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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

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  2. So, Older is heading to #1. I’m happy because it’s Older, but this reissue is so wrong in many places and the lessons labels will take are totally wrong.
  3. I wonder how much of the sales come just from the standard vinyl though.

    I really wanted to buy this before it was announced but I ended up only getting the Japan 2 CD. I know a few people who either did the same or just got the vinyl, even if they had originally planned to get the deluxe box.
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  4. There's a 3 CD, 2 DVD edition as well. Hopefully there will be that missing stuff on it : Break Every Rule (2022 Remaster) : Tina Turner: CDs & Vinyl
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  7. I hope not. One thing I don’t need is even more Tina live CDs.
  8. One of the titles on disc three looks like What’s Love, I hope for all your sakes it isn’t live. I think djpaulT has posted all the Break Every Rule 12s over the years if the set disappoints.
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  9. That was a huge help when putting together my own BER deluxe, along with some of Tina's less obvious comps for the rare non-album stuff.
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  10. Yes, djPaulT doesn't get enough respect. Great site and such dedication to quality.
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  11. He's a really nice guy as well. He has helped recently with the ONJ reissues, as he's a huge fan.
  12. On it's very own, I'm just glad that Break Every Rule, is getting an long overdue remaster!
  13. He has a talent and a passion, I know the music industry is an unforgiving beast but there is room for his ability.
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  14. I see Madonna's - Everybody 7inch and the 7inch instrumental is now available on digital download.
  15. Can´t believe that is all that is happening today, on her 40th anniversary. Seems like the perfect timing to announce the first deluxe box set of her studio albums.
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  16. Break Every Rule kinda did a True Colors / Contact didn't it. Good selling mid 80s LP with 1 hit and some semi ones that followed a career-making blockbuster album with loads of hits.
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  17. I was shocked to discover that it only spent a handful of weeks in the actual top 10. 46 wks on the top 100, but most were in the bottom half. It really wasn't a strong seller, and none of the 5 UK singles got higher than #30.
  18. I guess ut did break every rule dd
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  19. Typical male was a '4th single' masquerading as a lead single though.
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