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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. The Communards Red album to be reissued on 7 October 2022

    Vinyl Track Listing:
    1. Tomorrow
    2. T.M.T. ♥ T.B.M.G
    3. Matter Of Opinion
    4. Victims
    5. For A Friend
    1. Never Can Say Goodbye
    2. Lovers And Friends
    3. Hold On Tight
    4. If I Could Tell You
    5. C Minor
    1. I Just Want To Let You Know
    2. Scat
    3. 77 The Great Escape
    4. I Do It All For You
    5. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
    6. When The Boy In Your Heart Is The Boy In You Arms
    7. Piece Of Saxophone
    1. Tomorrow (Stephen Lipson Extended Version)
    2. There's More To Love (Jalapeno Mix)
    3. Never Can Say Goodbye (San Paulo Mix)

    2CD Track Listing:
    1. Tomorrow 4:52
    2. T.M.T. ♥ T.B.M.G 4:28
    3. Matter Of Opinion 4:27
    4. Victims 4:32
    5. For A Friend 5:03
    6. Never Can Say Goodbye 4:53
    7. Lovers and Friends 4:16
    8. Hold On Tight 4:49
    9. If I Could Tell You 4:17
    10. C Minor 5:11
    11. I Just Want To Let You Know 3:25
    12. Scat 3:29
    13. ‘77 The Great Escape 2:17
    14. I Do It All For You 5:07
    15. Romanze For Violin, Piano and Hedgehog 4:26
    16. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart 2:45
    17. When The Boy In Your Heart Is The Boy In Your Arms 2:24
    18. Never Can Say Goodbye (Spanish Vocal) 4:50
    19. Piece of Saxophone 3:29
    1. Never Can Say Goodbye (The 2 Bears Remix) 9:59
    2. There's More to Love (Jalapeño Mix) 7:47
    3. Tomorrow (Overnight Mix) 5:27
    4. For A Friend (Remix) 5:02
    5. Never Can Say Goodbye (Shep Pettibone Extended Mix) 11:14
    6. C Minor (Live) 3:36
    7. Victims (Storm Paris) 5:16
    8. Hold On Tight (Storm Paris) 3:48
    9. There's More To Love (Percapella) 5:07
    10. Tomorrow (demo) 4:54
    11. Never Can Say Goodbye (rough mix) 4:54
    12. For A Friend (Rough Mix) 4:34
    13. Hold on Tight (demo) 4:40

    Never Can Say Goodbye Exclusive CD Track Listing:
    1. Never Can Say Goodbye (The 2 Bears Remix)
    2. There’s More To Love (Jalapeño Remix)
    3. Tomorrow (Extended Version)
    4. Never Can Say Goodbye (Full Extended Version)
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  2. He replied to someone else's query about it - which wasn't really an explanation but more along the lines of it wasn't feasible. But no reason why. The disclaimer on the site says:
    "EU SHIPPING NOTES: If you are ordering from the EU please be aware that that goods may be subject to import VAT when they arrive from the UK. The prices the SDE shop charge you do not include VAT"

    Which is somewhat disingenuous as the price does include UK VAT.
    Proof: I have tried ordering from SDE with a UK address and the item cost (excluding postage) is the same as a non-UK address. That's the crux of the problem.

    I did buy the Tears For Fears CD with the 3 extra tracks but that was a low enough price anyway so the extra cost was just about bearable. But I'll be passing on Sulk - might get it from Amazon, depending on reviews.
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  3. That 50 disc Al Stewart box set has just arrived..... A monster. I've gone straight for the demos and rarities discs (1964-1976)
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  4. I like Al Stewart, managed to find quite a few of his CDs in the used store I go to (or went to), plus the two Original Album Series sets...but I wouldn't dare go for something as big as that! I bet it looks fantastic.
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  5. Just spent the last 3 hours reading the hardback book. Really well put together.
    Over the years I picked up six of his albums on vinyl, two on CD plus the three deluxe sets. Really enjoying this so far.
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  6. don't know if it's just Amazon Italy, but the Swing Out Sister boxset will be released on Aug 17.
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  7. I have just noticed for those of us that didn't go for the Level 42 boxset Polydor Years 1981-1984 that digitally (not sure streaming) that the 7" Singles, B-Sides, 12" Singles & Mixes plus Bonus Tracks are now available. They also look to have the tracks from the corrosponding 1985-1989 sets on these as well.
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  8. I saw that set. It does look nice. I am not enough of a fan to buy it (plus, it's way too expensive) but I'm happy that those kinds of sets are still being created in the "digital age".

    I don't really have many mammoth sets with 30 or 40+ CDs. The only ones I have are the Elvis Presley set that came out a few years ago, the Johnny Cash Columbia Collection and a Charles Aznavour set that I bought on sale.
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  9. Yes, it's been delayed.
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  10. I like that the discs are divided into her 70s and 80s eras.
    Not a lot of surprises but we already have the Compass Point Sessions compilation.
    Now I just need that new album or a Black Marilyn drop.
  11. I wish Grace would just release a new album. We do not need more compilations.
  12. She performed a couple of new tracks at her Meltdown shows so fingers crossed there's not too long to wait.
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  13. Fingers crossed! I really like the two new songs. I also hope she tours the new album like she did for Hurricane in 2009.
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  15. Looks completely fake to me too. She left Island after Slave and "Produced by Grace Jones" - erm, no.
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  16. [​IMG]

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  17. One of the most stunning women ever and they use a photo that looks like she's been snapped on holiday.
  18. There is one Grace Jones compilation that is desperately long overdue because it still to this day, in 2022 has unforgivably never been done. Here's a clue...

    01 I Need A Man (7’’ Mix)
    02 Sorry (7'' Mix)
    03 La Vie En Rose (7’’ Mix)
    04 Do Or Die (7’’ Mix)
    05 On Your Knees (7’’ Mix)
    06 The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (Special Single Version)
    07 Private Life (7’’ Mix)
    08 Love Is The Drug (7’’ Mix)
    09 Warm Leatherette
    10 Pull Up To The Bumper (7’’ Mix)
    11 Walking In The Rain (7’’ Mix)
    12 I’ve Seen That Face Before (7’’ Mix)
    13 Nightclubbing (New Edit)
    14 Nipple To The Bottle (7’’ Mix)
    15 Unlimited Capacity For Love (7’’ Mix)
    16 My Jamaican Guy (7’’ Mix)
    17 Living My Life (7’’ Mix)
    18 Slave To The Rhythm (7’’ Mix)

    01 Pull Up To The Bumper ’86 (Edit)
    02 Love Is The Drug ’86 (Edit)
    03 Private Life ’86 (Edit)
    04 Warm Leatherette ’86 (Edit)
    05 I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You) (7’’ Mix)
    06 Crush (7’’ Mix)
    07 Party Girl (Special Remix 7’’)
    08 Love On Top Of Love (Killer Kiss) (Single Version)
    09 Amado Mio (Brazilian Mix Radio Edit)
    10 7 Day Weekend (Remix Radio Edit)
    11 Storm
    12 Corporate Cannibal (Edit)
    13 William’s Blood (Radio Edit)
    14 Love You To Life (Radio Edit)
    15 Well Well Well
    16 New track
    17 New track
    18 New track
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  19. I have the 3-CD Ultimate Collection which is actually quite good but a definitive Grace collection is still needed.

    But, yes, a new album is more of a priority, and more Grace reissues.

    I'm surprised we still don't have Slave to the Rhythm. Didn't the previous Grace reissues do well? It seems a given that there should be more.
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