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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Lol me too
  2. Culture Club’s Japanese single collection is coming on December.
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  3. Sorry, but I adore this song and to be honest, I can't see what else could have been the lead. I love Break Every Rule, but nothing on it compared to Private Dancer or Foreign Affair, says lead single really.
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  4. Culture Club - Japanese Single Collection out Dec 14.
    2022 remaster
    1cd + 1 dvd
    Cd tracklist (with the help of an online translator!)
    1. Do you really want to hurt me ? [was: You're perfect]
    2. Mistery boy
    3. Time (clock of the heart)
    4. Church of the poison mind
    5. Karma chameleon
    6. It's a miracle (US 12" mix)
    7. The war song
    8. The medal song
    9. Don't go down that street
    10. Love is love
    11. Move away
    12. God thank you woman
    13. I just wanna be loved
    14. Your kisses are charity

    A total of 18-20 songs will be included. There may be 2 new songs.

    1. Do you really want to hurt me ? [Was: You're perfect*]
    2. Time (clock of the heart)
    3. I'll tumble 4 ya
    4. Church of the poison mind
    5. Karma chameleon
    6. Victims [Was: Always two/together*]
    7. Miss me blind
    8. The medal song
    9. Don't go down that street
    10. Mistake #3
    11. Love is love
    12. Move away
    13. God thank you woman
    14. I just wanna be loved
    15. Your kisses are charity
    16. Cold shoulder

    In the description, it says it's a celebration for a 40th anniversary... so, there may be something else onthe way, even if we already have enough CC collection and video dvd. I know DYRWTHM is missing, but the online translators don't give me that title or something similar.
    Edit: Don't know why the online translator turns DYRWTHM in You're perfect!
    Don't know why the online translator turns Victims in Always two/together!
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  5. #Thriller40 update
    What a lovely way to go
    This was actually a song originally written by Michael in the late 1970s but revisited by him at the time he was writing songs for the Thriller album. It didn’t make the album and had never been released until now.

  6. I like it as well but it's not lead single material. It's kind of shocking that with the success of Private dancer she couldn't source better material for it. She should have been inundated with great songs.
  7. The singles run from Break Every Rule, was quite shocking chart wise really, at least in the UK:
    Typical Male: US#2, UK#33
    Two People: US#30, UK#43
    What You Get Is What You See: US#13, UK #30
    Break Every Rule: US#74, UK#43
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  8. Boy George Reissues !!!
    Announced in Japan.

    Sold - Out Dec 14
    2022 remaster
    1. Sold
    2. I Asked For Love
    3. Keep Me In Mind
    4. Everything I Own
    5. Freedom
    6. Just Ain't Enough
    7. Where Are You Now (When I Need You?)
    8. Little Ghost
    9. Next Time
    10. We've Got The Right
    11. To Be Reborn
    12. Use ME (Everything I own bside)
    13. Starte of Love (Sold bside)
    14. I pray (87 version) (Keep me in mind bside)
    15. Are you too afraid (Sold bside)
    16. Live my life (7inch mix)
    17. Live my life (album version)

    Tense Nervous Headache + Boyfriend Out: dec 14
    2022 remaster
    cd1. Tense Nervous Headache
    1. Don't Cry
    2. You Are My Heroin
    3. I Go Where I Go
    4. Girl With Combination Skin
    5. Whisper
    6. Something Strange Called Love
    7. I Love You
    8. Kipsy feat. Caron Geary
    9. Mama Never Knew
    10. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearts
    11. American Boyz
    12. Happy Family
    13. Leave in love (don't cry bside)
    14. A Boiy Called Alice (don't cry bside)

    cd2. Boyfriend
    1. Don't Take My Mind On A Trip (US Club Remix)
    2. You Found Another Guy
    3. Weather They Like It Or Not
    4. I'm Not Sleeping Anymore
    5. Lies
    6. Big Dark Man (Waiting)
    7. Girlfriend
    8. No Clause 28 (High Energy Mix)
    9. Don't Take My Mind On A Trip
    10. No Clause 28 (Full Version)
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  9. Culture Club reissues of first 4 albums. Announced in Japan. Out Dec 14.
    Kissing To Be Clever - Out Dec 14
    2022 remaster
    1. White Boy (Dance Mix)
    2. You Know I'm Not Crazy
    3. I'll Tumble 4 Ya
    4. Take Control
    5. Love Twist
    6. Boy, Boy (I'm The Boy)
    7. I'm Afraid Of Me (Remix)
    8. White Boys Can't Control It
    9. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
    10. Mistery Boy (Japanese single version)
    11. Love Is Cold (You Were Never No Good)
    12. Murder Rap Trap
    13. Time (Clock Of The Heart)
    14. Romance Beyond The Alphabet
    15. White boy (single version)
    16. I'm Afraid Of Me (single version)
    17. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (dub version)
    18. White boy (Extended mix)
    19. I'm Afraid Of Me (Extended mix)

    Colour By Numbers - Out Dec 14
    2022 remaster
    1. Karma Chameleon
    2. It's A Miracle
    3. Black Money
    4. Changing Every Day
    5. That's The Way (I'm Only Trying To Help You)
    6. Church Of The Poison Mind
    7. Miss Me Blind
    8. Mister Man
    9. Stormkeeper
    10. Victims
    11. Man-Shake
    12. Mystery Boy (Suntori Hot Whiskey Song)
    13. Melting Pot
    14. Colour By Numbers
    15. Romance Revisited
    16. Karma Chameleon (7" mix)
    17. Love twist (live)
    18. Miss Me/It's a Miracle (US 12 inch mix)
    19. Shirley Temple Moment

    Waking Up With The House On Fire - Out Dec 14
    2022 remaster
    1. Dangerous Man
    2. The War Song
    3. Unfortunate Thing
    4. Crime Time
    5. Mistake No. 3
    6. The Dive
    7. The Medal Song
    8. Don't Talk About It
    9. Mannequin
    10. Hello Goodbye
    11. Love Is Love
    12. The Dream
    13. Don't Go Down That Street
    14. The war song (Japanese version)
    15. The war song (Spanish version)
    16. The war song (German version)
    17. The war song (French version)
    18. Medal song (single version)
    19. The war song (Shriek mix)

    Luxury to heartache - Out Dec 14
    2022 remaster
    1. Move Away
    2. I Pray
    3. Work On Me Baby
    4. Gusto Blusto
    5. Heaven's Children
    6. God Thank You Woman
    7. Reasons
    8. Too Bad
    9. Come Clean
    10. Sexuality
    11. From Luxury to Heartache
    12. Move Away (Extended)
    13. God Thank You Woman (Extended)
    14. Sexuality (Extended)
    15. Gusto Blusto (Extended dance mix)

    High resolution CD (MQA-CD + UHQCD)
    Converted 2022 DSD master based on domestic analog tape to 352.8 kHz/24bit
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  10. Typical Male got a ton of TV coverage. I was so surprised it did so badly because it had the push to be a big hit. It’s a weird time signature though and probably took a lot of listens to sink in.

    Two People was let down by the production. Too synthetic, even though I liked the song.

    What You Get probably should have been the lead single as it bridged the gap sound wise, between the two albums. Great song. Full of energy.

    Break Every Rule was an underrated single. I’m not sure the single remix did it any favours. The album version was pretty on the nose, but interest in the album was spent by then.

    Afterglow. Another good song. Not really a single though.

    This is my favourite Tina album. All the tracks are a consistent quality and it has a nice, warm sound that reminds me very much of the time. It hangs together as a cohesive listening experience start to finish, whereas Private Dancer gets weighted down with 1984 and Help - OK tracks but there were better ones omitted The cover was very bland though for such a visual artist.

    The thing that made Private Dancer so good, including all the b-sides, was the melting pot of songwriters and covers - sourced from all over the place and recorded fast. John Carter, who put it together, deserves a lot of the credit, because when you add in the b-sides like I Wrote A Letter, and outtakes such as Total Control, you practically had a grade A double album that blended organic and synthetic sounds. Break Every Rule was tailored to Tina and songs largely written for the project, relying more on synths. I think it therefore lacked the rawness and energy of Private Dancer that people were expecting. Of course Foreign Affair was a lot closer to Private Dancer than Break Every Rule, and was another mega album in the UK, getting that balance right.
  11. Paradise Is Here was also released, and did even worse.

    I think EMI didn't know the best thing to do, as at one point Tina was promoting Overnight Sensation on UK TV when it wasn't the new single.

    Ironically, the strongest song she had at the time was Don't Turn Around.
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  12. I actually prefer Break Every Rule as an album, it's a much better listen despite the lack of hits.
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  13. I agree about Break Every Rule. I think Private Dancer and Foreign Affair have greater highs, but I think Break Every Rule is more consistent.

    I love all the singles, but Typical Male is probably my least favourite of them. I adore the title track and have always loved Two People. And Paradise is Here is probably my favourite track on the album. I prefer the live version, so I'm glad we're getting the full live version on the reissue.

    The Break Every Rule tour is where Tina really became a tour titan .
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  14. Typical Male is probably my favorite Tina single, after Private Dancer. I´m definitely getting the deluxe album.
  15. I know Xmas is coming, but it's such a hard day for reissues, today !
    Sigur Ros - () 20th anniversary edition - Digital out: Oct 25. Physical: out: Nov 25
    Sigur Rós’s third album, and for many the most quintessentially “Sigur Rós” record, celebrates its 20th anniversary on October 28, 2022. The album has been remastered by legendary mastering engineer Ted Jenson at Sterling Sound, who also mastered every Sigur Rós album from Takk onwards.

    ( ) is the only album where Jónsi sings entirely in the wordless lyrics of Hopelandic. A desire to elide meaning and allow the listener to bring their own interpretation to the music extends to each of the album’s eight songs, all of which are nameless. The record is broadly divided into two halves, divided by a critical 36 seconds of silence. The first half of the album is light and optimistic, the second half bleak and melancholic – culminating in the thundering climax of Untitled #8, the closing song of every Sigur Rós show since it was written in 2000.

    Discs 1 - Remastered original album
    Untitled #1 – 2022 Remaster
    Untitled #2 – 2022 Remaster
    Untitled #3 – 2022 Remaster
    Untitled #4 – 2022 Remaster
    Untitled #5 – 2022 Remaster
    Untitled #6 – 2022 Remaster
    Untitled #7 – 2022 Remaster
    Untitled #8 – 2022 Remaster

    Disc 2 - Bsides and bonus tracks
    Untitled #9 (Smáskífa 1)
    Untitled #9 (Smáskífa 2)
    Untitled #9 (Smáskífa 3)
    Untitled #7 – Jacobs Studio Sessions
    Untitled #8 – Jacobs Studio Sessions
    Untitled #6 – Jacobs Studio Sessions

    There's a deluxe, limited, numbered and signed, 20th anniversary edition box set, too
    2500 white heavyweight 180g 3 x vinyl or 2500 black heavyweight 180g 3 x vinyl
  16. This 100%. The songs overall feel stronger, its a more cohesive set, and putting to one side the crimially unjust chart placings of it's singles run, when you've got album tracks as staggeringly brilliant as Girls, I'll Be Thunder and Overnight Sensation, you really can't go wrong.

    That said, as a trilogy, Private Dancer, Break Every Rule and Foreign Affair is damn near flawless.

    Hearing this in all its remastered glory is something that I'm not emotionally prepared for...
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  17. Typical Male is amazing and the obvious first single.
  18. The KC & The Sunshine band chorus notwithstanding.

    (I can never unhear Give It Up).
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  19. I hear it now, too.

    Typical Male does seem to be the most "pop" of the Break Every Rule singles. From what I remember from the documentary and interviews, Tina and her manager Roger Davies wanted her to be a global superstar so that's why they went with a more pop sound. I think Typical Male is not entirely representative of Break Every Rule because the album has quite a variety of sounds.

    I'm surprised they didn't include Don't Turn Around. It definitely had radio appeal as we would see in the next decade.
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  20. So, OIder landed at #2, selling more than 110 cds ! What kind of cds people bought ? The old Older cd ? Or did they cont the imported Japanese 2cd set ? This is really surprising ! Anyway, people wanted cds, this is very clear.
    Btw, If they'd released a cd boxset, Older would have been easily #1 ! Older sold more than 10.000 vinyls than #1's and the margin is very thin: almost 300 units. They needed that cd boxset ! They choosed not to do it, they get a very thin #2!
    Hormonally Yours reissue landed at 37 (early midweeks: top10) ! :-(
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