The Reissue Thread!

Just not so amazing, certainly Wet Wet Wet isn't!

Excuse me?

Circle in the Sand? Circle in the Sand!!


Round and round...
Their early stuff when they were more pop was not too bad. It was only with their ballads that Wet Wet Wet went with in the 90s and beyond that it went a bit no. But not in sales of course.
Agree 100% with this, I was surprised how many of their 80s singles I quite enjoy, considering I never liked any of their 90s output as a kid, but I’m guessing I wasn’t their market at the time!
It’s an adequate compilation from the time but I preferred NOW 11. It’s more consistent than NOW 13 though. The last 6 tracks on CD2 feel like an afterthought to me.
There were two 7” singles for Pink Cadillac in 1988, one with the superior Turbo mix preferred by radio stations, but the original NOW 12 had the other 7” version on it, a slightly improved remix of the original album version.

I am wondering what version of Bad Young Brother will be used.
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Amy Grant - Behind the Eyes reissue.
I’ve never heard this album before, but I’m looking forward to digging deep into it.

It's a great album, considered by many to be her best. Personally, I prefer the four preceding albums (including the Christmas album) but Behind the Eyes is another gem in Grant's catalogue.

I guess Behind the Eyes is not getting a CD edition like Heart in Motion.
Behind the Eyes isn’t an album that I return to often, but there are some outstanding songs on there. My two favourites being The Feeling I Had and Missing You. It’s definitely a more grown up, somber affair and I assume the songs reflect the trauma of dealing with the breakdown of her marriage to Gary Chapman. There were persistent rumours of her having an affair with Vince Gill - both were damaging to her standing in the contemporary Christian pop world. It was a difficult time to be an Amy fan then. I should give this album a revisit. The elegance of her writing always shines through.