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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Flop Japan didn't release Victims as a single?
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  2. I don't know. There are some tracks that are missing... The tracklist is not complete. I really hope to see Victims between track #15 and #18, the video is in the dvd..
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  3. I don't think the US did either? They went Tumble 4 Ya, Church, Karma and Miss Me Blind.

    Not even It's A Miracle, if memory serves. As War Song came along.
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  4. Whaaaaaattttt? Imagine not releasing those! Flop USA!
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  5. Seeing all of those songs together does make me wonder what could have happened if they went on and on as a band for the late 80's and even early 90's. Those singles are some of the best pop songs ever created.
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  6. Shocking, isn’t it!

    This is one of my favourite CC best of release covering the first four albums. Japanese only release from 1998 but contains the singles released in other countries including the single versions of White Boy, I’m Afraid Of Me, The War Song and The Medal Song.

    Hopefully these 16 tracks will be included.

    1 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
    2 White Boy (single version)
    3 I'm Afraid Of Me (single version)
    4 Time (Clock Of The Heart)
    5 I'll Tumble 4 Ya
    6 Church Of The Poison Mind
    7 Karma Chameleon
    8 Victims
    9 Miss Me Blind
    10 It's A Miracle
    11 Love Is Love
    12 The War Song (single version)
    13 The Medal Song (single version)
    14 Mistake No. 3
    15 Move Away
    16 God Thank You Woman

    Plus Mystery Boy, Don’t Go Down That Street (single version), I Just Wanna Be Loved and Your Kisses Are Charity would make it 20 tracks.

    I wonder why there is no expanded edition of Don’t Mind If I Do as they are including the 2 singles released in Japan from that album?

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  7. I have this as I think it was the only CD to feature certain 7” versions at the time. Probably still is.

    CC lost the plot with the third album and never really recovered, even though the 4th one was excellent. I still can’t believe they weren’t talked out of recording The War Song, never mind anyone thinking it was a single.
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  8. I don't mind The War Song.... Get it near enough killed their career though.
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  9. Same here; I bought it to get the 7" mix of The Medal Song. Great compilation.

    I wonder will Break Every Rule have any 80+ minute CDs like Foreign Affair did?
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  10. WUWTHOF maybe the weakest album out of the first 4 for some but I still love it. It is obvious things were starting to breakdown at this point and the pressures trying to match the mega successful of CBN made the third album suffer but it is by no means a bad effort and it s great pop record. The Medal Song and Mistake No. 3 are brilliant songs.
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  11. 'House on Fire' needed these singles to be released in this order:

    1. Mistake number 3.
    2. Never be the same (Renamed from 'The Medal Song')
    // Album release.
    3. The war song.

    -- quickly moves on to the next record --
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  12. Just noticed it says in the fine print that the Culture Club and Boy George CD reissues from Japan will be replica mini LP sleeves, nice!
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  13. If they are like the Cyndi Lauper reissues from 2008 they will look incredible. 5.5” x 5.5” mini LP cardboard sleeve, original inset and even the CD has the vinyl label printed on it.
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  14. I never get the hate for The War Song. Ok, so the lyric is clumsy but it’s a great tune, both verse and chorus.
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  16. Is The Medal Song 7” version, eight seconds longer than the album version then? Discogs says 4’23” versus 4’15”
  17. It's around 4:25/4:26
    There's about 15 seconds of "Sun go east / sun go west" at the start of it. My favourite Culture Club song.
  18. Is it just me, or is it being a physical music consumer being made wilfully more difficult as time goes on? Prince The Hits vinyl is announced but weeks later and still no UK links (that I can see) so I've a choice to go without or buy from the US and pay a politicians wage in VAT for the priviledge. Tina's Break Every Rule links appear but my initial cheer is silenced by the lack of any announcement or UK links (more evidence of this country being dragged into the dark ages). Then we have the Monty Python's of the legacy campaigns, our very own George Michael Estate who see fit to present us with fifty shades of vinyl, all 'highly limited' until they're suddenly back in stock and an overpriced box which holds everything bar those much sought after GM pencils, so if you want something as simple as a CD version, you'll need to pop on a flight to Tokyo on the off-chance that what you're after hasn't sold out before you get there (all punishment for not rushing to buy that play-doh 'statue' of Morph masquerading as Wham!s lead singer no doubt). Erasure announce a mini-deluxe (omitting countless gems, so not an actual deluxe) of their masterful Erasure album, but type in 'Erasure deluxe cd' as a search and Amazon sees fit to present you with 'sponsored' new releases from Robbie bloody Williams, Bruce Springsteen, the Scunthorpe Mining Company Brass Band's Songs From The Olden Days and three pages of cd's from every artist imaginable with the exception of actual Erasure. Then we have artists who in their wisdom think those of us who are old enough to remember the day would really like to celebrate the anniversaries of their classics not with something I can see, and feel and hold in my hand, like an actual physical product, oh no! I'm expected to relive the golden days with a Tok Tik ad and a fecking FLAC file (I'm looking at you, Madonna!). So I've reached a point where I think, okay, I'll forego the new version of an artists music and look to Discogs for options - that long-sought disc that's been sat in my 'wantlist' for seventeen years and counting - there's one copy only, available c/o a dusty old bloke from El Quiche province in Guatemala who offers the 'bargain' price of twenty gold doubloons for said disc, but postage is priced at 'Three Kidneys and a Grandparent.'

    I know it took a while and I had to be more patient, but I do miss the days of popping into my local WH Smith's and getting a thin slip of paper with 'Papa Don't Preach 12'' single' scribbled on it by the disgruntled check out boy in a Sisters Of Mercy tee and returning two weeks later to collect my prize.

    And I know there are more important things in the world, and there's a war on and a cost of living crisis and nuclear buttons being stroked, and I'm sure (hope) they will appear eventually, but really, I just want my Tina Turner cd, and in these 'roaring' twenties, it just feels like an online obstacle course / Mensa test / Maze Runner episode just to have the greedy corps take my money.

    There, I've said it. I feel better. I'm going to pop the kettle on and spend some quality time with my scratchy, wonky first edition of The Hits / The B-Sides.
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  19. I’ve noticed this with Amazon. They’re getting incredibly slow at listing upcoming releases, both music and film. Physical media just doesn’t seem very important to them. But if you want to know about ‘Rings Of Power”, they’re all over that.
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  20. Amazon have become impossible! Trying to find new releases on there is becoming more and more difficult, but someone on here mentioned a trick I did not know about - if the release is up on (for example), just copy the link to the product and change the link from .com to

    That is how I found the Prince Hits vinyls on Amazon UK, they did not come up in search for me:

    They can not be ordered yet though. And that said, I always have a very hard time finding listings on Amazon that I know are up but they just don´t show up in my searches, unless I have the links from Amazon in other countries.

    Break Every Rule still does not come up for me on Amazon UK. And as for Older, I ordered the 2 CD edition from Japan. I intended to buy the box set but the fact that there was no standalone CD release in Europe just put me off the whole thing.
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