The Reissue Thread!

Dead Or Alive: Let Them Drag My Soul Away – Singles, Demos And Live Recordings 1979-1982, 3CD Edition​

Tracklist :

Nightmares In Wax
1 Black Leather
2 Girl Song
3 Shangri-La
4 Girl Song (1985 Mix)
5 Shangri-La (1985 Mix)

Dead Or Alive
6 I’m Falling
7 Flowers
8 Number Eleven
9 Namegame (Live version)
10 It’s Been Hours Now
11 Whirlpool
12 Nowhere To Nowhere
13 It’s Been Hours Now 2
14 The Stranger
15 Some Of That


Nightmares In Wax
1 Black Leather (4-Track Demo)*
2 Girl Song (4-Track Demo)*
3 I’ll Turn Away (4-Track Demo)*
4 Shangri-La (4-Track Demo)*

Dead Or Alive
5 Selfish Side (Demo)*
6 Far Too Hard (Demo 2nd Mix)*
7 Misty Circles (Demo)*
8 What I Want (Demo)*
9 Give It To Me (Demo)*
10 Selfish Side (Alternate Early Mix) *
11 Untitled Instrumental #1*
12 Untitled Instrumental #2*
13 Untitled Instrumental #3*
(*previously unreleased)


1 Nowhere To Nowhere (Peel Session)
2 Running Wild (Peel Session)
3 Number Eleven (Peel Session)
4 Flowers (Peel Session)
5 Number Twelve (Peel Session)
6 The Stranger (Peel Session)
7 Misty Circles (Peel Session)
8 Misty Circles Pt 2 (Peel Session)
9 Gilded Splinters (Live In Manchester)*
10 Don’t Tell Me (Live In Manchester)*
11 Flowers (TV Version)*
(*previously unreleased)
Arthur Baker Dance Masters Artwork and tracklist
No Bruce Springsteen which is no surprise since Bruce hates those mixes apparently, but I was hoping my favourite Arther Baker remix would be included which is "Swept Away" by Diana Ross. I have it on 12" and CD already but it would have been nice to have it on this collection as well.
CD4 is obviously a bit of a choice but those first 2 discs are just dynamite.

Seeing the Daryl Hall track there makes me wish all the other mixes from that album were made available on CD.

Bobby Brown​

Don’t Be Cruel (35th Anniversary 2 CD Deluxe Edition) out June 16​

Tracklist :

  • 1. Cruel Prelude
  • 2. Don’t Be Cruel
  • 3. My Prerogative
  • 4. Roni
  • 5. Rock Wit’cha
  • 6. Every Little Step
  • 7. I’ll Be Good To You
  • 8. Take It Slow
  • 9. All Day All Night
  • 10. I Really Love You Girl
  • 11. Cruel Reprise
  • Bonus Tracks
  • 12. We’re Back
  • 13. On Our Own (Without Rap)
  • 14. My Prerogative (7” Edit)
  • 15. Every Little Step (With Rap)
  • 16. Don’t Be Cruel (A Cappella)
  • 17. Roni (Cussapella)
  • 1. Don’t Be Cruel (Promo Remix by Louil Silas, Jr.)
  • 2. My Prerogative (Extended Remix)
  • 3. Roni (Pebbarone Mix)
  • 4. Rock Wit’cha (Quiet Storm)
  • 5. Every Little Step (Uptown Mix)
  • 6. On Our Own (Extended Club Version)
  • 7. Don’t Be Cruel (Extended) (The Rapacious Mix)
  • 8. My Prerogative (Joe T. Vannelli Light Mix)
  • 9. Rock Wit’cha (Extended Version)
  • 10. Roni (Extended Version)
  • 11. Every Little Step (Extended Version) (7:54)

I am cackling because I literally picked up a copy (for $3 in pretty mint condition) of the original album on the weekend. Will probably grab this anyway.
Out of interest, they didn't make the cut or the licensing not available please? Its very frustrating as they are total bangers...
They're on this...


...but it's little more expensive than it was on release (what isn't these days!).