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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. That Janet set, looks like it could be good!
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  3. N80t.jpg
    Now 1980 out July 15.
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  4. These Now`s would have been the perfect opportunity for the correct single versions, but as usual the record industry forgot what they released, what version they had a hit with, if some record label decided to release a series of compilations featuring nothing but the single versions of every song i would buy everyone.
  5. I have preordered the 1980 Yearbook for completism more than anything else, I don't like a whole lot on it. I'm looking forward to them getting back to 1985 onwards after this little detour to the pre NOW early 80s. I really hope 1987-1989 throw up some rarely compiled songs on the Extra volumes. I still need Taja Sevelle's Love Is Contagious on CD!
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  6. Not again!! 1980 is perhaps my favourite year of the early 80s music wise, but still! Hopefully next time, they will finally reach the rest of the mid 80s from 1985 to the end of the decade.
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  7. I would prefer a 1985 volume.
    I would like some rarer tunes on these volumes
  8. It will be interesting to see if an 1985 volume does happen next or it's back to the late 70s. Can the rest of the 80s happening eventually though.
  9. Swing Out Sister boxset artwork update!
    Don't know if it was said before, but according to SDE:
    Corinne has re-interpreted the artwork for the various albums and created new artwork for the bonus discs (three CDs of remixes and a final disc collecting B-sides).
    Paul didn't even bother to update the tracklist, but the last 3 tracks of cd2, Kaleidoscope World, are:
    • 11 Precious Words - Instrumental
    • 12 Forever Blue - String Mix
    • 13 Masquerade - Instrumental
    The only "updated" edition of album artwork I can think of is Phil Collins, who "updated" the covers with a 2016 similar picture of himself... I don't think it worked very well, tho'...
    They should really love a lot that cover pic, cos they used the same for their latest collection in 2014
    Btw, the covers of the 3 albums are:
    GITWY.jpg And it's not just Corinne... What was wrong with these covers ?
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  10. Expecting colour inverted versions and that’s it…
  11. I don't like revisionism very much.
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  12. I don’t like rockabilly or rock n roll particularly.
    Don’t like much really do I?
    But what I do like, I love passionately.

  13. It's Now time for Now 12 ! Out July 29 !
    8. Phil Collins - In the air tonight ('88 remix)
    I thought it was hard to find it, but this remix was remastered in 2019 for Remixed Sides digital only compilation. Don't know why they didn't licence it if it's available...
    This is what's missing:

    The original compilation was released on July 23, 1988
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  14. Nice to see they are carrying on with these.
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  15. I can live with missing Phil Collins, nice to see Heart are back! I like that it's coming out in July as it did originally, it's such a summery album.
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  16. I can feel it, missing on the disc tonight...oh lord.
  17. Yep Now12 is a classic summer album, played it to death in summer 88.
  18. I actually prefer many of these songs to … current hits. I must be old.
  19. This was about the point ‘pop’ made way for my more indie/dance leanings - there are only about 5 songs on there I really like! Previously these compilations I’d like 70-80% no problem.
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  20. That run on CD1 from Climie Fisher to VotB is pretty amazing (and would be moreso if Uncle Phil were still there).
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