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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. And a shame too. One of their best in my view.
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  2. I love the album version but the 7" stinks. And I suspect PSB feel the same, hence its absence from every reissue and Best Of (except the PopArt DVD) .
  3. Oh, it is the album version for me all the way too if had to really pick.
  4. about debut reissue

    according to this SDE commentary,
    Andy kinda vetoed this single edit

    Andy: It’s one of my favourites. I think Richard [Richard Niles, string arranger] did a wonderful job on that. The strings on that are superb. I didn’t want the seven-inch version on the album, this is the version [Superb, Superb mix] – the way it starts, the way it unfolds, the strings at that point are just singing.

    About the lack of some remixes, it looks like it’s not, completely, their fault (from this SDE interview )

    How did the reissue of It’s Better To Travel happen?

    Andy: Universal approached us which was nice. If we seemed cautious about these things it’s usually because in the past they’d just tell us that they are putting something out. They are not obliged to consult, they just have to notify. Not particularly Universal over here, but the compilations they’ve put out [in the past] are not what we would have chosen to do. And I think that’s true of a lot of artists who don’t have control over their back catalogue.

    Corinne: The record company owns the masters so they can do what they want. If they are polite they will get in touch with you.

    Andy: So it was quite nice. They came to us and said would you like to be involved, which was unusual. So we said yes. And this whole thing with the running order, we come from a place where we’re protective off the thing – in the past they just put anything out – and we want it to be a quality release. But this time they said, here’s all the remixes we have, which ones do you like? And we picked the ones we liked… [awkward pause]… It was helpful to see your thing, [my criticism of the original proposed track listing] in the end – after I’d calmed down – from the point of view that what we had was a load of mixes that were not named. So we were going on the timings. They just said here’s what we’ve got in the tape store and we matched them up and eventually worked out what was what. But certain ones that aren’t included were not available to us, they were either owned by the Japanese company or the American company.

    SDE:Because the Americans put out quite a few mixes not released in the UK…

    Andy: …and quite frankly I’m glad we didn’t have access to them, they were out of our hands [when they were done]. All the mixes on this, without exception, are ones we did with Paul [O’Duffy, the producer]. We just went back in the studio and messed with the master tracks.
  5. I can’t see the Boys agreeing to reuse the cover art for Discography. I have a feeling they’d rather do a new retrospective. In fact, Retrospective is quite a good name for a Pet Shop Boys compilation.
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  7. …just what I’ve been waiting for…
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  9. It's a shame as I think the 3 new recordings are excellent, some of her best work. They're definitely worth owning on CD but the rest of the collection should have had more care put into it.
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  10. Nice!
  11. The Essential Matt Bianco: Re-Imagined, Re-Loved. Out May 27
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  12. What about She's Madonna?
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  13. Yes, that *is * on there.
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  15. November release for Thriller 40.
    I’m still hoping for a Dangerous reissue, tho’

    Release date: Nov 18.
    Experience the world’s biggest-selling album with over 100 million in sales – and the first album to be certified triple Diamond by the RIAA – on this new Thriller 40th Anniversary 2CD set.

    Disc 1: Michael Jackson’s 1982 smash album Thriller changed pop music forever. This original album, featuring seven top 10 hits including “Billie Jean,” “Beat It” and “Thriller,” helped Michael win a record-setting eight Grammy Awards in one night.

    Disc 2: Features Thriller-era bonus material including previously unreleased demos.

    Disc 1: Original Album

    Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
    Baby Me Mine
    The Girl Is Mine
    Beat It
    Billie Jean
    Human Nature
    P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
    The Lady In My Life

    Disc 2: Bonus Material (track list to be revealed at a later date)

    It's quite cheap, less than 20€ atm
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  16. Guess this was obvious release, but yes, wonder if the estate will ever pay attention to his other albums in this way.
  17. Hmm, hardly a Thriller, more Meh. Maybe some of the demos are interesting...maybe not.

    We've been here before with Jackson reissues and special editions.
  18. I love Sony's constant upping of Thriller's commercial performance by dramatic amounts with each re-release. I can imagine it might have passed 45m units. There is no way it has passed 100m.

    EDIT: also, I wonder will they be able to get some crap remixes with even crappier features on there. They'll have to compete with the Bad 25 "Bad" remix that featured Pitbull. It might be the single worst piece of media ever created in human history.
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  19. Yes, the 100m, always seems a bit dubious.
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  20. 100m they're counting the singles, the tour tickets, the Pepsis, the lot.
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