Years & Years)
    18. Monkey business (radio edit)
    19. I don't wanna (radio edit)
  17. It's Better To Travel is 35 today.....superb superb!
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  19. This would be very welcome, and it would make sense to update Discography, but, I think I'd prefer Burning the Heather to It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas, I wonder if this will appear anywhere else.
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