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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Zoë’s 1991 debut Scarlet Red And Blue is the most perfect summer album ever. Just gorgeous, and a proper Gen X classic. I’d love an expanded deluxe, despite the lack of singles, and a translucent LP the colour of the cover.
  2. Sunshine On A Rainy Day, is a stone cold 90s classic.
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  3. From the blurb on the videos recently uploaded to a new, official Mono YouTube channel:

    Formica Blues’ 25th anniversary this August is celebrated with a deluxe edition of the album featuring rare remixes from Matthew Herbert, Mr Scruff, Les Rhythmes Digitales (AKA Stuart Price) and the Aloof.

    No idea if this is a physical release or not.
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    • Release Date 09 September

    Original 11-track album + 11 studio bonus tracks + 2 previously unreleased demo tracks, Night Visions Live CD + DVD, and a full disc of collected Night Visions remixes, As Well As:

    4 lithos

    16-page booklet

    Tour pass



    1 Radioactive
    2 Tiptoe
    3 It's Time
    4 Demons
    5 On Top Of The World
    6 Amsterdam
    7 Hear Me
    8 Every Night
    9 Bleeding Out
    10 Underdog
    11 Nothing Left To Say / Rocks

    1 Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)
    2 Working Man
    3 My Fault
    4 Round And Round
    5 The River
    6 America
    7 Selene
    8 Fallen
    9 Cover Up
    10 I Don't Mind
    11 Tokyo
    12 Love Of Mine (Night Visions Demo)
    13 Bubble (Night Visions Demo)

    CD4 - Night Visions Remixes
    1 Radioactive (Grouplove & Captain Cuts Remix)
    2 It's Time (Passion Pit Remix)
    3 Demons (TELYkast Remix)
    4 On Top Of The World (RAC Remix)
    5 Hear Me (Spector Remix)
    6 Radioactive (The Dirty Tees Mix)
    7 Demons (Imagine Dragons Remix)
    8 It's Time (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Remix)
    9 Demons (Politik Remix)
    10 Demons (KIDinaKORNER Remix)
    11 It's Time (Penguin Prision Remix)
    12 It's Time (Kat Krazy Remix)
    13 It's Time (JailBreaks Remix)
    14 It's Time (StunGun & JailBreaks Remix)
    15 It's Time (Bastille Remix)
    16 It's Time (White Sea Remix)

    DVD1 - The Making Of Night Visions
    1 Intro
    2 In The Studio Part 1 / Alex Da Kid
    3 Radioactive
    4 Las Vegas / Beginning Days
    5 In The Studio Part 2
    6 Demons
    7 In The Studio Part 3
    8 Hear Me
    9 In The Studio Part 4 / Album Planning
    10 In The Studio Part 5 / Every Night / Reflection
    11 In The Studio Part 6 / On Top Of The World
    12 End Credits
    1 CD3 - Night Visions Live
    2 Radioactive (Live At Red Rocks)
    3 Hear Me (Live At Red Rocks)
    4 On Top Of The World (Live At Red Rocks)
    5 Round And Round (Live At Red Rocks)
    6 Amsterdam (Live At Red Rocks)
    7 Tiptoe (Live At Red Rocks)
    8 Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older) (Live At Red Rocks)
    9 Rocks (Live At Red Rocks)
    10 Demons (Live At Red Rocks)
    11 Underdog (Live At Red Rocks)
    12 It's Time (Live At Red Rocks)
    13 It's Time (Live London Sessions Acoustic)
    14 Radioactive (Live London Sessions Acoustic)
    15 Demons (Live London Sessions Acoustic)

    • Release Date 09 September 2022
    Original 11-track album + 9 studio bonus tracks + 2 previously unreleased demo tracks


    1 Radioactive
    2 Tiptoe
    3 It's Time
    4 Demons
    5 On Top Of The World
    6 Amsterdam
    7 Hear Me
    8 Every Night
    9 Bleeding Out
    10 Underdog
    11 Nothing Left To Say / Rocks

    1 Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)
    2 Working Man
    3 My Fault
    4 Round And Round
    5 The River
    6 America
    7 Selene
    8 Fallen
    9 Cover Up
    10 Love of Mine (Demo)
    11 Bubble (Demo)
  5. Seems a bit odd to withhold two of the bonus tracks on disc 2 for the the deluxe boxset that aren’t the unreleased ones.
  6. Cherry Red, I’m watching you and your website, I know you listed releases till Oct 28, but I’m still waiting for the 4th Debbie Gìbson reissue!!! You know what you have to do!
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  7. Same here, wonder why still no word yet when the first 3 were out in such quick succession?
  8. It's still coming, it's just that other things have been given priority at the moment.
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  9. New Donna Summer re-issue:

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  10. A two disc deluxe edition of Olivia Newton-John´s If Not For You:

  11. Email form Amazon IT: Swing Out Sister boxset postponed to Sept 6 !
  12. That sounds like a stock issue, it is still out tomorrow.
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  13. Thanx a lot ! Maybe an update will come ! I really can't wait to listen to this boxset!
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  14. Just found this tracklist
    Mono – Formica Blues (25th Anniversary Edition)
    01. Life In Mono
    02. Silicone
    03. Slimcea Girl
    04. The Outsider
    05. Disney Town
    06. The Blind Man
    07. High Life
    08. Playboys
    09. Penguin Freud
    10. Hello Cleveland!
    11. Slimcea Girl (Aloof Remix)
    12. Silicone (Les Rhythmes Digitales Remix)
    13. Slimcea Girl (The Fatboy Vocal)
    14. High Life (Next Century Short Dub Mix)
    15. Silicone (Mr. Scruff Mix)
    16. Life in Mono (Sweat Band Mix)
    17. Slimcea Girl (Sol Brothers London Bass Remix)
    18. High Life (187 Lockdown Low Life Dub)
    19. Life in Mono (Banana Republic Urban Dub)
    20. High Life (Natural Born Chillers Vocal Mix)
    21. High Life (Remember Herbert’s Mix)
    22. Life in Mono (Instrumental)
    23. High Life (Instrumental)
    24. Slimcea Girl (Instrumental)
    25. Silicone (Instrumental)

    I really really hope for a physical release ! Don't know about timings: are 2cds enough ? One's not, def !

    It's on Amazon Music. Listed as released on Jan 1, 1997 !

    Mp3 only on Amazon UK
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  15. This version contains all tracks with the exception of the last five:
  16. Me just realising I actually have that version (thanks Discogs, must do rest of collection!) - perhaps I’ll not be such a rush for this after all.
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  17. Also got an Amazon UK email re Swing Out Sister box. Pity, was looking forward to getting it soon.
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  18. Got mine today direct from Cherry Red. Amazon seem to have a lot of problems with getting stock on time these days.
  19. @Anjoel40 sorry to bother, but have you opened it ? first impressions ?
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  20. No, sorry. Gonna do it tomorrow. Today was massive release day and I got quite a bit to get through.
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