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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I think these days I even prefer More ABBA Gold to it's predecessor... Both bop of course.
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  2. I've always much preferred More ABBA Gold, all my favourite ABBA songs are on it and haven't been overplayed to death (Summer Night City, Angeleyes, The Day Before You Came, Head Over Heels, Under Attack, When All Is Said And Done). It's such a great listen.
  3. #justiceformoreabbagold.
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  4. Having a very disagreeable experience listening to Cherry Pop’s Re-Flex recent Vibrate Generate 2CD. Some tracks sound very dodgy, one has a digital glitch and I suspect some of the tracks are modern remixes, as there is a lack of annotation as to their source. Avoid.
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  5. Uh oh.
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  6. I have been wary of that Re-Flex release. It looked like a quick cash-in.
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  7. I didn't even know about it, so just as well!
  8. [​IMG] Blur's 1998 Japan-only remix compilation Bustin’ + Dronin’

    23rd September.


    1. Movin' On (William Orbit Remix)
    2. Death Of A Party (Well Blurred Remix)
    3. On Your Own (Crouch End Broadway Mix)
    4. Beetlebum (Moby's Mix)
    5. Essex Dogs (Thurston Moore's Mix)
    6. Death Of A Party (Billy Whiskers Mix)
    7. Theme From Retro (John Mcentire's Mix)
    8. Death Of A Party (12" Death)
    9. On Your Own (Walter Wall Mix)
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  9. I never got this, nice to finally have the chance. Odds on the mixes being atrocious though?!
  10. They're not great. I bought the CD many years ago and it's only an occasional play. I think that 1997 album is their worst.
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  11. I love their 1997 self titled album. Probably my favourite of theirs, with beetlebum, on your own, death of the party, etc.. Its the follow up, 13, I struggled with more. some songs just went on too long and weren't quite as obviously commercial. I haven't listened to it for years and as my tastes have matured since then I may feel differently.
    • Seems Interesting:
      C85, 3CD Clamshell Box Set
      Various Artists


      Released October 21, 2022.
    1 THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Never Understand
    5 HURRAH! Funny Day
    6 THE LOFT Your Door Shines Like Gold
    7 JAMES Uprising
    8 SHOP ASSISTANTS All Day Long
    9 THE JUNE BRIDES Josef’s Gone
    10 THE WEDDING PRESENT (The Moment Before) Everything’s Spoiled Again
    11 THE DENTISTS Pallino
    12 THE HOUSEMARTINS Flag Day (Single Version)
    13 THE JASMINE MINKS What’s Happening
    14 THE SOUP DRAGONS If You Were The Only Girl In The World (Would You Take Me?)
    15 MIGHTY MIGHTY Throwaway (A Night At The Flicks version)
    16 HAPPY MONDAYS Delightful
    17 McCARTHY In Purgatory
    18 BIFF BANG POW! Love And Hate
    19 THE PRIMITIVES Across My Shoulder (Demo)
    20 THE BODINES Paradise
    21 PERFECT DISASTER New Beginning
    22 THE HIT PARADE The Sun Shines In Gerrards Cross
    23 MICRODISNEY Horse Overboard
    24 MIAOW Fate
    25 THE IMPOSSIBLE YEARS Attraction Gear

    1 PRIMAL SCREAM All Fall Down
    2 SARAH GOES SHOPPING Summer Blues
    3 DEL AMITRI Sticks And Stones, Girl
    4 THE PASSMORE SISTERS Dance The House Down
    5 THE CLAIM Through His Sunglasses
    6 GRAB GRAB THE HADDOCK Last Fond Goodbye
    7 THE CHESTERF!ELDS Nose Out Of Joint (Flexidisc Version)
    8 THE SEDGEMORONS Drop Dead Darling
    9 YEAH JAZZ Julie & The Sea Lions
    11 THE KAMIKAZE PILOTS Sharon Signs To Cherry Red
    12 ONE THOUSAND VIOLINS Halcyon Days
    13 RONNIE CAN YOU HEAR ME? Vroom For Romance
    14 GO! SERVICE It Makes Me Realise
    15 HOUSEHUNTERS Shopping City
    16 THE SNAKES OF SHAKE Southern Cross
    17 ST CHRISTOPHER As Far As The Eye Can See
    18 THE WORD Wide Awake
    19 BENNY PROFANE Drop Dead (Demo) *
    20 THE BRIDGE World Of Your Own
    21 THE WAKE Of The Matter
    22 ALWAYS Late Again
    23 IN EMBRACE Shouting In Cafes
    24 THE BAND OF HOLY JOY Consumption

    1 A WITNESS Lucky In London
    2 YEAH YEAH NOH Prick Up Your Ears
    3 BRILLIANT CORNERS My Baby In Black
    4 STITCHED-BACK FOOT AIRMAN Granular Twilight
    5 PIG BROS Excessive
    6 THE MEMBRANES I Am Fish Eye
    7 AGE OF CHANCE Bible Of The Beats
    9 THE FOLK DEVILS English Disease
    10 BIG FLAME All The Irish (Must Go To Heaven)
    11 MEAT WHIPLASH Losing Your Grip (Demo)
    12 BOG-SHED Fat Lad Exam Failure
    13 THE INCA BABIES Brother Rat
    14 FIVE GO DOWN TO THE SEA Singing In Braille
    15 THE JANITORS Chicken Stew
    16 THE SINISTER CLEANERS The Gnomes Of Zurich
    17 VEE VV Kindest Cut
    18 SPLAT! Taxi
    19 BOB HOPE TO DIE Honeymoon
    20 THE BLUE AEROPLANES I Wanna Be Your Lover *
    21 PALOOKAS Clear Day
    22 SUDDEN AFTERNOON Acid Rain (Single Version)
    23 THE STONE ROSES So Young
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  12. Anyone who missed out on The Cure Wish remastered vinyl or 3CD versions?
    It seems that they have printed more and it’s back on sale on most stores.
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  13. I actually like all the later Blur albums so I’m not so worried by the source material, just what they’ve turned into!
  14. Oh Jeez. 13 was tortuous in parts. Bugman starts off well then descends into 2 minutes of the sound of drilling or something. Trimm trabb is a sonic experiment that works but I haven't played anything bar that and the singles for years. Caramel would have been a good b side in any previous era.
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  15. Oh for goodness sake! At least complete the rest of the 80s first, the mid to late 80s, always appear to be overlooked on these type of things.
  16. I was so hoping they were going to resume the 80s with the 1985 Yearbook. Hopefully this won't sell as well as the 80s volumes and they will take the hint, I don't want them going backwards to 1970 now. It wouldn't be as bad if they had even completed the 80s before taking this detour. For me this shouldn't be part of the NOW brand which didn't even exist in the 70s.
  17. Yes, NOW was not even a thing in the 70s. Seems silly doing that now.
  18. I will buy this but it seems ridiculous to not finish the 80s before going back to the 70s, when NOW did not even exist.
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