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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. May have been interested in an CD edition of this, maybe that will surface though at some point.
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  2. Received an email today informing me that George Michael’s Older is delayed until August 12 (but I have to admit I can’t remember when it was originally slated to be released).
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  4. The SDE looks great - but £123.99 is steep - their two Howard Jones SDEs were £100.

    The 7" for Sphinx and For You is especially tempting
  5. Whatever happened to the forth, and last, Debbie Gìbson reissue? Is it still happening?
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  6. I haven't loved the two Toyah (band) albums but I'll give this one a whirl. The Solo Boxset was still such a good deal but I've only heard two of the albums in it so far.
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  7. Good point, was wondering about that myself. Hopefully not been cancelled.
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  8. I've literally never heard anything Stacey Q aside from Two of Hearts so I will probably grab this.
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  9. Wonderful stuff! I had feared Stacey Q may be a flop too far for Cherry Red but I'm thrilled to be getting this. Two of Hearts is one of my all time favourite songs and We Connect is nearly as good. I love her barely there voice and the mid 80s HiNRG production is right up my street. Will be great to have this remastered and all the remixes gathered together. Instant purchase for me.
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  10. Every time I see those obscure singers, for me at least, I just wish a Jill Jones debut reissue...
  11. Finally! I’ve been getting a lot of this album suggested to me via Apple Music and was interested in a better sounding version.

    Also, Does this mean that the 7” of “Two Of Hearts” was placed on disc 1 while the proper album version was relegated to disc 2? Or have I been listening to the 7” version all along?
  12. The original LP (Vinyl) and Cassette had a short version 3:59, which was used for the Original 7'' Mix. It was replaced by a unique longer dance mix 7:13 on CD editions. This sounds like re-edited version of the original 12''. There is a Vocal/Edit 3:58 also, which seems to be an edit of the European Mix.
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  13. Ooh! Okay, so I have been listening to the short version.

    Also I noticed they highlighted “Dancing Nowhere” but it’s already an album track, is there an additional new mix or did they actually mean “Shy Girl” which doesn’t seem to be on the set?
  14. I think it's an alternative 7'' Mix. Shy Girl wasn't able to be included. There were problems with securing most of her US stuff.
  15. I hope Hard Machine’s also in the works…
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  16. I know this is a little (!) off topic but does anyone know if old Radio 1 playlists are archived anywhere on line?

    I always thought it would be fun to look back to the 80s/90s as there must be stuff I missed at the time.
  17. Music Week magazine (the industry paper) published various Airplay/Playlist info every week in their charts/Datafile section. You can view or download all of those online. I'll check for the link, or maybe someone else has it at hand. A great archive of old music magazines.
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  18. Wow! That would be amazing. Thanks Eric.
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