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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I think Burgundy would be the best.
  2. The Velvet Rope: Deluxe Edition

    Component 1:
    1. Interlude -Twisted Elegance
    2. Velvet Rope [feat. Vanessa-Mae]
    3. You
    4. Got ‘Til It’s Gone [feat. Q-Tip & Joni Mitchell]
    5. Interlude – Speaker Phone
    6. My Need
    7. Interlude – Fasten Your Seatbelts
    8. Go Deep
    9. Free Xone
    10. Interlude – Memory
    11. Together Again
    12. Interlude – Online
    13. Empty
    14. Interlude – Full
    15. What About
    16. Every Time
    17. Tonight’s The Night
    18. I Get Lonely
    19. Rope Burn
    20. Anything
    21. Interlude – Sad
    22. Special
    23. Can’t Be Stopped
    24. Accept Me [Bonus Track] *
    25. God’s Stepchild [Bonus Track] *

    Component 2:
    1. I Get Lonely (TNT Remix Edit) with BLACKstreet *
    2. Got ‘Til It’s Gone (Ummah Jay Dee’s Revenge Mix) *
    3. Go Deep (Timbaland/Missy Remix) featuring Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott *
    4. Together Again (Jimmy Jam Deeper Mix) *
    5. Every Time (Jam & Lewis Disco Mix)
    6. I Get Lonely (Jam & Lewis Feel My Bass Mix) *
    7. Got ‘Til It’s Gone (David Morales & Frankie Knuckles Def Club Mix) *
    8. Together Again (Tony Moran 12” Club Mix) *
    9. Go Deep (Masters at Work Thunder Mix) *
    10. Together Again (Tony Humphries Club Mix Edit)
    11. I Get Lonely (Jason vs. Janet The Club Remix)
    12. Go Deep (Masters At Work Vocal Deep Disco Dub)
    13. Got ‘Til It’s Gone (Armand Van Helden Bonus Beats)
    * = * = new to streaming

    "component" oh dear !
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  3. Nice to have the TNT/BLACKstreet mix of I Get Lonely on streaming though. Pretty sure that's all of NOW 40 on streaming (yes I'm shallow like that)
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  4. So we only get the full bonus allotment on streaming?
  5. Digital only for Janet? No thanks!

    I already own the album on multiple CDs and vinyl and I still would have bought a new physical edition but... just no!
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  6. Yeah, it's disappointing. The only physical catalogue release we got was the Control Remixes. Something must be holding up the album reissues. It can't be that they think they won't sell.

    I still don't get why they didn't do a reissue around the time of Janet's documentary. Perfect timing wasted.
  7. Yes, the Janet planet is so funny. We got Control Remixes and nothing else. Remixes were a huge part of her success, but not just the Control ones... let's wait and see if some news come on Friday
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  8. Seeing the Erotica picture disc, the Butterfly 25 celebrations, Kylie's Impossible Princess vinyl incarnations, a possible Velvet Rope (something)... personally, for me, these albums are perhaps the best representatives of each artist. Masterpieces all of them. Kind of amazing to see them all intersecting as their anniversaries have passed or are approaching.
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  9. Tina Turner - Break Every Rule Deluxe edition - Out: Nov 25
    [CD1: Original Album Remastered]
    1. Typical Male
    2. What You Get Is What You See
    3. Two People
    4. Till The Right Man Comes Along
    5. Afterglow
    6. Girls
    7. Back Where You Started
    8. Break Every Rule
    9. Overnight Sensation
    10. Paradise Is Here
    11. I'll Be Thunder

    [CD2: Bonus Tracks]
    1. Don't Turn Around
    2. Havin' A Party
    3. Take Me To The River
    4. Typical Male (12" Dance Mix)
    5. Two People (Dance Mix)
    6. What You Get Is What You See (Extended Dance Mix)
    7. The Tina Turner Montage Mix
    8. Break Every Rule (Extended Dance Mix)
    9. Afterglow (Vocal Dance Mix)
    10. Paradise Is Here (Live) (Full Length Version)
  10. 2 Years after mine. Not sure there's enough for me to get this. Maybe a few tracks on QoBuz.
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  11. Incredibly, I see the 2CD Foreign Affair is under £4 now.

    Maybe I'll wait for this to come down in price!
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  12. Good to see Break Every Rule finally get a reissue. It’s absolute minimum acceptable threshold, but better than nothing at all.

    There’s about half an album of canned tracks. I expected now she had sold the rights that we’d end up getting multi variants of the main albums with all sorts of extras, but alas not.
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  13. Hopefully they do like Foreign Affair and put singles packs out for streaming with some missing mixes.
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  14. She must kick herself she didn’t release Don’t Turn Around!
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  15. According to a quick search on Wiki, missing:
    Typical male 12" Dub Mix – 6:18
    What You Get Is What You See Single edit – 3:57
    What You Get Is What You See Extended Rock Mix – 5:56
    Two People Dub Mix – 7:00
    Two People Tender Mix – 7:15
    Afterglow Tinapella – 4:41
    Afterglow Tina's House Mix – 6:37
    Afterglow Glowing Dub – 6:14
    Afterglow 7" Remix
    Break Every Rule 7" edit – 3:48
    Break Every Rule Extended Rock Mix – 7:02
    In the Midnight hour (live)
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  16. Thanks for the heads-up; I stopped checking an age ago. Suffice to say I'm now £3.76 lighter!
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  17. I mean she did. If it was meant to be it'd have happened no? B-sides became hits back then... sometimes lol.
  18. Any links yet to the Break Every Rule re issue?
  19. Aswad made that song a hit. Yes Tina is the bigger, more iconic star but their version is much better.
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  20. And they needed it more, so it all worked out.
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