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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I see on her Twitter page, Shania says "as part of the Come On Over celebrations". Hope in that case. something bigger follows suit.
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  2. Shania Lame.
  3. Watching the world cup. Does anyone know the tune the Japanese supporters sing? It reminds me of pop goes the world by men without hats.

  4. It is called 'Vamos! Nippon' I don't know where it originates from. The 'lyrics' are "Oh vamo Nippon, Nippon, Nippon, vamo Nippon..."
  5. Blow Monkeys - Animal Magic Deluxe Edition. Out Jan 23
    1. Digging Your Scene
    2. Animal Magic
    3. Wicked Ways
    4. Sweet Murder
    5. Aeroplane City Lovesong
    6. I Nearly Died Laughing
    7. Don't Be Scared Of Me
    8. Burn The Rich
    9. I Backed A Winner (In You)
    10. Forbidden Fruit
    11. Heaven Is A Place I'm Moving To

    1. Guess I Love Her Now (Demo)
    2. Forbidden Fruit (Demo)
    3. Animal Magic (Demo)
    4. Wicked Ways (Demo)
    5. I Nearly Died Laughing (Demo)
    6. Sweet Murder (Demo)
    7. Wicked Ways
    8. Digging Your Scene (Single Edit)
    9. My America (B-Side To "Forbidden Fruit")
    10. The Optimist (B-Side To "Forbidden Fruit")
    11. Walking The Bluebeat (B-Side To "Wicked Ways")
    12. Digging Your Scene (Scat Mix)
    13. Superfly (B-Side To "Don't Be Scared Of Me")
    14. Aeroplane City Lovesong (Alternative Recording)
    15. Man From Russia (Remix)
    16. Digging Your Scene (Instrumental)
    17. Wicked Ways (Instrumental)

    1. Sweet Murder (Single Version)
    2. Sweet Murder (Sweet Beat Version)
    3. Forbidden Fruit (12" Version)
    4. Digging Your Scene (Digging Your Remix)
    5. Digging Your Scene (12'' Mastermind Remix)
    6. Digging Your Scene (U.S. Mix)
    7. Wicked Ways (Wick-Ed-It Version)
    8. Digging Your Scene (Long Version)
    9. Wicked Ways (Long Version)
    10. Digging Your Scene (Phil Harding Remix)

    1. Don't Be Scared Of Me (Extended Version)
    2. Superfly (Long Version)
    3. Don't Be Scared Of Me (Mx)
    4. Sweet Murder (Extended Version)
    5. Digging Your Scene (Longer Mix)
    6. Sweet Murder (Murderess Dub Version)
    7. Sweet Murder (Feat. Eek-A-Mouse)
    8. Digging Your Scene (Pete Wilson Mix)
    9 Aeroplane City Lovesong (Pete Wilson Remix)
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  6. Who's doing this? Any links?
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  9. I just played a live video of the blow monkeys off FB from a gig this month and was a bit shocked. Dr Robert has lost his top range entirely, bit like Boy George I guess.
  10. Gala - Come Into My Life 25th anniversary deluxe edition. Out Dec 9 on cd, Jan 20 on vinyl.
    1. Freed from desire (edit mix)
    2. Let a boy cry (edit mix)
    3. Come into my life (Molella and Phil Jay edit mix)
    4. Suddenly (radio edit)
    5. Everyone has inside (edit fm)
    6. Dance or die
    7. Keep the secret
    8. 10 O' Clock
    9. Summer eclipse
    10. Freed from desire (full vocals mixx)
    11. Let a boy cry (full vocal mix)
    12. Come into my life (Molella and Phil Jay mix)
    13. Suddenly (Molella and Phil Jay baby mix)
    14. Everyone has inside (Molella mix) [new remix]
    15. Freed from desire (XTM remix edit)
    16. Freed from desire (Klaas radio)
    17. Freed from desire (Mr. Jack club edit)

    Vinyl/Standard CD tracklist
    Side A
    1 Keep the Secret - Gala
    2 Come into My Life
    3 Suddenly
    4 Freed from Desire
    5 Let a Boy Cry
    Side B
    1 Summer Eclipse
    2 Dance Or Die
    3 Come Into My Life
    4 10 O'Clock
    5 Freed from Desire
  11. With 2023 on the horizon, it would be an awesome time for Tori Amos or Atlantic Records to stumble upon usable masters for an anniversary reissue of From the Choirgirl Hotel. One can dream, I suppose.
  12. We had (well, we're still having) reissues with cd source files, 128 mp3 files, YT rips... if it's really true Tori Amos lost her masters in the 2008 fire, there's still a way to reissue her records, anyway. I always read her name linked to the 2008 fire, but I can't find an article naming her.... and Universal quite denied it in some ways
    I really hope for a proper reissue, not another "graphic album" or a simple vinyl reissue...
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  13. Haven’t they been lost prior to that? Hence A Piano - The Collection featuring alternate mixes
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  14. Good point...I thought that was Tori just being Tori. But maybe not.
  15. £16.99 for 4 CDs on Amazon UK : Animal Magic: CDs & Vinyl
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  18. Thanks a lot ! Can't wait for the tracklist ! I hope some rarities !
    About Blow Monkeys, quite cheap for a 4cd set ! I really hope more to come (not just BM, tho'!)
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  19. I don't think they have enough material so hopefully we will get remixes, hopefully some rare ones.
  20. Has anyone received / seen the 4-CD boxset of Robbie's debut album? I want it for the b-sides disc but its $55 on Amazon US which just seems ridiculous. It's also my least favorite Robbie album aside from maybe 2 others.
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