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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Wasn’t there two versions of Seal’s debut? I can’t remember the details… Which version would this be?
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  2. Yes....a pre-mix and a final mix. You can tell which version is on the actual CD by running times and the matrix number on the inside ring of the disc. I expect the final mix will be on this.
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  4. Which is the better version? And which the more authentic? I know it’s all subjective, but is the pre-mix more of the artist and the final version more of the label? What was the deal here?
  5. Why changing an iconic cover ? @Eric Generic I think yours is way better than this. What is a premix version ? A demo ?

    None of this included ?
    • Future Club EP: The Nellee Hooper Remix – CD / 12"
    1. "Future Love Paradise" (remix) – 6:35
    2. "Future Love Paradise" (beats mix) – 6:08
    3. "Future Love Paradise" (accapella mix) – 6:00
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  6. Good question(s). I actually didn't hear the final mix until about 2-3 years ago, so that's almost 30 years of familiarity with the pre-mix (I bought my original copy on the week of release in Our Price, May 1991). So for me it's the pre-mix all the way. But there's nothing wrong with the later version. I suppose it feels more "finished" in, extra little fussy things have been added. But it hardly matters. Crazy is ace in any version, but you get an extra 90 seconds of it on the final version.
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  7. I guess the label wanted the album out before Trevor Horn had finished sprinkling even more studio fairy dust on it.

    Totally agree about this new cover. Don't like it. The original is ICONIC.
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  8. It looks like the cd+vinyl format is the way to go, lately... first George Michael, now Seal. Better than having no cd at all, I sadly add. The price is not at the George Michael level, at least.
    Did they change the cover cos they considered it a bit too revealing ? Strange times we are living in...
  9. Mine shipped and arrived very quickly... it contains a long Story of Older by Dan Davis, all written in Japanese, tho'. There's an (incomplete) cd edition, at least. Can't get why they could sell just the cds.
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  10. Wait there's no CD only option for the Seal reissue?! Guess I won't be getting it after all.
  11. There are some unreleased very good remixes of Crazy. Would have been nice to add.
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  12. What was considered revealing about the original cover?
  13. Seal's debut is an absolute 10/10 of an album. Got it on week of release and remember being awe-struck at what I thought was the sound of the future of music. That whole era was perfectly executed, not least the stunning artwork used throughout the campaign - absolutely phenomenal stuff. So, despite the lack of any gems from the vaults or rarities sadly, I'm looking forward to hearing it in all is (hopefully well done) remastered glory.
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  14. I guess it’s because it counts as two sales.

    cf. Steps being ridiculous with like 19 versions in the week of release.
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  15. It’s been a shocking week for reissues really, ver League, Seal, GNR…. Quite easy to keep my hand in my pocket, wonder if it’s a sign of things to come.
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  16. And yet the Pretenders seemingly were going to do the vinyl + CD but opted for the CD only with vinyl size packaging.
  17. Just bought the Marillion CD/Blu-Ray of Holidays In Eden - it's a fave of mine from 1991 and I already own the original and 1998 double-disc remaster. Plus I wanted to complete/continue the set of these. Problem is, there are some known audio glitches on the new version and I will just have to see if I can tolerate them.
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  18. Great album but I don’t feel a drive to update my original cd.
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  19. I like the docs, and the Blu-Ray content. And the fact they all match each other on the shelf!
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  20. #Thriller40 update
    The Toy [demo]
    This song was inspired by the Richard Pryor film of the same title. After not making the cut for the Thriller album, Michael continued to work on the song. It first became “I Am Your Joy” and ultimately evolved into a song Michael continued to work on for years which was ultimately released on the album, Michael and titled “Best of Joy.” Now for the first time, the original incarnation of this song is being released.
    Track #7 - cd2
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