The Reissue Thread!

The Janet Jackson vinyl reissues were a great surprise. One thing her team got right in recent years.
I finally have all the Janet albums on vinyl. It took me a minute to get Janet since I wanted the deluxe version at a reasonable price but I am very happy to have them all now. All are original pressings except for The Velvet Rope and All For You.
Is there a market for this? Surprised they get such a big release.
Possibly not but the second album is difficult to get hold of cheaply. I'm a big collector of 87-90 club remixes but bar Danny D's Hiphouse Remix of Got To Keep On, I couldn't see anything I didn't have on vinyl. I'm amazed that wasn't released at the time given he was smoking hot remix wise.

Now where is Everything by Climie Fisher, I'm getting impatient!