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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Marie Fredriksson - Listen to My Heart: Life, Love & Roxette (Limited Edition)
    LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION that includes Marie’s 2004 English-language solo album The Change on CD—previously unreleased in any physical format in North America—as well as bonus track “Sea of Love” (2017), the last song that Marie recorded. This edition also contains foil gilded page edges and a satin ribbon marker.
    Out: Apr 23

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  2. So basically they will just be different versions of tracks we already have.
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  3. I didn't notice them. It's a great set - was listening and watching all week. Nice remix of the album.

    I only have 1998 remasters for Script, Fugazi, Misplaced & Clutching. Is it worth getting the others? I have all 7 SDEs so far and really enjoy them.
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  4. I think I got most of them in HMV sales, maybe 7.99 tops...possibly 4.99....and I love all the EMI albums (well, maybe not the last one so much) so I always get the whole collection when it's Marillion. The 1998 remaster of Holidays isn't actually all that different, and it's possible the bonus disc material is also on the new box.

    If you do get them all, the spines spell out "M A R I LL I O N".
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  5. I had a life size cardboard cut out of the photo of Seal from this album that looked amazing in the corner of my bedroom.
  6. Yes, I could barely discern it. Can hear a very slight thing but not a dealbreaker or probably even something I'd have picked up on.

    The 2022 remix is a BIT LOUD but not remotely brickwalled. They've kept the dynamics and added lots of oomph and extra detail to the arrangements. I'd probably still opt for the 1991 original if I had to choose.
  7. From Erasure newsletter:

    I think that the Erasure question that I'm being asked the most at the moment is when are we going to announce the releases of the expanded edition of 1995's 'Erasure' album. And the answer to that is more complicated than you might think... officially BMG will announce the 2-CD edition of 'Erasure' next Wednesday (28th September) however you're special and normal rules don't apply so I am delighted that, as a loyal newsletter subscriber, you get all the details today!

    Are you ready? OK, here goes... the latest Erasure album to be added to BMG's ongoing CD reissue series is 1995's 'Erasure' album which will be released on 18th November 2022 in a special 2-CD edition which features the original album on disc one alongside a collection of b-sides, remixes, live tracks, demos and curiosities on disc two. I'm sure you will be familiar with the original album - which featured the singles 'Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day)', 'Rock Me Gently' and 'Stay With Me' - but I hope you will also be excited to hear that among the extra tracks on the second disc are four brand new remixes from TSF, Stubbleman (that's the one and only Pascal Gabriel to you and me!), Daybreakers and Glen 'GRN' Nicholls & Nick Squires. There's also some brilliant sleevenotes from Mat Smith so all in all it's a bit of a cracker!

    But enough of me banging on, you want to see the tracklisting don't you? Well, here you go...

    Intro: Guess I’m Into Feeling / Rescue Me / Sono Luminus / Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day) / Rock Me Gently / Grace / Stay With Me / Love The Way You Do So / Angel / I Love You / A Long Goodbye

    Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day) - SoundFactory Remix Radio Edit / Angel - Love Eternal Remix by TSF [Previously Unreleased] / Rock Me Gently - Stubbleman Remix [Previously Unreleased] / Stay With Me - Guitar Mix / Sono Luminus - Live Acoustic Version / True Love Wars / HI NRG / Chertsey Endlos / Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day) - Daybreakers Remix [Previously Unreleased] / Stay With Me - NY Mix / True Love Wars - Omni / Rock Me Gently - Demo / Sono Luminus - Demo / Cold Summer's Day - Wigstock Version / Rock Me Gently - Glen Nicholls & Nick Squires Remix [Previously Unreleased]
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  8. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Have to say, never a big fan of tacking on new remixes to pad out a deluxe. Especially when you had remixes of Rock Me Gently which were only on a CD single from the Czech Republic! Although it wasn’t difficult to source that at the time.
  9. Yes, those Erasure reissues have never hit the spot for me, there’s enough to release but they always seem to ignore the obvious!
  10. That Janet set is lovely. Not watched the DVD set - over 3 hours long!
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  11. Same here....
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  13. I know the original album is 70 odd minutes long, but the absence of the single edits on disc 1 as bonus tracks is disproportionately annoying me. As is the SoundFactory Radio Edit of Fingers & Thumbs - a remix not from the original release or newly commissioned for this deluxe, but from the 2009 Pop! Remixes. It's Tin Tin Out I feel sorry for.
  14. Do you know the exclusive new remixes for the Older reissue ? They are exclusive to Amazon Music playlists!
    The tracks can be found on the following Amazon Music playlists:
    • LF System’s remix of Fastlove will feature on The Sound of Modern House.
    • Emily Nash’s remix of The Strangest Thing will feature on Club Rules.
    • Kiimi’s remix of Spinning The Wheel will feature on Signals.
    • Absolute’s remix of Star People ’97 will feature on Electric Disco.

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  15. Have Amazon Music, so will try and remember to check these out. Very much doubt they will top the originals of course though.
  16. I collect CDs and Vinyl and I’m still not getting it.
    Nobody wants Vinyl and CDs bundled together, when will record companies get this?
    Also dramatically changing original artwork is my biggest pet hate with reissues.
  17. Bowie Bonanza... "Divine Symmetry" - Hunky Dora era box set

  18. £122 on Amazon UK! Looks great but not at that price...
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  19. Reissues seem to be 50pc more pricey than last year, there comes a point where the money dries up. The music industry always in the end commits hari-kari.
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