The Reissue Thread!

I mean, I love Belinda and admittedly I have double-dipped a few times but if they're going to reissue again they need to add something new or fresh or unreleased. Heck, I'll take a 7th Heaven remix of Heaven is a Place on Earth if that's the case.
No matter how good it was in the first place (and I really like most of Belinda's work), at what point, if ever, do endless rehashes of the same product begin to harm the brand? I'm quite sure jokes were liberally galloping through this thread every time there was a sniff of new old Belinda back in the early 1930's.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very pleased for those of who can't get enough Runaway Horses (though surely even the horses have long since fecked off by now?), but I'm still waiting on any repeat of, ideally deluxe of, or even a lick of:

Feargal Sharkey
Dead Or Alive
Jody Watley
Sananda Maitreya / TTD
Grace Jones
Robbie Nevil
Dina Carroll
Jerry Burns
Boy George
Toni Childs
River City People
Shara Nelson
Gail Ann Dorsey
Tracy Chapman
Jennifer Rush
Anita Baker
Audrey Hall
and of course, Madonna
etc etc etc

(and yes, I know Spellbound was reissued in 2014 on cd, Princess, or rather, Mary Shelley's Princess was reissued on cd in 2009, Dead Or Alive's Boombox was released along with multiple vinyl reissues etc, but y'all know exactly what I mean, and anyone who doesn't, frankly deserves a lifetime of Runaway Horses).
It would indeed be too good to be forgotten when it happens...

I'm slightly worried the golden age of 80s deluxes is long behind us. They seem to be sporadic now.
Agreed - they're sadly few and far between now - a shame as there will be so many amazing artists / albums consigned to dust. Still, at least we have Dame Carlisle still flying the flag with vinyl reissues of the same thing every six months from here until 2525.