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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. You're breaking up my heart, I feel like crying.
  2. Shaky had Cwazy, Merry Christmas Everyone and a few other not awful ones, but obviously mostly pretty dreadful ones otherwise.

    Still more than Lana del Rey.
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  3. God damn, this thread strikes deeper into my heart.
  4. This in in my view too. Each to their own of course, but he could be a contender for one of the worst pop stars of all time.
  5. There's that TV appearance where he got Richard Madeley in a headlock so he's not all bad.
  6. His Greatest Hit.
  7. And then of course, there was this...

    I do like Lipstick, Powder & Paint, and Merry Christmas Everyone is undoubtedly one of the best festive songs ever.
  8. Well, suppose there was always that.
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  10. This is a rave from the grave but does anyone remember the Cherry Pop/Red debacle on Belouis Some's Some People (CRPOP15) from 2009? It was a right mess with drop outs, different volume levels and wrong versions. On one of my music travels this week, I gave it a spin and it is still a fine album - produced by Thompson & Barbiero and Ian Little (DD fame) - Imagination and Stand Down in particular.

    Discogs though has two versions, the initial release and a corrected release, differentiated by the matrix number with V2 added to the later version. On checking I have V2 but it suffers from all the original problems, just interested if anyone else had a different copy of V1 or V2 for comparison please?
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  11. I did end up with a V1, and it's got the errors and crap mastering (luckily only cost me £3).IIRC, @imcal has either both versions or V2.
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  12. I've got V2 with the same - what's the V1 total disc time out of interest? V2 is 74.23.
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  14. Super ridiculously expensive. Even the 3CD set at £41 in a 'pack', crackers.

    The official store has the 3CD at a reasonable £27, with an unreasonable £7.29 postage!
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  15. Yeah the official store has the super deluxe at $330 which seems more accurate. That upcharge is absurd.
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  16. Music industry doing what it has always done and shortcutting the quickest route to a fast buck. They might be right that the market for this has unlimited £/$ but the pricing feels like they are taking the proverbial!
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  17. I love Blondie but not sure I am bothered about alternative takes and demos etc. I have all the albums with bonus stuff on already so unless it's reduced to a bargain price I'll miss this one.
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  18. I will dig my copy out of the boxes (it's one I moved into plastic wallets) and check later!
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  19. I've been waiting for this as I only really know Blondie through best ofs. It's looking like £90 is the cheapest for the 8CD set?
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