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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. The fact it will more than likely include those awful 2008 mixes, sucks to start of with.
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  2. 16-09

    Supergrass "Supergrass (X-Ray Album)" 2CD expanded remaster (BMG)

    Digitally remastered and expanded edition includes bonus disc of non-album mixes, live recordings, and more. Supergrass is the third album by Supergrass, originally released in 1999.

    [CD1: Supergrass (2022 Remaster)]
    1. Moving
    2. Your Love
    3. What Went Wrong (In Your Head)
    4. Beautiful People
    5. Shotover Hill
    6. Eon
    7. Mary
    8. Jesus Came From Outta Space
    9. Pumping On Your Stereo
    10. Born Again
    11. Faraway
    12. Mama And Papa

    [CD2: Bonus Tracks]
    1. Moving (John Leckie Mix)
    2. Beautiful People (2022 Remix)
    3. Pumping On Your Stereo (John Leckie & Mick Quinn 2022 Remix)
    4. Born Again (2022 Remix)
    5. Wild Wind (Demo)
    6. Pumping On Your Stereo (T In The Park, 2000) [Live]
    7. Lucky (No Fear) (Alt Version)
    8. Blockades (Studio Out Take)
    9. Sick (Alt Version)
    10. You'll Never Walk Again (Alt Version)
    11. What A Shame (Alt Version)
    12. Moving (T In The Park, 2000) [Live]
    13. Believer (Alt Version)
    14. Faraway (Acoustic Version) [2022 Remaster]
    15. Out Of The Blue (Monitor Mix)
    16. Mary (Live At City Varieties, Leeds, 2005)
    17. Country Number (Alt Version)
    18. Born Again (Live At The Forum, Melbourne, 2000)
    19. Jesus Came From Outta Space (Live From KNDD 107.7 The End) [Acoustic Version]
    20. Oracle (Alt Version)
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  3. 15 additional tracks as digital only? I refuse to support releases that don´t include everything on a physical format (although in this case I might already own the digital material, since it is previously released).

    Still, this looks like a complete mess.
  4. It is a huge mess. This is Thriller, one of the most iconic albums of all time. A 2-CD release seems cheap and even cheaper to keep some tracks as "digital only". Again, where is the DVD or Blu-Ray with remastered videos?

    And I'm surprised they didn't have Spike Lee do another documentary for Thriller as he did for Off the Wall and Bad.
  5. I'm VERY happy for this (final ?) release, but, looking at Discogs, it looks like some remixes are missing:
    Losin' Myself (Bass Hit Dub) 7:30
    Free Me (Dew & Smoove Dub Mix) 4:04
    Free Me (Extended Mix) 7:22
    Free Me (Ralphi's Dub Vox) 6:41
    Free Me (Miss G's Dub) 2:00
    Maybe they didn't fit the cd ?
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  6. These are missing but were denied :
    Losin' Myself (12" Dub)
    Losin' Myself (12" Instrumental)
    Losin' Myself (Bonus Beats)
    Losin' Myself (Bass Hit Dub)
    Losin' Myself (AM Mix)
    Free Me (Dew & Smoove Dub Mix)
    Free Me (Miss Debbie's Dub)
    Free Me (Ralphi's Dub Vox)
    Free Me (Miss G's Dub)

    Free Me (Extended Mix) is on the CD.

    There was just about enough for a 3 CD but the vinyl only mixes got denied. It's a shame as they are sought after but they are only dubs, which wouldn't interest most Debbie fans. They did try to get them though.
  7. Genuinely curious here - why would a license holder say yes to some but not all versions… money or the work they’ll need to put in?
  8. They never appeared online either when they released the single digitally, so they might not be able to find them. It was firm 'No', so nothing Cherry Pop could do.
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  9. It's highly unlikely that this is the real reason. It's likely because Cherry Red don't like to pay for new master transfers. They use CD rips.
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  10. I helped a bit with this and they were denied.
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  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe a few of the mixes they have included on the reissue - namely the Masters At Work Dub of "Losin' Myself" and one of the "Free Me" remixes - have never appeared on CD before.

    Cherry Red doesn't mark them as "Previously unreleased on CD" in their track listing though...
  12. Yes.
    They were both on the Demon Boxset.
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  13. Thanks, I'd forgotten they got two "Free Me"'s on there.

    Really excited to finally have the house remix of "Losin' Myself" on CD... 30 years later! I wonder why Cherry Red aren't indicating it is "previously unreleased on CD".
  14. They sometimes get it wrong. I am sure they will update when they are made aware.
  15. Losin' Myself, is one of the best Debbie Gibson songs. So glad we are getting these remixes for it. Most of them anyway!
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  16. The *not* so funny thing about Thriller reissue is that the 25th edition included the infamous 2008 remixes (I know, I know), but a dvd, too, with the 3 short films and Billie Jean (The Legendary Performance From Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, And Forever).

    WAIT ! I didn't know that there was a 25th anniversary Super Deluxe Digital *only edition* with 31 tracks ! Additional tracks are:
    17 Billie Jean (Long Version)6:22
    18 Voice-Over Intro Quincy Jones Interview #1 2:17
    19 Someone In The Dark4:48
    20 Voice-Over Intro Quincy Jones Interview #2 2:04
    21 Billie Jean (Home Demo From 1981)2:20
    22 Quincy Jones Interview #3 3:10
    23 Voice-Over Intro Rod Temperton Interview #1 4:02
    24 Quincy Jones Interview #4 1:32
    25 Voice-Over Intro Voice-Over Session From "Thriller" 2:52
    26 Voice-Over Intro Rod Temperton Interview #2 1:55
    27 Quincy Jones Interview #5 2:01
    28 Carousel 1:49
    29 Voice-Over Intro Quincy Jones Interview #6 1:17
    30 Billie Jean (Underground Mix)
    31 Thriller (Instrumental)

    And they are exactly 15 tracks that is the number of tracks available digitally !
    So fans should buy again the same 15 tracks ? Really MJ Estate ?
  17. Those Qunicy Jones/Rod Temperton interview sections, seem so weird to include I think.
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