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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. What’s going on with the new font on the Thriller reissue though, the original is so iconic and fine as it was, why change it to that?!!!
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  2. One word. Why?? That font is just no!
  3. I know. Looks like a cheap knock off version… surprised it’s not by Mike Jackson
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  4. Guaranteed that this won't be the original Thriller release either. My friend at Legacy had no idea that it was changed after the first pressings when I brought it up a few years ago, and didn't seem too interested in fulfilling fan wishes to bring it back.
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  5. That new text looks shit.
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  6. Yep! Just a tad, why mess with the original font??!
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. This was their opportunity to release the videos in remastered format on Blu-ray, or at least the 3D version of Thriller which was screened some years ago.
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  9. The way his legacy is handled smacks of “we paid xx for rights, let’s milk the fans and save what they really want for when we need the cash.”
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  10. I think they are assuming fans are growing younger and not older ! 70s kids are getting into their 50s, 80s into their 40s... ok, 90s kids are getting into their 30s but the first (and last) MJ album they had the chance to buy on release day is Invincible...
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  11. It frustrates me when deluxe editions are announced and they don't reveal the bonus material, it sort of defeats the object of announcing it as we want to know what's on there?
    An example is Florence's new album, 5 bonus tracks were said to be included on announcement, I was very tempted to order, but then it turns out on release date the 5 bonus tracks are 4 acoustic versions and a cover, I don't really care for acoustic versions and a cover isn't really exciting to me, so I'm glad I didn't order.
  12. It remains difficult (read expensive) to access the Bad era remixes, and there were tonnes of remixes from the Dangerous era that I would love to get hold of as well in a comprehensive collection. But to your point, I might actually end up in a box before they actually decide to re-release them…
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  13. Well, amazon and SDE decided to send me the Go West box on the same day! No warning that amazon were going to do that, last update at the weekend said May 29-June 28.

    If anyone's needing this, and can't wait any longer for non pre-orders to ship, you can have this at the same price I paid, £45. Otherwise I'll send it back as unwanted (which after all the faff, it is).
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  14. {Rickroll}.....repeat to fade....
  15. Very much enjoying this may say. Amazon too amazingly gave an autorip too of the 2 CD re issue as opposed to to the original edition. Pleased about that!
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  16. The white Thriller

    After Faith
  17. Certainly one of my favourite male artist albums gotta say. All back to back bops. And When I Fall In Love...
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  18. I like to pretend ''My Arms Keep Missing You'' closed the album & ''When I Fall In Love'' never existed!
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  19. Same! Truly the only song that lets this otherwise great album down.
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