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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Bought the 8 CD Blondie set although I already own all the albums. Almost went with just the 3 CD set but I know I would have regretted it.

    Is there another set planned for the second part of their career?
  2. I only want the CD’s, do we know if each has all the b-sides/bonus tracks compiled?
  3. Avoided buying it but do have the original 1985 CD which sound fab.
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  4. Yes it is the best version, bizarrely seems cheaper than the CR reissues!
  5. I should try and get that version too. The CR reissue only cost me £3 in a BHF some years ago (obviously I soon realised WHY it had been cast off by the previous owner!).
  6. Can't find the original cd on various Amazon, tho'...

    Anyway, just a little question: dear Arthur Baker, what happened to the series Arthur Baker presents... ? The Shep Pettibone one was great, but it's all so quiet now...
  7. Oh yes, was wondering when the next one is going to follow myself. Been almost a year since the Shep Pettibone one was announced.
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  8. I thought that yesterday as its still next to my CD player, looked to have sold well too. The whole market is swamped by bl**dy coloured vinyl, I wonder if the golden age of SDEs/reissue sets has passed?
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  9. Yes, seems these days the vinyl overkill and CD buyers left short changed.
  10. It's still on the way. I think the pandemic slowed things down as many projects got behind. We are feeling the effects of that now. Demon particularly seem to be slow on the CD Boxset projects and the ones they have announced are very overpriced (Kool & The Gang).
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  11. Did they ever announce who set 2 was? I recollect set 3 is Arthur himself - assuming set 2 would be Jellybean or Francois Kevorkian?
  12. Feels that way!

    At least chez EG, the deluxes will continue to be churned out!
  13. I may be late at this, but there is an official cover for the Swing Out Sister boxset... SwingOutSister_BlueMood_Box-Final.jpg
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  14. I hadnt seen that so thank you.
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  16. They normally do but not as yet. Hoping we get 'Star Anew' and some of her early edits, which have never been released digitally.
  17. I´m quite excited for this, looking forward to the tracklist.

    The description on CD Japan says only one copy per customer because it´s a very limited release. I would prefer to order from Amazon Japan though, I think the shipping is cheaper from there. Hopefully that link will go up soon.

    I have the Cyndi Lauper one - that´s a single CD + DVD and the booklet is massive. I wonder how they will make a similar booklet for the Janet release, since it is a double CD.
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