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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Here!
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  2. Thanks Vas, that's the one!
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  4. The way I’d have killed for that database ten years ago.
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  5. Am I right in thinking it's crammed with charts but doesn't actually have Radio 1 playlists? Or do they just have a name I don't know. Just checked the one random issue from 1991 or 1992.
  6. I'm looking at the 21 Jan 1995 issue and it does have the playlist on page 16. I haven't checked how far back it goes but they probably added it sometime in between.
  7. Music Week stepped up the radio/playlists data around 1993. Maybe because of better technology, better resources, or the radio stations were more prepared to share the info.
  8. It comes under the title ‘Airplay’ in the issues I have looked at.
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  10. Even as long ago as 1987, there is playlist info there. 6 June 87, page 14 has a ‘Playlist’ grid listing the songs on the Radio 1 playlists (or played more than 4 times that week on Radio 1) and those played frequently on independent radio. This going to be fun. Thanks again.
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  12. Fatboy Slim is releasing a 3CD/1 DVD set of his concert 20 years ago.

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  13. "As it should have sounded". Yeah sure.

    This is like the Don't Stand Me Down nonsense all over again, isn't it. First the 97 reissue, wasn't it is again...a Director's Cut.

    By all means give it a remix 40 years down the line, but all this "how it was meant to be" business is daft. If it wasn't meant to be the way it's been for 40 years, why change it now.
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  14. I have no interest in Dexy's Midnight Runners outside of Come On Eileen but I knew this "how it should always have sounded" guff wouldn't go down well on here. At least give the fans the original album they know and this reimagined version as a bonus disc if you must.
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  15. I mean I'm a fan (of sorts) of Kevin Rowland but he does test your patience.
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  16. Just doing the maths on Sulk reissue which is due out on Friday

    Amazon UK
    Cost £46.50 after UK VAT is deducted and Irish VAT added on.
    Postage £0.00 as I have Prime
    Total cost £46.50

    Super Deluxe Edition Shop
    Cost £50.00 which includes UK VAT that he won't deduct for export orders
    Postage £13.00
    Irish VAT £14.50 charged at 23% of total cost
    Handling charge £3.00 from An Post
    Total cost £80.50

    So an extra £34.00 for the CD single. I can't justify it this time.
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  17. I ended up out of pocket over the Go West box, due to SDE return policies (even for totally damaged stuff), but the whole thing had been such a hassle I just let it go. Amazon do plenty of £5 voucher things that it evens out eventually.
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  18. Same here wish i had never ordered Go West from SDE , will make me think next time, also beginning to think what's the point, ive done without the extra tracks on stuff for that long now, i have learnt to live without the b sides, the remixes a few years ago it was like £14 max for the original cd and then a 2nd cd with extras on, or even maybe a music club deluxe for less than £10 now its near £100 for something i will probably play 1-2 times... so now i have 2 choices - option 1 deluxe edition of a cd with extras a lot of fuck ups ie 1-5 cds in the region of £100 or option 2 - 200-400 cds from charity shops, its a no brainer.
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  19. Has he said why he won’t deduct the VAT? I ordered the set for the cd single, but he doesn’t seem clear (or bothered) as to which versions are included I.e. is it the Sulk US mix, is it the V2 2000 reissue promo cd single version. My guess is the cd single won’t be comprehensive anyway.
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