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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. It's gone ominously quiet, I thought the first one sold well but perhaps the series has been canned. I put a comment in SDE but no response from Paul. Anyone got Arthur Baker's number? ;)
  2. This looks like another vinyl only release... Out: Dec 16
    80's 12inch Remixes Collected
    This 80's 12 Inch Remixes Collected is from the decade when the extended remix was an art form. A remix is usually an alternative, and sometimes longer, version of a previous recorded song. The '80s saw a boom in technology, meaning better equipment and possibilities to rearrange a song completely which gave DJs the opportunity to play a new version of a well-known track to their dancefloors. This 3LP Collected compilation brings together some of the popular versions from that influential era and includes 12-inch remixes by Queen, The Cure, Simple Minds, Culture Club and 17 more tracks.

    80's 12 Inch Remixes Collected is available as a 3LP and includes an insert.
    Side One:
    1. Queen - The Invisible Man (12" Version)
    2. The Cure - Close to Me (Extended Mix)
    3. Was (Not Was) - Walk the Dinosaur (The New York Dangerous Mix)
    4. Red Box - For America (Bazooka Mix)
    Side Two:
    1. Simple Minds - Alive and Kicking (12" Remix)
    2. Billy Idol - Don't Need a Gun (Meltdown Mix)
    3. ABC - The Night You Murdered Love (The Whole Story)
    Side Three:
    1. UB40 - Maybe Tomorrow/Anything Mi Chat
    2. Culture Club - The War Song (Ultimate Dance Mix)
    3. Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride (Remix/Club Version)
    4. Huey Lewis & the News - Power of Love (Jellybean Remix/Long Version)
    Side Four:
    1. Nik Kershaw - I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (Extended Mix)
    2. Kim Wilde - Never Trust a Stranger (12" Version)
    3. Spandau Ballet - Chant No 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On) (12" Version)
    4. Robbie Nevil - C'est La Vie (Extended Version)
    Side Five:
    1. Tears for Fears - Shout (Extended)
    2. Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax (Sex Mix Edition 2)
    3. Sananda Maitreya - Wishing Well (The Cool in the Shade Mix)
    Side Six:
    1. Propaganda - Duel (Bitter-Sweet)
    2. Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now (Extended Version)
    3. Timex Social Club - Rumors (12" Version)
    I really hope that that Sananda Maitreya track is just a little sign that the debut album reissue is on the way...
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  3. Still think it's a shame it looks like her post 87 stuff won't be re issued by the looks of it and expanded.
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  4. Give us that What Comes Naturally reissue we crave!
  5. The Lover In Me expanded first though please!
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  6. I'll grab Take My Time but would definitely prefer post-Private Heaven albums to get the treatment.
  7. An MCA/Universal box set incuding Home and Fabulous would be a dream come true. I don't think the former has ever been released outside Japan.
  8. Hopefully one day, the post 1987 EMI era material, will all get proper, expanded and of course, remastered, re issues.
  9. From BRMs newsletter,

    There is also some good news for Electribe 101 fans, as we are in the planning stages of finally re-releasing the first album, de-luxe and with all the trimmings. Plans are to start the release in November 23.

    wahoo!!! Better be a 10 CD set with every faffing vinyl only remix…
  10. It's the 26th. Do they mean they are starting to put together from that date?
  11. I think she means November 2023
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  12. That would solve my ‘how to copy 12” records’ issues…
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  13. If only it were a surprise drop!

    But I can wait…
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  14. Don't know if this has been mentioned but Cool Notes This Is A Special Night The Lost PWL Album is available on some of the usual sites for download, not sure for streaming.
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  15. Nick Cave & Bad Seeds deluxe collection (3cds & 1 dvd) just for 14€ (40% off!)... it's on Amazon IT, but the seller is RareWaves... Is it reliable ? I would like to buy it at that price, but I don't know the seller.
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  16. I had my prince deluxe editions from Rarewaves, they arrived with no issue.
  17. So it looks like Shania Twain's 25th anniversary for Come On Over is going to be...

    a lame digital-only release.

    With some live bonus tracks.

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  18. Real shame if so. THE biggest selling studio album of all time by a female solo artist, deserves all out. Not just this.
  19. I wonder if The Woman in Me deluxe was a poor seller.

    But hopefully this is part of a bigger campaign. Let's hope.
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