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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

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  2. Re: Bumper '86 - wasn't the 12" remixed but 7" was original version? Might be recalling incorrectly
  3. Yes, that's correct as I recall too - my dream Grace Greatest Hits tracklist would give us edits of those '86 mixes that we were robbed of.
  4. Shakespear's Sister delayed until September 30.
  5. Janet Jackson Japanese Singles Artwork & Tracklist (It's brilliant)


    CD DISC 1
    01. Young Love (Edited Version)
    02. Don't Stand Another Chance
    03. Two To The Power Of Love
    04. Start Anew
    05. What Have You Done For Me Lately
    06. Nasty
    07. When I Think Of You
    08. Control
    09. Let's Wait Awhile
    10. The Pleasure Principle
    11. Miss You Much (7" Edit)
    12. Rhythm Nation (7" Edit)
    13. Escapade
    14. Alright (7" R&B Remix)
    15. Come Back to Me (7" I'm Beggin' You Mix)
    16. Black Cat (Video Mix / Short Solo)
    17. Love Will Never Do (Without You) (Single Version)
    18. State of the World (United Nations 7")
    19. That's The Way Love Goes

    CD DISC 2
    01. If (Radio Edit)
    02. Again Again
    03. Because Of Love
    04. Any Time, Any Place (R. Kelly Mix)
    05. You Want This (Remix)
    06. What'll I Do (Dave Navarro Mix)
    07. Runaway
    08. Twenty Foreplay (Slow Jam International Edit)
    09. Got Till It's Gone (Radio Edit)
    10. Together Again, Radio Edit
    11. Every Time
    12. Go Deep
    13. You
    14. Doesn't Really Matter (Radio Edit)
    15. All For You (Radio Edit)
    16. Someone to Call My Lover (Single Edit)
    17. Sun of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (The Original Flyte Tyme Remix))
    18. Just A Little While (Single Radio Edit)
    19. All Nite (Don't Stop)
    * The version of the song is based on the version of the single released in the Japan at the time.

    01. Dream Street
    02. What Have You Done For Me Lately
    03. Nasty
    04. When I Think of You
    05. Control
    06. Let's Wait Awhile
    07. The Pleasure Principle
    08. Miss You Much
    09. Rhythm Nation
    10. Escapade
    11. Alright/Alright
    12. Come Back to Me
    13. Black Cat
    14. Love Will Never Do (Without You)
    15. The Knowledge☆
    16. That's The Way Love Goes
    17. If
    18. If (All Dance Version)☆
    19. Again Again
    20. Because Of Love
    21. Any Time, Any Place
    22. You Want This
    23. Whoops Now
    24. What'll I Do☆
    25. Runaway
    26. Twenty Foreplay☆
    27. Got 'til It's Gone
    28. Together Again
    29. I Get Lonely
    30. Every Time
    31. Go Deep
    32. You
    33. Doesn't Really Matter
    34. All For You
    35. Someone to Call My Lover
    36. Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)
    37. Just a Little While
    38. I Want You
    39. All Nite (Don't Stop)
    40. Call On Me
    41. So Excited☆
    42. Feedback
    43. Rock with U☆
    44. Make Me
    ☆ World's first DVD release
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  6. Ummm, yes! A definite purchase especially since it has the single version of “Son of a Gun”! I’m surprised it has singles from her first two albums but none from 20 Y.O. or Discipline.
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  7. SO glad I've pre ordered this now! What an singles discography.
  8. This is much better, the earlier singles are more rare.
  9. Oh absolutely! The only complaint here is that it’s a bonus DVD and not a bonus Blu-Ray haha.

  10. Five Whitney Houston albums being reissued on vinyl in 2023. Great to finally get Whitney on vinyl but still no sign of the expanded deluxe 2CD version we really want!
  11. The DVD is perhaps my rain reason for buying this too-an Blu-Ray would have been ever better though indeed.
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  12. Definitely ordering with that tracklist, wow!
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  13. That Janet set looks great. Yeah, I wish it was on Blu-Ray too. I wish more acts would release their videos in hi-def. Whitesnake just released a greatest hits set with a bonus Blu-ray of videos.
  14. Seriously tempted by the Janet.
  15. I really like those Japanese Singles Collections sets even though they don't always have single mixes. There's something luxuriously decadent about them and the DVDs take me back to MT USA in the mid 80s.
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  16. Sorry @Anjoel40, could you please tell me which JJ songs this "* The version of the song is based on the version of the single released in the Japan at the time." refers to ? btw, amazing tracklist and dvd !
    Already out of stock on Amazon JP, tho'!
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  17. It's referring to all the singles on the CDs are the single versions used for Japan. The Pleasure Pleasure Principle was the album version so unfortunately we have got the sought after Pettibone 7'' Remix. Lots of album versions used in Japan. I think 'Control' is the single edit, but was not listed on the single as such. The timing on the Japanese 7'' suggests so.
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  18. Going from Discogs,

    Singles from Control :
    What Have You Done, Nasty & Control are the single edits/mixes but not tagged as such on the singles.
    Let's Wait Awhile & The Pleasure Principle are the Album Versions.
    When I Think Of You, I am not sure as the 7'' & album mix are the same length but the 7'' has an alternate fade.

    From Rhythm Nation, they are all the single edits/mixes except Escapade, is the album version, Back Cat is the Video Mix/Short Solo, we got the Single Version (album edit) in Europe and Love Will Never Do is the single version (edit of album mix), whereas in Europe we got the Work It Out 7''.

    I think from then on everything else is tagged as to which version it is.

    Hope this helps.
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  19. Looks very good! Personally I love that some of the early tracks are included (hi, Start Anew!). I’m just sad Come Give Your Love To Me was never released as a single in Japan – that’s such a cool and criminally overlooked track.

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  20. Shame 'Say You Do' & 'Fast Girls' were not Japanese singles too, as the single remixes have never been on CD. We have got 'Young Love' Single Mix for the first time on CD. 'Start Anew' was previously only available as a bonus track on a Japan CD Edition of 'Control'.

    Lots of videos we have never had on DVD. It's more than I was expecting.
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