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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Shame these didn't make the re issue must admit.
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  2. How about WYNS remastering ? Is it any good ? Did they remaster just the album or bsides and remixes, too ?
  3. I saw the track listing for the the Re-Flex cd on New Wave Outpost a while back. The problem with them is you aren’t sure of how historical the tracks are as their main man is prone to tweak and re-record.
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  4. So I've learned that the Police Around the World has been EDITED. So much for "expanded". I never saw the original VHS version but the live version of Do Do Do Da Da Da is not included. One can only assume it was excised because Sting swears at an unruly concertgoer.

    According to IMDB, the VHS ran 78 minutes; the Blu-Ray runs 65 minutes. Sigh.
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  5. Paul Sinclair is not answering questions from people wanting to know if the albums will be remastered or will just be repressed "in their original glory". I'll wait for the reviews before buying this.
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  6. The reviews I've seen, and the YT footage, are not very good...sounds like another horror release. Glad I opted not to buy it.
  7. Usually they mention in the press release if the album is remastered. If they don't mention it, it is not.
    Even if PS was involved mainly in the interviews with the band, he should know if it's remastered or not (Corinne, what about the new sounds of the album ? Don't you think it's reacher and warmer compared to the original release ?/Corinne, do you think XY has done a good job with the remastering of the albums ?).
    I asked him about the Am I the same girl instrumental, but he never replied, too..
  8. I don't know about this specific case, but if you look at dvd and br duration, they always differ... Spider man: no way home dvd runs 142 mins, the br runs 148. They once told me it's about compression. But 13 mins seems quite a lot anyway
  9. True. I'm sure it's about five or six minutes cut out. It seems there are a lot of issues with this Blu-Ray. I thought it seemed odd that it was only 65 minutes, even though I had never seen it before. And I wondered why Do Do Do... was not included.

    The documentary also has fresh modern titles so it seems a lot of tinkering was done with this release (I get they needed to credit the people who worked on the 2K remaster but this is not what was originally shown back in the early '80s). It's like George Lucas Star Wars revisionism.
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  10. Weird how on another forum some are saying it's okay that it was cut (an "editorial decision"??) and it's all good because they "expanded" it with bonus performances.
  11. Well on other forums/websites people think the atrocious Go West boxset is amazing. It clearly takes all sorts!
  12. I had never seen the original Police All Around the World film so I think I maybe easily pleased as I have nothing to compare it to. Thought it was a fun easy watch that I wouldn't necessarily watch many times but the sound and picture were amazing on Blu-ray for this happy camper but I guess if I was a hardcore Police fan I may feel differently.
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  13. For sure, I thought the remastering was great. But I am disappointed that it's not the original film. I guess I'm a purist when it comes to things like this.
  14. Ns2.jpg NOW That’s What I Call A 60s & 70s Summer: Seasons In The Sun
    Out June 24
    Don't know if a 80s & 90s will follow this year...
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  15. Being a lot older than many on here, that's a superb compilation. Virtually every track I remember fondly.
    But there's nothing rare on there at all. Most keep cropping up time and time again. It would be a perfect release if it was 1986 and I was just starting to purchase CDs. Not so now as I have everything on there.

    I guess TV advertising will encourage sales, but most people interested in this era would find they already have so many of these tracks if they actually checked...
  16. Be here for a 80s and 90s one if it were to follow gotta say. Tracklist depending of course.
  17. They do seem to making Now comps for everything. Maybe we'll get 'Now That's What I Call A Bowel Movement'. Can't wait to see the tracklist for that.
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  18. I think I would happily pass on that one!!
  19. Steps - Tragedy.
    Stevie Nicks - Stand back.
    Grace - Not over yet.
    Kim Wilde - You keep me hanging on.
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