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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. The post van was busy today bringing me

    George Michael - Older box. Very nice. LP sounds fantastic and the book is lovely. Played the first CD and all good.
    Ultravox - Rage In Eden box. One disc down so far; fabulous
    Associates - Sulk box. This dropped to £40 on Amazon last night, ordered at 11.35pm and arrived this morning.
    Stars On 45 - 40 Years Anthology. Great fun so far.
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  2. Oh thank Jesus.
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  3. Pity there's no HQ download of the Sulk box for sale.
  4. Nice little video promoting the vinyl reissue of Debbie Harry's 'Koo Koo'... its 2LP with a rather nice lenticular sleeve.
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  5. Nice to see the expanded reissue of Older on streaming-didn't think it would be.
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  6. QoBuz have it now. Obviously needed to wait 24 hours!
  7. £34.99 for vinyl reissue of Joni’s For The Roses. £42.99 for transparent blue vinyl. What’s this world coming to? It’s my favourite Joni album. But talk about fleecing.
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  8. Flipinn' heck! If record companies are not careful people simply will not be able to afford to buy vinyl editions. What I cannot understand is the difference in prices here in the UK for a single or double vinyl whether it be black or coloured. Also the price of CDs has rocketed too.

    I am dreading the impact my bank account will feel when Cyndi Lauper releases new material as I collect all commercial and promo formats from the UK/Europe, Australia, Japan, US, Taiwan, South Africa and any regional format different to previously mentioned territories if Cyndi & her team follow the same pattern and release umpteen versions around the world. I wouldn't be surprised if a new album surfaces around the same time as the upcoming documentary Let The Canary Sing. I better start saving money now.
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  9. I think you'll be fine.
  10. So, bad good news from the Janet planet: The Velvet Rope 25th anniversary edition. Yes, the bad news is that it is digital only. Some of Universal staff put together some files and called them that way.

    from the press release:
    They actually did what every fan could have done in the last 24 years. The videos are remastered, loud and clear. The album seems not. Who cares. Shame on you, labels.
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  11. I think you made a better deluxe edition! 3 or 4 discs, I guess!
  12. So far I've only tackled RN1814...a mere 8 discs!

    Control is on my to-do list. And I'm sure I'll get to janet and Velvet Rope eventually.
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  13. Surprised we are getting anything for Velvet Rope 25 to be honest.
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  14. Well, that Def Club Mix version of "Got 'Til It's Gone" was never released on CD, so they must have gotten some material out of the vaults.

    Unless they're about to piss me off with a needledrop.
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  15. Opening the pre-order link, I always find the regular album version. Searching for it, I can only find half the tracks, but they were included in the album reissue back in the day:
    Disc 2
    1. Got 'Til It's Gone (Armand Van Helden Bonus Beats) 5:09
    2. Together Again (Tony Humphries 12" Edit Mix) 10:01
    3. I Get Lonely (Janet Vs Jason - The Club Remix) 8:13
    4. Go Deep (Vocal Deep Disco Dub) 8:16 [Masters at work remix]
    5. Every Time (Jam & Lewis Disco Remix) 4:15

    The press release mentions:
    Go Deep (Timbaland/Missy Remix) 5:34
    I Get Lonely (TNT Remix) 5:12
    Got til it's gone (Def Club mix) 10:54 or Got 'Til It's Gone (Def The Bass Mix) 9:12 [Morales & Knuckles]
    Got 'Til It's Gone (Ummah Jay Dee's Revenge Mix) 3:45 or Got 'Til It's Gone (Ummah's Uptown Saturday Night Mix) 4:23
    Accept me 4:07
    God's Stepchild 4:13

    But they are 11 tracks, not 10. So, one is out or "disc 2" is not part of this digital new version and 4 tracks are different. The press release mentions Together Again [Deeper version], I would include it in the bonus tracks.
    Together Again (Jimmy Jam Deeper radio edit) 4:00 or Together Again (Jimmy Jam Deeper Remix) 4:52
    The video uses the edit.
  16. I can't imagine what could happen if Older gets #1, or top3.
    You can sell a vinyl+cd £140 boxset and still get #1 ? Labels will love this !!!
    And all the boxsets ready for Xmas will have a little price up before announcement !
    LWP got #1 with a little bit more of 56K if I remember well and apparently Older has already sold 20% of it. Not bad at all.
    Oh, there's another lesson for labels: don't bother too much for the reissue, people are buying what they already have on their cdsingles, why looking at the vaults ?
    Spice Girls knew it first, so #SpiceWorld25 ! lol !
    I love Older, but I really hope it lands between 6-10, the perfect place should be 2 positions after Shakespears Sister, but it's already impossible.
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  17. Aside from very popular/influential Rock Artists of the 60s & 70s and niche 80s Pop Flops, it doesn’t seem like labels care anymore.

    London is the only recent big-ish label I know of that is doing great, expansive reissues for pop acts between Sugababes and Shakespears Sister (what the fuck is holding up one for All Saints though).
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  18. As touched upon in the thread about album sales, the industry (itself a totally different beast to its past incarnations) used to go apeshit if they felt "new music" wasn't being given as much help and promo as it could. Because they were investing big sums back then, one assumes. Now, owned by a small cartel of global companies, the investment is minimal, the suits run the show and as a result "new music" seems to be much lower on their priorities.

    Otherwise why would you release new albums if they disappear from the top 100 after 3 weeks.
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  19. I really hope The Velvet Rope gets some type of physical release, even if it's just vinyl. It's a masterpiece. I don't know what colour would be appropriate. Burgundy? Red?
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