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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. That’s what happened to me spookily, I can’t remember my pen pals name though. Very indebted that I heard it in the 80s as otherwise it would have been on joining PJ many years later!
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  2. P Machinery and Love Bizarre were huge on my charts, Sandra less so (maybe because I didn't hear it).
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  3. A Love Bizarre is one of the best songs of the 80’s period. A masterpiece.
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  4. Another country compilation:

    Track Listings
    Disc: 1
    1 Islands in the Stream - Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers
    2 Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver
    3 The Gambler - Kenny Rogers
    4 You're Still the One - Shania Twain
    5 How Do I Live - Trisha Yearwood
    6 Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle
    7 You Needed Me - Anne Murray
    8 The Devil Went Down to Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band
    9 Southern Nights - Glen Campbell
    10 Rose Garden - Lynn Anderson
    11 Blanket On the Ground - Billie Jo Spears
    12 The Most Beautiful Girl - Charlie Rich
    13 Mississippi - Pussycat
    14 Stand By Your Man - Tammy Wynette
    15 Crazy - Patsy Cline
    16 El Paso - Marty Robbins
    17 Snowbird - Elvis Presley
    18 (Ghost) Riders In the Sky - Johnny Cash
    19 Sylvia's Mother - Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show
    20 I Recall a Gypsy Woman - Don Williams
    21 Help Me Make It Through the Night - Kris Kristofferson
    22 Always on My Mind - Willie Nelson
    23 I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Mark Chesnutt
    Disc: 2
    1 Take Me Home Country Roads - Olivia Newton John
    2 When You're In Love With a Beautiful Woman - Dr. Hook
    3 Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell
    4 Snowbird - Anne Murray
    5 Talking in Your Sleep - Crystal Gayle
    6 Lucille - Kenny Rogers
    7 I Can Help - Billy Swan
    8 Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Flatt & Scruggs
    9 Theme from "The Dukes of Hazzard" (Good Ol' Boys) - Waylon Jennings
    10 Convoy - C.W. McCall
    11 These Boots Are Made For Walkin' - Billy Ray Cyrus
    12 Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffett
    13 Ode to Billie Joe - Bobbie Gentry
    14 Me and Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin
    15 Angel of the Morning - Juice Newton
    16 Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down - Kris Kristofferson
    17 Kiss an Angel Good Mornin' - Charley Pride
    18 What I've Got in Mind - Billie Jo Spears
    19 You're My Man - Lynn Anderson
    20 D-I-V-O-R-C-E - Tammy Wynette
    21 Behind Closed Doors - Charlie Rich
    22 I Believe In You - Don Williams
    23 Leaving On A Jet Plane - John Denver
    Disc: 3
    1 Man! I Feel Like a Woman! - Shania Twain
    2 Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus
    3 Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood
    4 Dance the Night Away - The Mavericks
    5 Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton
    6 Elvira - The Oak Ridge Boys
    7 Labelled With Love - Squeeze
    8 Good Year for the Roses - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
    9 Blue Bayou - Roy Orbison
    10 Distant Drums - Jim Reeves
    11 The End of the World - Skeeter Davis
    12 Your Cheatin' Heart - Hank Williams Sr. feat. The Drifting Cowboys
    13 I Fall to Pieces - Patsy Cline
    14 I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash
    15 Gentle On My Mind - Elvis Presley
    16 King of the Road - Roger Miller
    17 Coal Miner's Daughter - Loretta Lynn
    18 Golden Ring - George Jones & Tammy Wynette
    19 Smile - Pussycat
    20 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - Willie Nelson
    21 From a Distance - Nanci Griffith
    22 I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack feat. Sons Of The Desert
    23 The Wind Beneath My Wings - Lee Greenwood
    Product information
    Label ‎Sony Music Cmg

    Some nice tunes on it

    Check this out!
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  5. New vinyl-only reissue of Hunting High & Low by A-ha on Feb 24.
    It simply includes the contents of the 2015 4CD reissue, that it looks quite unavailable at Amazon (or very expensive from 3rd part sellers). I can't find a cd version of HHAL, neither the bare album with no deluxe contents.
    LP 1
    Side A
    Take On Me
    Train Of Thought
    Hunting High And Low
    The Blue Sky
    Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale
    Side B
    The Sun Always Shines On TV
    And You Tell Me
    Love Is Reason
    Dream Myself Alive
    Here I Stand And Face The Rain

    LP 2
    Side A
    Lesson One (Autumn 1982 “Take On Me” Demo)
    Presenting Lily Mars (Nærsnes Demo)
    Så Blåser Det På Jorden (Nærsnes Demo)
    The Sphinx (Nærsnes Demo)
    Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale (Nærsnes Demo)
    Dot The I
    The Love Goodbye
    Side B
    Nothing To It
    Go To Sleep
    Train Of Thought (Demo)
    Monday Mourning
    All The Planes That Come In On The Quiet
    The Blue Sky (Demo)

    LP 3
    Side A
    You Have Grown Thoughtful Again
    What’s That You’re Doing To Yourself In The Pouring Rain
    Take On Me (Demo)
    Hunting High And Low (Demo)
    Dream Myself Alive (Demo)
    And You Tell Me (Demo)
    Side B
    Here I Stand And Face The Rain (Demo)
    Love Is Reason (Demo)
    The Blue Sky (2nd Demo)
    Never Never
    The Sun Always Shines On TV (Demo)
    Presenting Lily Mars

    LP 4
    Side A
    Take On Me (Original 7” Version 1984)
    Take On Me (1984 12” Mix)
    Stop! And Make Your Mind Up
    Take On Me (1985 12” Mix)
    Take On Me (Instrumental Mix)
    The Sun Always Shines On TV (7” Mix)
    Side B
    The Sun Always Shines On TV (Extended Version)
    The Sun Always Shines On TV (Extended Version)

    LP 5
    Side A
    The Sun Always Shines On TV (Instrumental)
    Train Of Thought (7” Remix)
    Train Of Thought (US Remix)
    Side B
    Train Of Thought (Dub Mix)
    Hunting High And Low (7” Remix)
    Hunting High And Low (Extended Remix)

    LP 6
    Side A
    Take On Me (Video Version)
    Train Of Thought (Early Mix)
    Hunting High And Low (Early Mix)
    The Blue Sky (Alternative Long Mix)
    Living A Boy’s Adventure Tale (Early Mix)
    Side B
    The Sun Always Shines On TV (Alternate Early Mix)
    And You Tell Me (Early Mix)
    Love Is Reason (Early Mix)
    Dream Myself Alive (Early NYC Mix)
    Here I Stand And Face The Rain (Early Mix)
  6. Looking at the timings for NOW 85 Extra, looks like Paul Young is the album version, Thompson Twins is the 3 25 version , good news is Elton John looks to be the single mix at 4 18.
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  7. Is PY the Tomb Of Memories track? Not sure the tapes with the single mix have been found, as if it wasn't on the CBS boxset it probably isn't going to be anywhere else.
  8. Oh, is that not the single mix then? I thought it was? Should pay more attention to what I'm spending my hard earned on, haha!
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  9. From memory, it's neither the LP mix or the actual 7" mix on the CBS boxset, Paul Sinclair said it was some kind of alternative/never-used version or something like that.
  10. Blimey! I'll have to dig it out to be sure, but I'm sure the first track was the single mix and the alternative mix was also on there. As I say, could very well be wrong. Either way, this is a good excuse to dig out some Paul again - such an underrated artist. Is the version on the Japanese Singles Collection not the single version either? So many great 80's single versions lost to the mists of time!
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  11. I've just finished an 8-disc PY anthology and at this point it's hard to remember what's what! There was some chat about it on SDE at the time...Paul keeps his posts archived so I might go and refresh myself.
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  12. HoJo Live in Tokyo set now 14.99 on Amazon. The price of that set has fallen consistently, it always seemed a hard sell to me.
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  13. Essential Lighthouse Family update
    LF don't have many bsides, so they could have added From a desert to a beach.
    The fact that we have Lost in Space and Lost in Space (main mix) may mean that there are not single versions but they are all abum versions, except where noted?
    Don't know the sense of those live tracks on cd3 before and after album tracks and remix
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  14. Has this been mentioned released digital only last friday.

    1 Whitney Houston– I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) 4:30
    2 Whitney Houston– Don't Cry For Me 3:19
    3 Kygo– Higher Love 3:48
    4 Whitney Houston– The Greatest Love Of All 3:14
    5 Whitney Houston– I'm Every Woman 4:04
    6 Whitney Houston– How Will I Know 3:33
    7 Whitney Houston– I Love The Lord 3:08
    8 Whitney Houston– Don't Cry For Me (Darkchild Film Version) 3:53
    9 Whitney Houston– Honest (Heartbreak Hotel) 3:49
    10 Whitney Houston– Okay (It's Not Right) 2:16
    11 Whitney Houston– You'll Never Stand Alone (Moto Blanco Remix)
    Remix – Moto Blanco
    12 Whitney Houston– Love Will Save The Day (MATVEÏ Remix)
    Remix – MATVEÏ*
    13 Whitney Houston– Tomorrow 3:27
    14 Whitney Houston– Home (Live From The Merv Griffin Show) 4:39
    15 Whitney Houston– You Give Good Love 4:36
    16 Whitney Houston– Saving All My Love For You 4:52
    17 Whitney Houston– If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful 4:37
    18 Whitney Houston– Far Enough 4:39
    19 Whitney Houston– I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) 4:52
    20 Whitney Houston– So Emotional 4:37
    21 Whitney Houston– Where Do Broken Hearts Go 4:39
    22 Whitney Houston– Moment Of Truth 4:37
    23 Whitney Houston– I'm Your Baby Tonight 5:00
    24 Whitney Houston– The Star Spangled Banner (Live From Super Bowl Xxv) 2:14
    25 Whitney Houston– One Moment In Time 4:44
    26 Whitney Houston– I Will Always Love You (Live From The Concert For A New South Africa) 5:59
    27 Whitney Houston– Medley: Live From The 21st Annual American Music Awards 10:00
    27.1 Whitney Houston– I Loves You, Porgy
    27.2 Whitney Houston– And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
    27.3 Whitney Houston– I Have Nothing
    28 Whitney Houston– Run To You 4:25
    29 Whitney Houston– Impossible Things 3:02
    30 Whitney Houston– Why Does It Hurt So Bad (from "Waiting To Exhale" - Original Soundtrack) 4:37
    31 Whitney Houston– It's Not Right But It's Okay 4:52
    32 Whitney Houston– My Love Is Your Love 4:21
    33 Whitney Houston– I Didn't Know My Own Strength (Live From The Oprah Winfrey Show Season Premiere Part II - Whitney Houston's Show Stopping Surprise) 4:38
    34 Clive Davis– Clive's Message 0:35
    35 Whitney Houston– Don't Cry For Me (A Cappella) 3:48
  15. Noone really bothers about P2J ! Thanx to @AcerBenII we know tracks 1 is the P2J remix !
    I'm speechless reading track #3 ! Not even a "feat. Whitney" ?
    Where does Far Enough come from ?
  16. Far Enough I believe comes from the 1989 sessions for I'm Your Baby Tonight. Stunning song personally.
  17. Clive’s Message?

  18. There'll be a Kygo remix of it on the expanded reissue of this next year.
  19. That Whitney soundtrack not even referencing the Thunderpuss remix of “It’s Not Right” as if the original version had any real impact (also this 2022 reimagined remix is awful) is homophobia.
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  20. Exactly. Since one key moment in the film is Whitney connecting with It's Not Right".
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